how to settle your credit card debt l.
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How to Settle your Credit Card Debt PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Settle your Credit Card Debt

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How to Settle your Credit Card Debt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you do not manage your debt well, then it can leave you with one of the worst feelings while opening a credit card statement where you know you cannot make the minimum repayment

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If you do not manage your debt well, then it can leave you with one of the worst feelings while opening a credit card statement where you know you cannot make the minimum repayment, let alone settling off the entire credit card debt. These times can be very stressful and if they prolong then it can cause you serious personal and financial troubles. Managing your credit card debt is very important. Following tips will be very helpful:

do you understand your credit card limit
Do you understand your Credit Card Limit?
  • The first thing you need to understand is that your Credit Card Limit is a “limit”, not a “target”. It is easy to understand why so many people go outside their credit card limit in the very first month – they forget that their credit card limit is the maximum that they can use and it is not the amount that they must use. Therefore, be honest to yourself and ask yourself – will you be able to repay your credit card debt, as per your current financial status. If you are overwhelmed with your credit card debt, then it is better to ask your credit card company to reduce your credit card limit. It will help you in managing your debt. And once you are comfortable with your financial position and your spending habits, you can always ask them to increase your limit again. 
can you lower your credit card apr annual percentage rate
Can you lower your Credit Card APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?
  • Your Credit Card APR, i.e. the interest rate on which you repay your credit card debt, depends on your credit score. Therefore, if you ensure a good credit score for yourself, then you may pay less interest on your outstanding credit card debt.
are you afraid of your credit card statement
Are you afraid of your Credit Card Statement ?
  • If you are not comfortable receiving your credit card statement then you may be afraid of reading it as well. However, it is very important that you spend time reading your statement, so that you can find any miscalculated extra charges, like late payment fees, which can increase your credit card debt and thus your minimum monthly payment. If you are paying what you guessed you should pay, rather than the amount that is mentioned at your credit card statement, then they will charge you some additional fees. And this ramping up of extra fees continues. Therefore, it is better that you read you credit card statement well. Credit card debt management bottles down to just two things – how much credit card debt you owe and how much credit is available on your card. And beware of this damaging thought that many people have - you repaid your debt this month, does not mean that you necessarily take debt from your credit card once again the next month. If you want to manage your credit card debt well, then repay the debt and do not use the credit card again for some time.