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How to get Safe from Background Check PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get Safe from Background Check

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How to get Safe from Background Check
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How to get Safe from Background Check

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  1. How to get Safe from Background Check

  2. Background check can control and avoid possible damages on your name and can protect your credibility. Because of social networking sites, your names or your pictures may be scattered all over the site.

  3. Anytime you post your blogs or sign up with your name and email, it will automatically be stored by the internet memory. Employers who are conducting background check initially check the internet to gather some information about you before starting the proper investigation.

  4. So if they can view some bothering issues on you it will not be helpful on your possible employment. Removing your name from the internet search engines can be hard and complicated but not totally impossible.

  5. Here’s how to be safe from background check :Contact the webmasters for any site in which your name shows. Make a request to remove your name. There are sites available online in which you can ask to remove your name.

  6. Sign up for a Google account of any kind and access thee removal tool to help you remove URLs from Google's search engine. Steps for Yahoo are quite different from Google but it has similar removal tool.

  7. Erase or cancel any profiles or classifieds that may comprise or include your name. if you have account from social networking sites, you can temporarily delete those account to make sure that the internet memory will no longer detect your personal information including your complete name or current address.

  8. Better yet, use false name or pen names going forward whenever you save information online. This will successfully remove or prevent any probabilities of your actual identity popping up on Internet search engines in the future.

  9. Once your name has been removed, try entering your contact number into a search engine to test if the procedure that you made was successful. If your name or address still shows, then your record can still be located using the Internet.

  10. Consider disregarding the ability to use your contact number as a search tools with Google's Phone Book Name Removal same with the Yahoo.

  11. Websites has a very broad memory and there the procedure of removing you name can be hard and difficult so the best option is to prevent from posting any personal information about your profile on the internet.

  12. For more information about background check and other ways on how to perform the investigation, you can check it with