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Academic Regulations 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Regulations 2014

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Academic Regulations 2014
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Academic Regulations 2014

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  1. Academic Regulations2014 Kadri-Ann Matson

  2. Divisionoffaculties: Faculty of Chemical and Materials Technology (IV-201) Faculty of Civil Engineering(III-201) Faculty of Information Technology(ICT-407) (located at Akadeemia tee 15a) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (V-203) Faculty of Power Engineering(VII-234) Faculty of Science(IV-208) Faculty of Social Sciences (X-340) School of Economics and Business Administration(X-248)

  3. Dean´soffice Eachfacultyhas a Dean´soffice: • advising on studies: both students and faculty • confirmation letters on student status • study results • study load • scholarships • fulfilment of curriculum • academic leave • study contracts, invoices • study Information System ÕIS • other concerns

  4. ÕIS (Study Information System) subjectregistration applications timetable academiccalendar studyresults …. etc

  5. How can I access ÕIS if I do not have the ID card yet ? Information System Office- location X-132 • bringyouridentification ( passport ortemporary resident permit) documentalong and specialist will make you a USERNAME and PASSWORD for ÕIS

  6. Access to ÕIS with ID card • Onceyouhavereceived ID (TRP) card, kindlyvisit International Study Center • ID (TRP) cardcontains personal codewhichisunique • International Study Centerwillinsertthecodetothesystems • Onlyifthe ID codeisinsertedto ÕIS can student accessitwith ID (TRP) card • Onlyifthe ID codeisinsertedto ÕIS can student applyforscholarships

  7. Practical information about the ID card

  8. Academic Calendar- important information regarding studies • thebeginning and end of semester • declarationdeadline(registratingforthecourses) • Redlineday(end ofacademicmovementssuchasacademicleave) • examinationsession • thesisdefence • graduationceremonies

  9. Firststepsin ÕIS: • Insertyour personal data(mandatory, otherwisecannotcontinuein ÕIS) • checktimetable • trytodeclaresubjects( untilthedeadlineindicatedin ÕIS itispossibletowithdrawsubmitteddeclaration and resubmititagain) Shouldyouhaveanyquestionsregardingdeclaration, pleaseturntoyourfaculty.

  10. 2.TimetableProgramme abbreviationin ÕIS Bachelor: • International Business AdministrationTVTB • International Relations TASB • LawHAJB • IntegratedEngineeringMVEB

  11. 2.TimetableProgrammeabbreviation in ÕIS Master: • International Business AdministrationTVTM • International Relations and European-Asian Studies TASM • Finance and Economic Analysis TVRM • Law HAJM • Law and Technology HVJM • Technology GovernanceHAGM • Work and Organizational Psychology HVWM • Cyber SecurityIVCM • Computer and Systems Engineering IASM • Communicative ElectronicsIVEM • E-Governance Technologies and Services IVGM • Software Engineering IVSM • Environmental Management and Cleaner Production EABM • Design and EngineeringMADM • Industrial Engineering and ManagementMARM • Materials and Processes of Sustainable EnergeticsKAYM • Technology of Wood and Plastic KVEM • Health Care TechnologyYVEM • Mechatronics MAHM

  12. 3. Declarationin ÕIS • every student must submit a study planforeach semester • if the study plan is not submitted student will be dismissed • the study plan is submitted via study information system ( • studyplan (declaration) must besubmittedlatest on theindicateddedlineinAcademiccalendar

  13. Declarationdeadline11th of September (17.00) • School of Economics and Business Administration • Faculty of Information Technology • Faculty of Power Engineering • Final deadline to submit declaration in ÕIS!

  14. Declarationdeadline12th of September (17.00) Facultyof Civil Engineering Faculty of Chemical and Materials Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering FacultyofSocialSciences FacultyofScience Finaldeadlinetosubmitdeclarationin ÕIS! Finaldeadlinetosubmitdeclarationin ÕIS!

  15. Declarationin ÕIS • Whatdotoifdeclarationdeadlinehas passed and youhaveforgottentosubmitone? TurntoDean´sofficeand theywillhelpyouwiththedeclaration. Inaddition, please: • make sure thatyoudeclare at least 22.5 creditpoints (you need tocountthe ECTS in ÕIS yourself) • make sure thatsubjectcode and professor´snameiscorrect Shouldyouhaveanyquestions, pleaseturntoyourDean´sofficetoaskfor a help.

  16. Studentswho are studying on thetuition fee placesmust sign a contractinDean´soffice Bachelor • International Business Administration • International Relations • Law Master • International Business Administration • International Relations and European-Asian Studies • Finance and Economic Analysis • Law • Law and Technology • Technology Governance

  17. To sign a contract, please turn to School of Economics and Business Piret LevertandStudy Consultant Room:X-248 Faculty of Social Sciences Archil Chochia Study Consultant Room: X-325

  18. Study regulation • 2 terms in 1 academicyear-Autumn and Spring • 1 term consists 16 weeks of classroom and practical study Examinationsessioninthe end of semester • Autumn semester examinationsession(2nd- 24nd of January 2015) • Autumn semester additionalexaminationsession (26th of January- 31st of February 2015)

  19. Study regulationstudent code • every student has its unique student number • this number is necessary to identify you in the system ( ÕIS) • you need the student code to write on all applications, tests andother papers that are handed in at/in the university Example: • Nominal studyRenZhang 1413001KAYM • Visiting student Martin Thompson 140290KV

  20. Study plan consists: study load (ECTS) different parts of curriculum ( compulsory, elective and optional subjects) list of subjects subject credit points (ECTS) student testing methods (exam or fail/pass) graduation terms Standard study plan: list of subjects per semester use standard study plan to compile your timetable Study regulationsstudyplan

  21. Study regulationsStudy load • nominalstudy load per term orthecapacity of studyaccordingtothecurriculumper term is 30 Europeancreditpoints (ECTS). Student mayhold a full-timeorpartial load • full-load studyrequiresthat a student collect at least22.5 ECTS on a CUMULATIVE basisundertheindividualstudyplanbythe end of eachacademicyearforeach term attended • partial- study load requiresthat a student collect at least15-22 ECTS on a CUMULATIVE basisundertheindividualstudyplanbythe end of eachacademicyearforeach semester attended

  22. Study regulations1. Declarationofexams and finaltests • declarationof a subjectis valid only 1 semester • if a student hasnot passed thesubjectwithin 1 semester time a newdeclarationin ÕIS must besubmitted • secondtimedeclarationin ÕIS isonlyforthe fee- aninvoicewillbesubmittedvia ÕIS ( 2 weeksaftertheRed-Lineday) • fee depends on thecreditpointprice • pricesmayvarydepending on thefaculty

  23. Study regulations2. Declaration of exams and final tests • at least 2 examtimeswithintheexamsession • examtimes are published at least 4 weeksbeforethe start oftheexamweeks • beforethefirstexamtherehastobe at leastoneconsultation • thetime and placeofwhichispublishedwithexamtimes Registrationforanexam • Attheinstructorordepartment/faculty • through ÕIS

  24. Study regulationsAssessment of student performance • differentiated assessment (examination, graded assessment • non-differentiated assesment (final test/preliminary examination) E stands for examination A stands for final test (Fail/Pass) H stands for graded assesment

  25. Study regulationsAssessment of student performance “5”- excellent “4”- very good “3”- good “2”- fair “1”- passed “0”- fail MI- hasnotparticipated on theexam A- pass M- fail

  26. Study regulationsDivision of the curricula • generalstudies(humanitarian, languages etc) • basicstudies(mathematics, physics, basic chemistry) • corestudies(fundamentals of specialization) • special studies (specialization subjects) • free choice courses (only the required credit points given). You can choose: - Optional subjects- (subjects that are not in any TUT´s curricula) - Other TUT´s subjects - Subjects from other universities

  27. Study regulationsFreechoicecourses (someexamples) TUT`s Sport Center (Männiliiva tee 7) Table tennis , basketball, aerobics, shido, volleyball, indoor, hockey athletic exercise – the centre has a big fitness hall with reasonably good equipment

  28. Study regulationsFreechoicecourses (someexamples) Faculty of Social Sciences- Language Center • HLE2200 Estonian Language and Culture • English based different languages (Russian, French, English, etc ) For further information visit the Language Center Room: X-471Contact: Kristel LaanepereEmail:

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  30. Have a Nice Academic Year!