kotka maritime research centre 18 8 2005 tl n.
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Kotka Maritime Research Centre 18.8.2005 TL PowerPoint Presentation
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Kotka Maritime Research Centre 18.8.2005 TL

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Kotka Maritime Research Centre 18.8.2005 TL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kotka Maritime Research Centre 18.8.2005 TL
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  1. Kotka Maritime Research Centre18.8.2005 TL

  2. Merikotka strategic basis Backround: • Rapid growth in maritime transport • A growing interest in environmental issues & the Baltic Sea • the important role of logistics in Southeast Finland Research and education in Kotka: • Education and R&D at the Maritime departments of Kymenlaakso Polytechnic and Kotka Vocational Institute • A fisheries biology research unit at Kotka Maretarium Maritime research in Finland is currently partly insufficient Kuva Kotkan satama kotka 26.04.05 JP

  3. Kotka Maritime Research Centre Objectives • To conduct and promote high level research applied to the conditions of the Gulf of Finland • To protect the marine environment and improve maritime safety • To create better prerequisites for maritime business • To develop maritime education in Finland To form a central Baltic Sea research institute specialising in maritime transport, safety and marine environmental issues Photo: VTT kotka 26.04.05 JP

  4. Kotka Maritime Research Centre: Research fields Maritime and port operation logistics PARTNERS: Universities, Polytechnics, Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT), Finnish Institute of Marine Research, Kotka Vocational Institute, Kotka Maretarium AUTHORITIES: Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finnish Coastguard, Rescue Department, TheFinnish Maritime Administration, Ministries, Finnish Forest and Park Service Maritime transport technological development and safety Environmental impacts of maritime transport, prevention and combatting technology CIVIC ORGANISATIONS BUSINESS CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL CONTACTS kotka 26.04.05 JP

  5. Professorships and research groups Maritime and port operation logistics Kymenlaakso Polytechnic Safety of maritime transport and winter navigation Helsinki University of Technology Maritime transport logistics University of Turku/ Centre for Maritime Studies 2005- 2006 Oil spill recovery and combatting technology Helsinki University of Technology Marine environmental analyticalchemistry University of Helsinki 2007- 2008 Maritime information and control systems Helsinki University of Technology Waste management and recycling technology Lappeenranta University of Technology Maritime business and economic operations kotka 26.04.05 JP

  6. Research groups 2005 → Marine biology and the environment • follow-up study of the marine environment and development of environmental research • biological evaluation and prediction • prevention and minimization of environmental damages Maritime and port operations logistics • Port operations; technical applications and development projects • Transportation and warehousing control systems • port safety and security, access control and environmental impacts Maritime transport logistics • International merchant shipping and operations related to port capacity • Import, export and transit traffic and development of transport chains • Projects related to ports’ competitive position, economics, administration and marketing Safety of maritime transport and winter navigation • Research in maritime safety especially concerning winter navigation • Maritime transport risks and risk management • Application of risk assessment and simulation kotka 26.04.05 JP

  7. Merikotka organization • a broad co-operation forum • national and international networking • strategy and follow-up of the reserach and education activities • co-ordinates the research centre activities • advances co-operation between researchers • a professor leads each reserach group Merikotka advisory board Administrative board Co-ordination unit Maritime safety Port operation logistics Maritime transport logistics Fisheries biology Environmental analytical chem. Recovery and combatting tech. information and control systems Waste recycling technology Maritime business kotka 26.04.05 JP

  8. Merikotka projects OILECO; 2005-2007 (University of Helsinki) • Integrating ecological values in the decision making process on oil spill combating in the Gulf of Finland • The project investigates the effects of oils spills on the marine ecosystem of the Gulf of Finland • Partners: University of Tartu, Kymenlaakso Polytechnic, City of Kotka, SYKE, VTT, Southeast Finland Environment Centre, Finnish Forest and Park Service, WWF • Project budget 800 000 € Summeri and Summeri II; 2005-2007 (Kotka Vocational Institute) • co-operation regarding maritime safety and protecting the marine environment in the Gulf of Finland (in Summeri between Finland and Russia; Summeri II: Finland-Estonia) • A technical simulator network is created between the participating educational units • Partners Estonian Maritime Academy, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy, Southeast Finland Environment Centre, Rescue centres, City of Kotka • Project budgets Summeri: 453 000 €, Summeri II: 313 000 € kotka 26.04.05 JP

  9. Merikotka projects (beginning 01/06 in case financing is granted) MS GOF -Maritime Safety in the Gulf of Finland (Merikotka) • The project develops maritime safety especially concerning winter navigation by reserach and developing of traning packages • Partners Helsinki University of Technology, Kymenlaakso Polytechnic, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy and St.Petersburg State Marine Technical University • Project budget 700 000 € TRANSGOF -Transport and Logistics in the Gulf of Finland (Merikotka) • A reserach and education project in maritime and port operation logistics • Partners mm. Centre for maritime studies (University of Turku), Kymenlaakso Polytechnic, City of St.Petersburg, Leningrad oblast, North-West Russia Logistic Development Centre (ILOT) • Project budget 900 000 € GOFMEC -Gulf of Finland Maritime and Marine Environment Protection Cooperation (Kotka vocational institute) • Crisis management simulator networking by internet • Continues the co-operation of the Summeri-projects • Project budget 156 000 € kotka 26.04.05 JP

  10. Kotka Maritime Research CentreFurther information: www.merikotka.fi