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the ego within

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the ego within
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  1. AhM the ego within

  2. the concept AhM …this is about today’s lifestyle… the ambition, the achievement, the arrogance, the attitude and …the ego …aham is an issue based subject which deals with today’s youth, the restless generation; mainly based in metro cities, the cosmopolitan culture. a proposed Hindi feature film project by Dilip Keshav Mukharaiya

  3. the synopsis AhM Rohan Nanda, a rich brat of 23-24, always has endless amount of money to spend on his friends. His parents separated when he was barely seven years old. His father, Mr. Subhash Nanda – a well-known architect and town planner, is a very ambitious and target oriented person who has always lived his life as an achiever. Mr. Nanda is famous for his shrewd and ruthless business tactics. He lives alone in his duplex flat in south Mumbai far from his wife Renuka who stays with Rohan in Bandra. Renuka is a celebrated socialite and a very popular novelist and poetess. She is known for her romantic best sellers and poems reflecting human attitude and a viewpoint. Took her husband’s success as a challenge and a competition, Renuka always tries to be one up on her husband. But in this blind chase of egos to degrade and overtake each other in the name of success and to prove the one upmanship they never realized that their one and only child have gone far away from them. This year Rohan has some how, by hook or crook, managed to pass the college exams. He has become a stubborn, thoughtless, self-centered egoist person- thanks to his parent’s attitude and the company of his friends. Rohan also has many addictions i.e. girls and impulsiveness. The support of his parent’s wealth had taught him to look at life with rose tinted glasses. Money could buy him anything especially women. He very well knew that all the girls chasing him, professing their love for him were after his money and would not hesitate even to sleep with him. His mother Renuka is fed up with his wayward attitude. But she was also on no moral high grounds and Rohan always reminded her of her disastrous relationship with his father whenever she tried to make him mend his ways. Whenever Renuka tried to correct him Rohan would make her feel guilty and small by reminding her about her follies.

  4. AhM • the synopsis Renuka often complaints to her husband about Rohan, and blame him for spoiling Rohan. But he reminds her that the responsibility of upbringing of Rohan lies with her. He doesn’t want to deprive of Rohan of anything and so does not refuse any of his demands. Renuka tries to make him understand that he was spoiling their only son by doing so. But Subhash Nanda tells her that instead of wasting time writing third grade novels, she should concentrate on Rohan’s upbringing. Renuka keeps her mouth shut since she knows she is as much to blame for their son’s behavior. Meanwhile Rohan is continuing living life on his own terms. His mother or father was always fulfilling his needs and unrealistic demands. But somewhere, in one corner of his heart, he feels that he is not getting any love from his parents. He thirsts for their love, but his ego denies that. He goes on with his life, with his friends, his wayward behavior. One day his mother tells him that one of her friends in USA is sending her daughter to stay with them. She wants to travel and know more about India. Rohan doesn’t like the idea of some intruder coming in his life, but agrees, knowing that he can drive anyone round the bend. Even though Sanjana was brought up in the US, she is a strong believer in Indian values and ethos. Fed up with the materialistic lifestyle of west, where human emotions don’t matter, she has come to India to rediscover love and human values. But she is shocked looking at the state of Rohan’s family. In spite of Rohan’s attitude towards her, she sympathizes with him. Sanjana wants to bring Rohan on to the correct path by being a good friend and a companion. But Rohan never heeds to her advice and on the contrary is always rude to her or is harassing her with some trick or the other. Because of her positive attitude and polite nature, she takes everything in her stride never complains about anything.

  5. the synopsis AhM Renuka really likes Sanjana. She is confident that one day Sanjana would be able to change Rohan and mend his ways. Rohan often gets puzzled with Sanjana. Despite of all his mistreating her, she never complains or gets irritated with him. Slowly he starts falling in love with her. The love, which was lying untapped in the depths of his heart, finds a recipient. Slowly he starts changing. He starts liking Sanjana’s company and spends more time with her keeping away from his peers. For the first time in his life he understands what it is to love somebody and to get that love he was ready to do anything. Sanjana is also happy seeing the changes in Rohan. She knows that Rohan is in love with her but she is a bit afraid of his impulsive and rash nature. One day in a party Rohan tries to profess his love for Sanjana and to create an impression on his friends misbehaves with her. Sanjana gets really irritated and feels hurt by his loud advances. Rohan declares his love for her but Sanjana rebukes him and runs away from the party. Rohan is really furious. The fact that he has been insulted in front of his friends is unbearable for him. He has never been turned down by anybody as yet. He is surely going to make her pay for her insulting behavior. Rohan is unable to digest Sanjana’s turning him down. He had has given up all the bad habits for her, has made the highest sacrifices to win Sanjana’s affection and she was treating him like this? In a fit of fury Rohan remembers going to a place where one of his friend had given a contract to kill a business rival. Rohan’s irrational mind decides to do something that no man in his right mind would do. He goes to the same place and places a contract to eliminate Sanjana and to teach her a lesson.

  6. the synopsis AhM Rohan doesn't come home that night. Sanjana realizes that she shouldn’t have behaved rudely with Rohan. But it was already too late to apologize. She would ask for forgiveness when they go to the movie in the evening. Rohan comes home in the morning and as per his plan gets ready to take Sanjana for a movie. On the way to the theater Rohan is in turmoil and doesn’t respond to Sanjana. He knows that she is going to die very soon but doesn’t know when and how. After a long period of soul searching he realizes his mistake. He wants to save her life now and wants to forget everything. But he is helpless since he doesn’t know who is going to kill Sanjana and once agreed upon, he can’t take the contract back. Outside the theatre in the huge crowd, Rohan looks for the killer whose face was unknown to him. He starts looking at everybody with suspicion. Fear overcomes him. He doesn’t know what to do. He grabs Sanjana and starts running from there. A man with Sanjana’s photo in his hand watches them running away. He starts following them… In the chase that ensues, every twists and turn bring to the fore a new angle to the story. How does Rohan, who has always led a cushioned life, deal with a crisis that threatens his life? What lessons does this night teach Rohan? Does Sanjana accept Rohan’s love or not? How does she react when she comes to know the fact that Rohan had placed a contract on her life? In the moment of crisis Rohan’s parents bury their egos and come together? How do the contract killers react when they come to know that the person who gave them the assignment is himself trying to save the target? ‘Aham’ is about the essentially destructive nature of the human ego - about how it can cloud a man’s capacity to think, felt and understand the value of life.

  7. the characters AhM Rohan Nanda: He is a rich brat. An egoist, impulsive and short tempered who represents negative side of today’s restless youth. Sanjana: An NRI girl, full of energy and enthusiasm represents the positive side of today’s generation. Subhash Nanda: He is an architect and a town planner. He is Rohan’s father and Renuka’s husband but now separated with his wife and staying alone. He has a huge impact on Rohan’s attitude. Renuka: She is a successful author and columnist. Mother of Rohan and wife of Subhash Nanda, who is happy to got the custody of Rohan after the separation as she always wanted to prove a point more than his husband. ACP Inamdaar: He is the reformist and he is the cop. The man who determined to curb ‘drunk-driving’ among the youth and has a certain style of functioning that make him a different police officer. Apart from these characters there are other prominent characters such as: 1. Vicky, who is Rohan’s friend, 2. Rina, who loves Rohan, 3. The contract killer and his team of shooters.