Character counts bonus opportunities
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Character Counts Bonus Opportunities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Character Counts Bonus Opportunities. Use this link to search for character Counts messages Earn Extra Credit points through Character Counts!!!. GO to the Website using the link in the first slide.

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Character counts bonus opportunities

Character Counts Bonus Opportunities

Use this link to search for character Counts messages

Earn extra credit points through character counts
Earn Extra Credit points through Character Counts!!!

  • GO to the Website using the link in the first slide.

  • Browse the archives choosing a subject.

  • You can choose any subject you want.

  • You cannot choose the same one I did in the first semester. (Education was the subject I used in the first semester)

  • Print out (copy/paste) into a word doc.

  • Answer the questions on the next slide regarding your character counts message.

Questions regarding your message
Questions Regarding Your Message

**On a separate sheet of paper respond to these questions and attach to your character counts message you printed from the website.

  • What is the main point of the message?

  • Highlight a key phrase, statement, comment, or quote contain in the message.

  • Which of the Six pillars of character is addressed in the message?

    • Trustworthiness -Caring

    • Fairness -Responsibility

    • Respect -Citizenship

  • Why did you pick this message? How does this message affect your life and others around you?

  • What do you need to work on in regards to this character counts message? What do you need to improve on? Where do you fall short?

Earning points
Earning points

  • You can earn 4 extra credit points for turning in your message and questions.

  • You can double your points by sharing with the class.

  • Total possible points: 8 x 2 = 16 pts.

  • Each week (Fridays) I will choose a table of four students that will share their messages for the following week.

  • All four messages must be turned in at the start of the school week to receive the points.

  • I will randomly choose one student to share at the start of each school day. We will do one per day starting every Monday (or Tuesday if we have Monday off).

  • This Friday I will pick the 1st table group to be ready on Monday.

Important reminders
**Important Reminders**

  • You will not receive any credit if the message has already been shared.

  • You may want to keep track of these messages as they are shared so you don’t repeat them. I will be keeping track each week along with you.

  • Have fun searching and listening to the great messages of how to improve your character.

  • Remember, your character is one of the most important assets you have that defines you as a person. It is constantly being shaped and refined by the daily decisions we make in life. It is important to be aware and understand how we can improve it. So, lets become better people together and strengthen our integrity through these messages of character counts.