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Crisis Prevention Institute

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Crisis Prevention Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crisis Prevention Institute. Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. CARE WELFARE SAFETY SECURITY. Crisis Development Model. Crisis Development Model. Anxiety/Support. Personal Space and Body Language. Garret's Pics. Seinfeld's Close Talker Clip. Personal Space.

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Crisis Prevention Institute

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Crisis Prevention Institute • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention CARE WELFARE SAFETY SECURITY

    2. Crisis Development Model • Crisis Development Model

    3. Anxiety/Support Personal Space and Body Language Garret's Pics • Seinfeld's Close Talker Clip Personal Space Body Language 1.5-3 ft Includes Personal Belongings Supportive Stance Safe Non-threatening Honors Personal Space

    4. Anxiety/Support Paraverbal Communication 93% of the message we send is being perceived through our paraverbals (body language and how we say what we say) • Cosby's Fast Talking Friend Tone Volume Cadence

    5. Defensive/Directive Clear Reasonable Enforceable Setting Limits • Mind the Gap • Verbal and Non-Verbal Kite Models • Breakfast Club

    6. Defensive/Directive Rational Detachment • Precipitating Factors-What’s going on in the lives of kids • Rational Detachment-How do you and your team stay rationally detached • Integrated Experience

    7. Acting out person/ Non violent physical crisis intervention Fear and Anxiety Knowing what makes you afraid helps in recognizing what’s not productive and how to use what is Unproductive freeze over-react unprofessional Productive increased speed increased acquity increased strength

    8. Anxiety/Support Anxiety/Support Environmental Supports

    9. CPI’s Strategic Visualization Process

    10. Defensive/Directive Personal Safety and Weapons (Personal Safety Techniques)

    11. Acting Out Person/Non Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Safety Professionalism Litigation Team Approach How do you call for help Who is your team

    12. Tension Reduction/Theraputic Rapport COPING Model COPING Model

    13. Acting out person/ Non violent physical crisis intervention Certified with or without control position training