investigating jobs in it n.
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Investigating Jobs in IT PowerPoint Presentation
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Investigating Jobs in IT

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Investigating Jobs in IT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Investigating Jobs in IT. Source: . Network Engineer - Description.

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Investigating Jobs in IT

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    1. Investigating Jobs in IT

    2. Source: Network Engineer - Description Network Engineers install computer hardware and software that allow communication networks within an organisation then maintain this hardware and software to make sure the networks are always online and reliable. Some companies need Network Engineers to maintain networks between their company and others, not just Internal networks. Every kind of company needs a Network Engineer and in an age when everything is become more digital the demand will just continue to grow.

    3. Network Engineer - Requirements To work as a Network Engineer there aren’t any specific qualifications you need but certain ones will make you far more likely to beat someone else to the position. These specific qualifications are the following at degree level. • computer science; • electrical/electronic engineering; • physics; • mathematics; • computer software/computer systems engineering. Most people also want you to have had some work experience in the area so that you know the kind of problems you could encounter and expect them already. Your personal characteristics are also important, sometimes more so than your qualifications. Employers will want you to have good team-work and organisational skills. Source:

    4. Database Administrator - Description A database administrator is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database. Additional role requirements are likely to include planning, development and troubleshooting. Different Database Administrators will have to perform different services depending on which company/sector they work for so no two Database Administrators are doing the same job as eachother. Source:

    5. Database Administrator - Requirements Like a Network Engineer there aren’t any specific requirements that you need to become a Database Administrator, although certain degrees will give you an advantage over other candidates who may apply to the same job. These degrees are the following: • Computer Science • Computer Software • Information Technology • Mathematics • Operational Research • Electronics The biggest requirement of all is general IT knowledge and practical skills in IT work. If you want this job you should try to get some work experience before hand. As with a Network Engineer your employer will want you to have certain characteristics, such as being good at listening to feedback and being a team player. Source:

    6. Systems Analyst - Description A Systems Analyst looks at a Business’s way of managing data and how that data goes from the business to the end-user. Then they think of and design ways to make this flow of data more efficient and faster. After this they install these changes to the system or install the new system. The kind of Systems that they may have to look at and design will depend heavily on the type of business that they are going to work for e.g A business that ships freight will need a very different system than one which sells Olympic quality pogo sticks. Source:

    7. Systems Analyst- Requirements To work as a systems analyst work experience is the most desired requirement by employers but most applicants should have atleast BTEC level IT qualifications and would be much better off with a degree in a subject that is related to IT. Some of the possible degrees are the following: • Computer Science • Information Management Systems • Business Studies • Mathematics • Business Information Systems • Electronics Your employer will want you to have certain characteristics such as good interpersonal skills to deal with your clients, good communication skills and negotiating skills. Source:

    8. IT Technical Support Officer - Description IT technical support officers monitor the computer systems and networks of a business/organisation. They also perform maintenance on these systems. They install computer systems, diagnose hardware and software faults then provide a solution to these faults. Often this is all done over the phone but sometimes it is done in person. The exact systems that must be maintained depend on the type and size of a business/organisation. Source:

    9. IT Technical Support Officer - Requirements For this job employers will be looking for knowledge of different software that the employee may be required to use such as Linux and Microsoft Windows. The next most beneficial thing to an applicant will be as much experience in this job area as possible. Qualifications that would help the applicant include the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator qualifications. Source:

    10. IT Sales Professional - Description An IT Sales Professional’s job is to first explain the product to a customer, demonstrate the product and then after this if the customer is interested to negotiate a deal with them. After the sale is completed the job is still not done, an IT Sales Professional must also offer post-sale services such as advising the customer how to get the most out of the product and fixing faults that develop with the product. The kind of product being sold will change the job significantly but the basics of the job all remain the same regardless. Source:

    11. IT Sales Professional - Requirements Unlike most of the other IT jobs technical skills in IT are not that important for this job, employers will very much favour sales skills. It is not necessary to have previous work experience in this job, work experience in any other sales job would be just as valuable because you will need to use the same skills. You should also have a results driven attitude to work and perseverance in order to get the best sales. Source:

    12. TechnicalAuthor- Description A Technical Author is someone who helps explain technical information in a more simple and easy to understand way. These are the people who write all of the technical manuals for everything. Cars, Fridges, Tanks, Guns. A technical author’s job will depend heavily on the employer, a technical author employed by the military will have to know a very different set of information to one employed by Ikea. They can also produce videos, demos and many other forms of media to help people understand technical ideas. Source:

    13. TechnicalAuthor- Requirements The job does not need any certain set of qualifications however English, Engineering and Scientific qualifications are often required. Skills in programmes used to present your information are also required, examples of the types of programmes you will need to use are Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Working in some fields may require more specialised programmes to be used but often these companies are large enough to offer their own training to you. Source: