Eleonora figueroa august 9 2005
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Fermilab Computer Security Network flows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eleonora Figueroa August 9, 2005. Fermi National Acceleration Laboratory. The University of Texas at San Antonio. Fermilab Computer Security Network flows. Computer Security Team. Joe Klemencic. Mark Leininger. Computing Division Laboratory Computer Security Program Expertise

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Presentation Transcript
Eleonora figueroa august 9 2005

Eleonora Figueroa

August 9, 2005

Fermi National Acceleration Laboratory

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Fermilab Computer SecurityNetwork flows

Computer security team
Computer Security Team

Joe Klemencic

Mark Leininger

  • Computing Division

  • Laboratory Computer Security Program

  • Expertise

  • Information

  • Resources

Randy Reitz

Frank Nagy

My projects
My Projects

  • Node Registration Page and show_sys() method

  • Graph block/unblock request time

  • Sending digitally signed emails

  • Write network flow filters

Creating the webpage
Creating the webpage

  • Show_sys()

    • Python method

    • MySQL Database

    • Returns array of information

  • Supporting web-page

    • Zope/DTML

G r a p h b l o c k u n b l o c k r e q u e s t t i m e
G r a p h b l o c k / u n b l o c k r e q u e s t t i m e

Fermilab computer security network flows

  • Vulnerabilities looked for

    • Weak passwords

    • Missing patches

    • Unprotected information

  • Graph data with python script

  • Administrative purposes efficiency

Digitally signed emails
Digitally signed emails

Python script  Unix shell


Validity Authentication

Added security


Automated signing of emails

Netflow pl


Network routers flows


Software CISCO Format  Vendor specific

Want to change to Standard Format

Two-fold process

Long learning curve

Netflow pl1


Automatic time/day

Specific error messages: missing flags, wrong format

Runtime manual

Change the save location of filters for future reference

Negate parameters




- CISCO format

- Manually make filters

- Two-fold process

- Long learning curve

- Open format

- Enter parameters

- Program gets information looked for

- Easy to use

Netflow pl results
Netflow.pl Results

Implemented by members of the Computer Security Team

In the process of being implemented by Fermilab Incidence response Team and Fermilab Networking Team

Released back to open source community


Important tools:

Writing filters to analyse information

Graphing wanted data

Wrapping disjointed tools

Basics of growing security trend

Satisfaction of having my programs implemented and offered to the community:

Digitally signing emails documentation

Netflow.pl Repository to open source of netflow tool


Computer Security Team Joe Klemencic, Mark Leininger, Randy Reitz, and Frank Nagy

Igor Mandrichenko

Mentors: Cosmore Sylvester, Jamieson Olsen

SIST administrative staff: Dianne Engram, Elliot McCrory, Dr. Davenport