career orientation and career guidance state of the art in education in the netherlands
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Kick off meeting TOI BLUE 3th december 2012

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Career orientation and career guidance state of the art in education in The Netherlands. Kick off meeting TOI BLUE 3th december 2012. What is c areer orientation and career guidance (COCG) in The Netherlands.

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what is c areer orientation and career guidance cocg in the netherlands
What is careerorientationandcareerguidance (COCG) in The Netherlands
  • COCG in educationis about support pupilsandstudentstodiscovertheirtalentsandambitionsand help themfind a goodplace in futhereducation or employment.
  • Who is responsiblefor COCG  secundaryeducation, vocationaleducationandhighereducation in cooperation with the labour market.
  • Why is COCG important
  • To stimulate talent development
  • To stimulate individual learning pathways
  • To stimulate flow in education
  • To stimulate the labour market (economy)
  • Toreduceearly school leaving
  • Toreduceswithbetweeneducation programs
  • To reduce unemployment rate
policy of cocg 1
Policy of COCG (1)
  • Ministry of Education COCG is important foreconomyandlabour market but implementation of COCG is a responsibility of each individual educational institution.
  • Ministry of Education started the project VSV (Early school leaving)  The project is succesful but has a limited focus.
  • Since august 2000 COCG has been financedby the lump-sumfunding in secondary en vocationaleducation. Nature, scope andquality, availability andaccessibility are up to the individual schools. EducationInspectorateprovidesexternalvalidation of the schools qualityassuraceefforts.
  • In VET the document 'qualificationrequirementscareerandcitizenship’ is required. The career management skills (Kuijpers, 2003) are an important part of the document.
  • Boards of education set up careerguidance stimulus plansforsecondaryeducationby council forsecondaryeducation (VO-raad) VET byMBO Diensten
policy of cocg 2
Policy of COCG (2)
  • HighereducationNetherlands Assciation of Applied Sciences (HBO-raad) and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) take steps toimprove members performance.
    • Issuing binding recommendations (BSA)
    • Experimentingwithindividualstudychoice interviews
    • Setting up centres of excellence at five universities
  • Active involvementwithministryof SocialAffairsandEmployment (SZW) and the ministry of EconomicAffairs (EZ) is verylimited. COCG in education is a matter of ministry of Education, Culture andScience (OCW) at this moment.
organization of cocg within educational institutes
Organization of COCG withineducationalinstitutes
  • School vision, policy, qualityandimplementation is a task of eachindividual school or school department (VET andhighereducation)
  • Often school counsellors (secondaryguidance) are responsiblefor COCG. Latelythey are assistedbyprimaryguidance mentors.
  • In lager institutionsthere are centralisedand specialist departments (secondaryguidance) for COCG. Tertiaryguidance is outside the school (private providers).
  • COCG activitiesanddialogues take place on criticalmoments of choice (fixed points in education):
  • sector selection in vmbo en profile selection in havo/vwo (secundaryeducation)
  • beforespecialization in VET or highereducation
  • beforegraduation (specialy in secondaryeducationitisn’tfinaleducation)
recent developments in dutch research
Recent developments in dutchresearch
  • Career skills (Kuijper, 2003) become more often a beacon in the field of education:
  • Reflecting on motives
  • Reflecting on quality
  • Exploringwork
  • Managing career
  • Networking
  • Latelyinstitutions design a powerfulcareer-focusedlearning environment (Meijers & Kuijpers, 2006)
  • practice-based, functionaland real-life
  • Active, participatory
  • Reflectiveanddialogue
  • In TOI BLUE the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch takes anactive part in stimulate COCG (ratheruniquefor NL). Project ambition is toimplementabovementioned research anddevelopments.
cooperation within cocg
Cooperation within COCG
  • Regionally, secondary school and VET colleges worktogheter in early school leavingprojects (39 regionalnetworks = RMC). Frequently COCG is part of these projects but the focus is still on youngsters at risk, notforallyoungsters(there is still a networkpromisingconnection?!)
  • Cooperation within COCG is an important topic in the stimulus plans(highereducation is involved)
  • Generally cooperation within COCG is toofragmantedand not sustainable yet (depends on certain people or projects)
  • Intention of TOI BLUE is tocoorperatewith the regional stakeholders of COCG (educationandlabour market)
cocg learning pathway
COCG learningpathway
  • Ongoing COCG learningpathwaysaren’t easy tofindin schools. Mostlythere are activitiesaroundcriticalmoments of choicenotcontinuously.
  • Between different educationalinstitutionsandbetweeneducationand the labour market ongoing COCG learningpathways are also hard tofind. However at somecriticalmoments of choiceinstitutions set up projectstogether.
  • The intention of TOI BLUE is tocreate strong ongoing COCG learningpathways (curriculum) in school andbetween different educationalinstitutions/labour market. Startig point are the needs of pupils/students.
professionalization of cocg
Professionalizationof COCG
  • The are no strictrequirementsforguidancecounsellorsandmentors.
  • Is’s the responsibility of eacheducationalinstitutetodecide on the budget and time spendon professionalization.
  • The focus of professionalization is on careerconversation (dialogue) forboth mentors andcounsellors. No focused on COCG in curriculum
  • Associationsfor school counsellors (NVS-NVL & VvSL) offer training andeducation
  • Courses at Universities of AppliedScience (Fontys & Saxion Human Talent Development) and private providers.
  • In the stimulus plan careerguidancefor VET professionalization is an important item (they offer a training careerconversation)
Thankyouforyour attention.

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