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Mission. ABOUT RoH. “Enable sustainable provision of healthcare by integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) into local healthcare systems” “Develop integrative concepts, create accessibility and provide affordable digital solutions adapted to local needs”.

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“Enable sustainable provision of healthcare by integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) into local healthcare systems”

“Develop integrative concepts, create accessibility and provide affordable digital solutions adapted to local needs”

Vision and objectives
Vision and Objectives


  • Fosterthe adequate deployment and sustainable use of high quality yet affordable digital medical solutions.

  • Disseminatedigital building blocks and communication infrastructure into the context of primary health care.

  • Enhancethe capacity, quality and knowledge of local or regional health professionals through the use of digital medical tools.

  • Empowerpatients and citizens by providing them access to health resources and eHealth services.

  • Optimizehealthcare systems by integration of relevant information and communication technologies into the diverse healthcare processes.



  • The RoH purpose started from asking the question: “How might present digital technology be employed to make a difference in healthcare today?”

  • The answer was prompted by eventual Founder consultation with WHO, among others the office for Radiography and Lab Technology, Geneva

  • Rays of Hope was founded in August 2005 by William Parlette, Martin Denz and Marco Demarmels



“RoH non-profit foundation is justified by its unique purpose to identify and employ cost-effective digital technologies”.

“Assisting Developing nations’ healthcare today = ensuring developing nations’ economic health tomorrow – to universal profit and advantage”.



UN Millennium development goals by 2015

WSIS Declaration of Principles Dec 2004

WSIS Plan of Action Dec 2003

WSIS Tunis Commitment Nov 2005

WSIS Tunis Agenda Nov 2005

WHA eHealth Strategy May 2005

WHO World Health Imaging System for Radiography

Initial activities
Initial Activities


  • To augment education and pharmaceutical solutions with cost-effective digital diagnostic imaging and other digital technologies.

  • To facilitate improved health care, employing as possible existing technology

  • Stimulate the public’s perception that low-cost digital diagnostic solutions can and should reasonably be considered as a fundamental tool for primary health care provision today

  • To promote awareness, to source and to facilitate provision of certified and workable cost-effective solutions, to develop digital diagnostic and other useful healthcare capabilities.

Organization roh environment
Organization – RoH Environment


Roh team
RoH Team


  • William T. Parlette

    • BS, MA - Market Development for medical software and rehabilitation technology; EC consultancy for IST employment (D&E, eGov, etc.)

  • Martin Denz

    • M.D. Internal and General Medicine - Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Executive Master in eGovernance - eHealth and Health Telematics

  • Marco Demarmels

    • M.D., MBA in Business Engineering. Technical Consultant - Medical Informatics - Open Source Technologies.

  • Milagros Florez

    • Master in Management of Technology - ICT’s - Project Management

      ... and their collective facilitating Networks



Internet and communication technologies are widely available worldwide, offering today effective solutions at competitive costs for many healthcare challenges.

Any healthcare service which might be digitizedis eligible individually or collectively to be included in a system solution.

Technology driven
Technology Driven?


  • Affordable digital technologies are now available

  • Technology is not "the" solution for healthcare, but technology is an important enabling factor

  • Technology in healthcare is not an aim but has an important role as means to an end

What is ehealth
What is eHealth?


  • eHealth is change management in healthcare by integrating up-to-date ICT-based instruments.

  • eHealth is a dual concept:

    • the contextual integration of ICTs

    • at the same time as an organizational tool and as a communication tool.

Concepts strategies
Concepts & Strategies


  • RoH will employ the collective business experience and relevant technical skills of its management and advisory teams, to achieve the goals outlined in the RoH statements of vision and mission.

  • To identify projects relevant to the mission of RoH, it will consult and solicit aid from int’l and regional bodies also promoting effective Healthcare (WHO, ITU, STOP-TB, etc.), and NGOs (FIND, Médecins sans Frontières, etc.), encouraging always collaborative solutions.

  • RoH will encourage local resource / local government cooperation employing collective action strategies as possible, to ensure solution sustainability.

Core elements
Core Elements


  • CureAcute medicine (= information management)

  • CareChronic medicine (= relationship management)

  • Health ManagementIndividual behaviour & life style Organization, coordination & logistics



RoH foresees acting as a “General Contractor”:

  • To assess needs of local and regional healthcare systems.

  • To develop integrated concepts for digital solutions within healthcare according to open standards

  • To analyze proposed projects, to identify appropriate cost-effective IST-relevant solutions

  • To appoint and coordinate useful sub-contracting capabilities known for sector effectiveness through the extensive international network of RoH management and any project partners.

  • To solicit and manage funding adequate to effect a successful completion and subsequent maintenance for given projects.