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Briefing: AFMOA MEPRS Dashboard/Vector Check PowerPoint Presentation
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Briefing: AFMOA MEPRS Dashboard/Vector Check

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Briefing: AFMOA MEPRS Dashboard/Vector Check - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Briefing: AFMOA MEPRS Dashboard/Vector Check

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  1. Briefing: AFMOA MEPRS Dashboard/Vector Check Speaker: Dawn Simmons Date: 27July 2010 Time: 1640-1730

  2. Objectives Describe the rational behind the Dashboard Explain what determines if your data is an outlier Describe the Major Components of the Dashboard Discuss the feedback timeline Vector Check Review

  3. Why the Dashboard? Our standards are high AFMO tracks and manages the success of the Air Force MEPRS Program When you succeed We Succeed We have the answer before the question is asked AFMOA provides feedback to TMA Quick Reference Historical Records

  4. The Dashboard • To provide a high level view of the latest data transmitted into the EAS IV Repository • To identify outliers in MTF data • To highlight potential technical or functional errors • Feedback to AFMOA MEPRS Via Vector Check

  5. Outliers An outlier is a piece of data that is significantly different from all the other data. Based on 12 month rolling average Workload and FTEs 2 standard deviations Expenses1 Standard Deviation Normal If you put all of your data in order from least to greatest, the only place(s) you can have outliers are at the very beginning and/or the very end. -2 -1 1 2 Potential Problem Feedback Required Something has changed

  6. Dashboard Components Workload data is retrieved from The CHCS WAM file The expense data is retrieved From CRIS Personnel data is extracted from DMHRSI Workload Expense Personnel

  7. Workload

  8. AFMOA Dashboard Components: Workload • Assigned and Available to “A” ,“B” and “FBN” • Major variances typically are changes in the services that are offered • If there is a significant change in services offered • You should reply to the dashboard via Vector Check • Dental Weighted Procedures will soon be added

  9. Expense

  10. AFMOA Dashboard Components: Expenses • Total Expense of all MEPR Codes • Depreciation uses Direct Expense from all EA MEPRS Codes • Adjusted Expense=Total Expense minus all EA, EDH, EDI, and EDK Codes • Free Receipts = Per the Free Receipts Calculator • Free Receipts Variance = The difference between what the FR Calculator Shows and what you reported

  11. AFMOA Dashboard Components: Expenses

  12. FTEs

  13. AFMOA Dashboard Components: FTE

  14. Component: FTE Employee Types • Active Duty • Guard • Reserve • Civilian • Local National • Contractor • Volunteer

  15. Component: FTE

  16. AFMOA Dashboard Components: FTE

  17. Component: Contractors Contractor Type X

  18. AFMOA Dashboard Components: Definitions

  19. Vector Check

  20. Vector Check: Feedback

  21. Vector Check: Master Phone Roster AFMOA MEPRS Master Phone Roster Master Roster Update File

  22. Other Supporting Tools

  23. We’re Here to Help Air Staff AFMOA Gunter Support Desk AFMOA will consult with Air Staff on all policy issues All technical and Functional support Issues should initiate at the Gunter Support Desk Email: 554.SBGJ.FUNCTIONALS@GUNTER.AF.MIL Gunter will contact AFMOA on all pertinent issues Email: MTF’s Initial support contact is the Gunter Support Desk

  24. AFMOA MEPRS Teams

  25. Contact Us