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A presentation to the Portfolio Committee

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A presentation to the Portfolio Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A presentation to the Portfolio Committee. DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR. CONTENTS: Organisational structure Results 2003/2004 Financial Year (DoL) Roll-over to 2004/2005 Financial Year Results 2003/2004 Financial Year (Stat) Auditor-General’s report Achievements per Programme.

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department of labour


  • Organisational structure
  • Results 2003/2004 Financial Year (DoL)
  • Roll-over to 2004/2005 Financial Year
  • Results 2003/2004 Financial Year (Stat)
  • Auditor-General’s report
  • Achievements per Programme
financial results stat 2003 2004 1
Financial Results (STAT):2003/2004 (1)
  • The statutory allocation included in Vote 17: Labour emanates from the Skills Development Levies Act.
  • The Skills Development Levy is collected by SARS and distributed by the DoL as a direct charge against the National Revenue Fund (NRF)
auditor general s report 2003 2004 1
Auditor-General’s Report:2003/2004 (1)
  • The Auditor-General expressed an un-qualified opinion in respect of the Financial Statements of the Department of Labour for the 2003/2004 financial year.
  • However, without qualifying the audit opinion, attention was drawn to the following matters:
auditor general s report 2003 2004 2
Auditor-General’s Report:2003/2004 (2)
  • Transport:
  • The utilisation of subsidised motor vehicle transport
  • Imperial Fleet Services versus the subsidised motor vehicle scheme
  • Imperial Fleet Services
auditor general s report 2003 2004 3
Auditor-General’s Report:2003/2004 (3)
  • Asset Management:
  • Information Technology (IT) equipment
    • Physical verification of assets
    • Differentiation between DoL and UIF assets
auditor general s report 2003 2004 4
Auditor-General’s Report:2003/2004 (4)
  • Institute for the National Development of Learnerships, Employment skills and Labour Assessments (INDLELA):
  • Under utilisation of training centre
    • Adjustment of assessment fees
    • Rental paid by tenants and candidates
programme 1 administration
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • All requirements indicated in NT guidelines achieved and due dates maintained
    • No forced-closures effected
    • No more that one open month at any given time
    • Annual financial statement compiled and submitted to AG on time
programme 1 administration1
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the CFO (cont.)
    • Annual financial statements of Public Entities completed and submitted to AG
    • A Public Entity survey undertaken and completed in conjunction with the DPSA
    • Mini ENE inputs compiled for each Public Entity
    • Specimen Annual Financial Statements for SETAs revised to ensure ease of consolidation
programme 1 administration2
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the CFO (cont.)
    • A passive tracking system fitted to 80% of long term vehicles
    • New air travel service provider appointed
    • Repair and maintenance programmes established with DPW in respect of buildings
    • Corporate image implemented at 15 buildings
programme 1 administration3
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
    • 16 pamphlets, booklets or flyers, 6 posters and 9 banners produced aimed at ensuring that beneficiaries can access the benefits accruing from the Department’s policies
    • 5 039 Website enquiries relating to the registration of domestic workers answered during the period March – May 2003
programme 1 administration4
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the CCO (cont.)
    • 7 006 General enquiries received via the website and successfully answered
    • 9 Videos produced for the NSDC as well as Ministerial Imbizos and other events
programme 1 administration5
Programme 1: Administration
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Human resource Management policies aligned with relevant legislation
    • Misconduct cases, appeals, grievances and conciliation and arbitration cases managed promptly
programme 1 administration6
Programme 1: Administration
  • HRM (cont.)
    • New EE plan for the period June 2003 – May 2006 developed
    • All buildings occupied by DoL assessed in respect of compliance with the Code of Good Practice on the employment of People with disabilities and the Occupational Health and Safety Act
programme 1 administration7
Programme 1: Administration
  • HRM (cont.)
    • Workplace skills plan for 2003/04 developed and implemented
    • The absorption of excess staff members in line with the Public Service Restructuring and Transformation initiative managed with only 5 of the initial 51 cases not yet resolved
programme 1 administration8
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • Establishment of effective governance structures to manage and capitalise on the benefits of the IT PPP arrangement
    • Implementation of Lesedi
    • Development of Siyaya
    • Development of the Children in the Performing Arts (CIPA) system
programme 1 administration9
Programme 1: Administration
  • Office of the CIO (cont.)
    • Establishment of an IT Call Centre
    • Development of an on-line registration capability for the registration of domestic workers in terms of the Unemployment Insurance Act
programme 1 administration10
Programme 1: Administration
  • Internal Audit
    • Co-sourcing agreements aimed at providing Internal Audit services to DoL, UIF, CC and the NSF finalised
    • Audit software obtained by means of the co-sourcing agreement
    • Amendment of the Department’s existing Good Governance Strategy in line with the King ll report
programme 2 occupational health and safety
Programme 2: Occupational Health and Safety
  • A draft programme/strategy for the elimination of silicosis developed
  • 5 Meetings regarding silicosis held with stakeholders
  • Silicosis workshops held in 3 provinces
  • Stakeholders in agriculture sector have agreed to implement Health and Safety Committees as required by the Act
programme 2 occupational health and safety cont
Programme 2: Occupational Health and Safety (cont.)
  • Awareness campaigns on Construction Regulations conducted at all 10 Provincial offices
  • Blitz inspections conducted by all 10 Provincial offices
  • Training on Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations completed
programme 3 social insurance
Programme 3: Social Insurance
  • The UIF and the CF publish their own Annual Reports in terms of the PFMA
programme 4 employment and skills development services e sds
Programme 4: Employment and Skills Development Services (E&SDS)
  • 17 SETAs met or exceeded targets, 6 were average performers and 2 were below average
  • Transfer of funds and data to SETAs have improved
  • The legal standard of 51 days has been exceeded and the current period of transfer is 30 days
programme 4 e sds cont
Programme 4: E&SDS (cont.)
  • 24 SETA annual reports containing audited financial statements tabled in August 2003
  • 69 306 learners were in learnerships across 25 SETAs by end of March 2004
  • 74,4% of NSF funds allocated to Provinces spent on 2003/04 contracts
  • 4 NSDS synthesis reports produced
  • State of skills report produced and published for NSDS conference
programme 5 labour relations
Programme 5: Labour Relations
  • 369 Effectively and efficiently functioning collective bargaining councils registered as at March 2004
  • 80% of all registered councils have SMME representation
  • Sectoral determination in respect of the Security sector completed
programme 5 labour relations cont
Programme 5: Labour Relations (cont.)
  • 107 Inspectors trained on HIV/AIDS and Employment of People with Disabilities Technical Assistance Guidelines
  • EEA workshops conducted. This includes 70 employers in the private sector, the South African Vice Chancellor’s Association and the Department of Defence
programme 6 labour policy
Programme 6: Labour Policy
  • 9 Research papers completed on Worker Co-operatives and employment creation
  • A major research project undertaken on casualization and the changing nature of work
  • Data on strikes, register of unemployment, work seekers, wage settlements and skills maintained and a report prepared
programme 7 service delivery
Programme 7: Service Delivery
  • One (1) Information session held in each Provincial office to increase awareness in respect of the UIA, COIDA, claims procedures and fraud amongst stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • A minimum of 3 information and briefing sessions at each Provincial office aimed at marketing the NSDS
programme 7 service delivery cont
Programme 7: Service Delivery (cont.)
  • 161 Poverty alleviation projects specifically targeting the training of 5 870 rural communities identified and funded
  • Placement verification study completed – 75% placement for 2002/03 and all equity targets met
programme 7 service delivery cont1
Programme 7: Service Delivery (cont.)
  • 187 187 inspections conducted representing an 113% increase on the previous year
  • 75 773 or 74% of the 102 660 complaints lodged, settled within 60 days
  • 6 920 Blitz inspections conducted in the following sectors:
programme 7 service delivery cont2
Programme 7: Service Delivery (cont.)
  • Agriculture: 360
  • Domestic: 1 073
  • Construction: 747
  • Wholesale and Retail: 2 712
  • Employment Equity: 2 028
programme 8 auxiliary and associated services
Programme 8: Auxiliary and Associated Services
  • Successfully coordinated President Mbeki’s visit and address to the ILC
  • Attended and influenced policy positions of the AU Labour and Social Affairs Commission held in Mauritius during April 2003
  • Successfully hosted the following delegations:
programme 8 auxiliary and associated services cont
Programme 8: Auxiliary and Associated Services (cont.)
  • Minister Tou – Minister of Employment and Youth: Burkina Faso
  • Deputy Minister Wang – Vice Minister of Labour and Social Security: China
  • Official delegations from:
    • Cuba
    • Lesotho
    • Malawi
    • Mozambique