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Your Digital Safety

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Your Digital Safety. (As If Most Of You Have Any). Life Is Full of Special Occasions. Consider August 7 th , for example. That was the day I attempted to Face Book stalk all incoming AP Statistics students who were currently registered. Yes…I said Face Book stalk.

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your digital safety

Your Digital Safety

(As If Most Of You Have Any)

life is full of special occasions
Life Is Full of Special Occasions
  • Consider August 7th, for example.
  • That was the day I attempted to Face Book stalk all incoming AP Statistics students who were currently registered.
  • Yes…I said Face Book stalk.
  • Stalking that many of you took several hours and totally cut into my Rise of Mythos and Candy Crush time that day.
don t go feeling too special
Don’t Go Feeling Too Special
  • I simply didn’t have time to properly Face Book stalk all of you and handled it by not properly stalking any of you.
  • Stalking is illegal.
    • Face Book stalking is not, though.
  • I just checked to see if your wall was visible and if you had a map showing me places you’ve been.
  • Then I moved on to the next person.
i value your privacy
I Value Your Privacy
  • All data in here is anonymous.
  • I looked at so many students that nothing in particular stood out, basically.
  • The exception is that I know who the one student is.
    • You’ll see.
  • I won’t be sharing the identity of said student.
then why did you do it
Then Why Did You Do It?!?
  • I wanted to show you an example of an everyday use of statistics.
  • I feel like Face Book security really gets you guys where you live.
  • Also, that feeling of having your privacy violated makes the lesson harder to ignore.
  • I like to think of it as adding a personal touch to how relevant the material is.
fair enough
Fair Enough.
  • “So what did you find, Sanford?”
  • I found that when I mentioned the most surprising results on my Face Book wall that 27 people liked the post.
  • I also found that my initial comment of “Why are people liking this?!?” received 2 likes.
  • The results, you see, were not encouraging.
  • My Aunt-in-Law commented: “This just made my day! You are awesome, and kind of creepy! :)”
tables and charts
Tables and Charts!
  • Welcome to a partial showcase of descriptive statistics!
some thoughts
Some Thoughts
  • I did not do anything clever to try and find any of you.
  • I literally just typed the next name into the search bar.
  • Most of them pulled up with 20-50 mutual friends.
  • The record was 86 mutual friends, btw.
more thoughts
More Thoughts
  • To be “Friends of Friends” with you…all it would take for most people is to send requests to enough students to find one that accepts pretty much any request where the picture is hot.
  • So, what, probably about 3 to 4 fellow classmates, yeah?
  • Also, consider this…last year was a record low for me adding recent graduates on Face Book.
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Statistics is about studying and showcasing the information that is out there.
  • Part of that is finding the information.
  • Part of that is organizing and analyzing the information.
  • Part of that is displaying the information.
  • The most meaningful part, usually, is the communication of that information.
  • Example – Your Face Books were this unsecure before I looked them up, but now you know.
  • G.I. Joe’s slogan is that knowing is half the battle.