rough riding theodore roosevelt n.
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Rough Riding Theodore Roosevelt

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Rough Riding Theodore Roosevelt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rough Riding Theodore Roosevelt. By: Brendan Reilly. Early Life. He was born on October 27 th , 1858 in New York City, New York He lived with his mom (Martha) his dad (Theodore) his brother (Elliot) his sister (Anna) and his other sister (Corinne)

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early life
Early Life
  • He was born on October 27th, 1858 in New York City, New York
  • He lived with his mom (Martha) his dad (Theodore) his brother (Elliot) his sister (Anna) and his other sister (Corinne)
  • He was rich, had asthma, but everyone got along
  • President McKinley died in 1901, Alice Lee Hathaway (his first wife) died February 14th, 1884 (2 days after birth) his mom died on that same day, his dad died February 9th, 1878
  • He was homeschooled by his aunt Annie Bulloch until college
  • Theodore went to Harvard for college in 1876
  • He graduated in 1880
  • Teddy loved nature, he was interested in being a cowboy through books
fame and career
Fame and Career
  • The person who most inspired Theodore was his dad
  • He spent 1 year of his life in a ranch where he spent half his money on
  • He won a Nobel Peace Prize for stopping Russia and Japan going to war
  • He was the 26th president and the 36th governor of New York
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • Teddy married Alice Lee Hathaway on October 27th 1880 and Edith Carow on December 2nd 1886
  • He had six kids Alice, 1884 (first wife) and Theodore Jr.(1887), Kermit(1889), Ethel (1891), Archibald (1894), and Quentin (1897) all from his second wife
  • President McKinley didn’t want him as his vice president because he thought he would take over
  • He sadly deceased January 6th, 1919 at the age of 60 (from an arterial blood clot)
  • His death affected America he was a great leader
  • He was one of the first presidents to have dinner with Native Americans and cowboys in the white house


  • When he went hunting a news reporter followed. The news reporter captured and tied up a cub. Teddy refused to kill it, and THEN the teddy bear was invented

I chose Theodore Roosevelt because I knew very little about him, and I wanted to know more. The more I researched him, the more interesting he got. I gained knowledge that you can do anything. That you can be whoever you want to be. Finally be yourself and accept others for who they are.