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Teens Addiction Treatment Center

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Teens Addiction Treatment Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teens Addiction Treatment & Rehab Centers Adolescence, a period marked by intense changes, brings with it a great deal of stress, anxiety and confusion. Adolescents usually do not develop an addiction to substances like drugs or alcohol upon their first use, but substance abuse early in life can contribute to a number of problems later.

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Teens Addiction Treatment Center

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    1. Teens Addiction Treatment Rehab Center Call Our Expert Or Need Assistance (866) 939-1956 And Take Control Of Your Life!

    2. Can Apple Help Check IPhone Addiction Among Teens? • Smartphone addiction is real that could lead to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Addiction to smartphones and internet is on the rise, and has acquired the form of a disease that has the potential to harm the growing minds of teens. • Compared to other teens, those with an internet or smartphone addiction experience alterations in the key brain areas connected to clinical measures of anxiety, depression and addiction. More Info :Click Here

    3. Can Apple Help Check IPhone Addiction Among Teens? • Recognizing the growing smartphone addiction among children, two of Apple’s biggest investors – JANA Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System or CalSTRS) – have sent a letter to the tech giant to ensure that the company’s young consumers used their product in an optimal manner. • The investors have asked Apple to develop its software to allow parents more options to limit their children’s smartphone use. The two investors jointly control Apple shares worth $2 billion. More Info :Click Here

    4. Can Apple Help Check IPhone Addiction Among Teens? • The letter cited various studies and surveys on how heavy smartphone use negatively affected children’s mental and physical health. • Urging the corporation to help children fight addiction on its devices, the shareholders have urged the firm to give parents more option to protect their children’s health and offer some effective tools to help children avoid addiction. More Info : Click Here

    5. Give More Control To Parents While Apple’s iOS offers parental controls, location sharing and access to certain kinds of content, the investors have urged the tech giant to come up with software that would allow parents to block social media services, limit screen time, allow the number of hours the phone can be used and allow the parents to be able to set the user’s age on setup. Additionally, the investors have also urged the corporation to establish an expert committee that should include child development specialists to produce annual reports and offer the collected information to researchers to investigate the issue. More Info : Click Here

    6. Teenagers: More Vulnerable To Addiction • A behavioral disorder, smartphone addiction can affect one’s daily life functioning and helping teens get away from it can be a big challenge in itself. • Teen smartphone addiction includes the repetitive and obsessive use of the device for other activities. • An adolescent brain is still in the developing stage, thus, teens are more susceptible to addiction and those addicted to smartphones are more prone to substance use disorders and serious mental health problems like anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol addiction. More Info :Click Here

    7. Teenagers: More Vulnerable To Addiction • At the Teenage Drug Rehab Services, we understand that it can be tough and sad for parents to see their teens get trapped in the self-destructive behavior of addiction. • It can also help locate the best rehab centers for teens in your area. • Call at our 24/7 helpline number (866) 939-1956 and let us help you get access to the finest treatment programs at top-rated teens addiction & rehab centers basis your needs. More Info :Click Here

    8. Contact US www.teenmentalhealthhelpline.com CallOur 24/7 Helpline (866) 831-9220