pecan production trends for the future n.
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Pecan Production Trends for the Future PowerPoint Presentation
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Pecan Production Trends for the Future

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Pecan Production Trends for the Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pecan Production Trends for the Future. Tom Stevenson Orchard Management Services Albany, GA. Arizona, Western New Mexico. Arizona 5300 acres less than 7 years old 4500 acres intended to be planted by 2018 5000 acres planned for 2018-2022 Western New Mexico

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Pecan Production Trends for the Future

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    1. Pecan Production Trends for the Future Tom Stevenson Orchard Management Services Albany, GA

    2. Arizona, Western New Mexico Arizona 5300 acres less than 7 years old 4500 acres intended to be planted by 2018 5000 acres planned for 2018-2022 Western New Mexico 4000 acres intended over next two years in Animas Valley HIGH DENSITY PLANTINGS, PLANS FOR HEDGING, IRRIGATION & GOOD MANAGEMENT 18,800 Acres with some hitting yields of 2,000 pounds per acre in the 6th year of production 18,800 acres with an average of 2,500 pounds per acre by 2025 = 47,000,000 pounds of new production.

    3. Florida and Alabama 1: Some new plantings over past 5 years but numbers difficult to get. 2: Interviews with growers indicated possibly 2000 acres in total. 3: By 2025 an additional 3,000,000 pounds at 1,500 pounds per acre.

    4. Georgia New Plantings: 1: 20,000 new acres planted in last 5 years. (2009 through 2013) 2: 5,000 acres inter-planted, increasing the density of trees in older, widely spacing orchards. 3: Through 2013, 165,000total acres of trees in Georgia. 4: Nursery production projections indicate 5,000 acres planted in 2014 and 6,000 acres planned in 2015. 5: 2025 could arrive with 36,000new acres in Georgia with an age of 10 to 17 years of age. Higher production will be achieved on these acres because of: 1: Higher tree density per acre 2: All planted with irrigation 3: Plans for hedging to maintain tree density, also allowing for increased light and better disease(scab) control. 4: Much improved cultural programs for water, fertilizer, fruit thinning, hedging, etc. 5: New varieties that are larger nuts, earlier harvest, more precocious, higher yielding in pounds and meat. 6: A new generation of growers with enthusiasm, intelligence and the capital to do it right. No longer a Secondary Crop: 1: Older orchards are being irrigated with only 20% of the state acreage being dry land now. 2: The average crop of 800 pounds per acre (112,000,000 pounds) will increase dramatically. 3: The new high density plantings are achieving 2,000 pounds plus per acre in 10-12 years. 4: The older trees will increase their average to 1,400 pounds per acre over those same years. By 2025 I estimate the average crop for Georgia will increase by 156,000,000 pounds, from 112,000,000 pounds to 268,000,000.


    6. Newly Planted Trees by Cultivar 2012Dr. Lenny Wells-University of Georgia 27%

    7. Production Trends Dr. Patrick Conner

    8. Estimated Production increases by 2025 Arizona and Western New Mexico>> 47,000,000 NEWPOUNDS Alabama and Florida>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3,000,000 NEW POUNDS Georgia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 156,000,000 NEWPOUNDS TOTAL=206,000,000 NEW And we have not come to George Ray’s part of the program yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. A United Industry If we are to support the needed research and marketing efforts we will need to absorb this new production, both here and abroad, the only way to effectively do that is with a marketing order and mandatory collection of an assessment. This will allow us to have enough money to pursue the kinds of promotion, domestic and foreign, shelled and in shell, that we need. The marketing order that Mike Adams and U.S. Pecan is proposing is the only opportunity to move forward on an industry wide scale. I urge all segments of the industry to put the decades of division aside and join forces in a this effort to allow all of us to continue with our new growth and reinvigoration of the pecan industry. We owe it to our sons and daughters(and ourselves). Please offer support in any manner possible. Thank you. Tom Stevenson