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In the deep grounds of lake Erie it stands "50" tall it is half shark half octopusit is Sharktopus. Sharktopuswas first a shark but then aoctopus came by the shark and the shark ate the the octopusand the sharks heart took in the dna of the octopus and thenthe shark turned in to sharktopus

One day there was a young fisher and he wasfishing in lake erie and saw a shark fin he wanted to cach the shark but Then he saw a otopustentical he said what and throw this Line is thewater and started to wait but then the sharktopus came out of the water a sunk the bout.

people from all around tryed and tryed to kill the beast and fail. blood puddles every where you could smell the blood from miles away

Then a brave king named king Ather had to try to defeat the beast and defeated the beast he was so proud even when he was very injured.

People were so happy when he returned to his kingdom .people cheered and everybody was so happy.then he became one of the greatest warrior but then the sharktopus's blood turned into a giant monster and king Athers adventure's awaits?