medina county university center discussion materials presented by scott b wolf n.
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Medina County University Center Discussion Materials presented by Scott B. Wolf PowerPoint Presentation
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Medina County University Center Discussion Materials presented by Scott B. Wolf

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Medina County University Center Discussion Materials presented by Scott B. Wolf - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medina County University Center Discussion Materials presented by Scott B. Wolf. Agenda. Scott Wolf – Profile Market Perspective Short and Long Term Discussion MCUC Contribution to USO and UA Goals . Scott Wolf - Overview.

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  • Scott Wolf – Profile
  • Market Perspective
  • Short and Long Term Discussion
  • MCUC Contribution to USO and UA Goals
scott wolf overview
Scott Wolf - Overview
  • My business background is a blend of entrepreneurial experiences gained from 17+ years developing business and managing operations for startup and fortune 500 companies.
  • As a Consulting VP, I built a Greenfield startup from $0 to $20 million annual revenue in a three year period. A significant portion (30%) of that revenue was gained through the delivery of customized training for corporation’s undertaking major business process and systems changes.
  • For the last 10 years, I have been a board member advising CASE on curriculums, marketing, corporate engagement, etc. I am also an adjunct MBA professor in the Weatherhead MBA School at Case Western Reserve University, where I have also developed courses and gained approval for them in the MBA program at CASE
  • Personally, I am a long time Medina resident and am pretty well networked within the business community here. Several CEO’s of the regions large and small companies live (and golf with me) in my neighborhood of Fox Meadow Country Club. I am also friends with members of the economic development board and other civic groups in the area.
career timeline
Career Timeline

Case Western, Adjunct Professor - To meet identified market demand, developed and taught MBA class


PNC acquires National City

Whittman-Hart - Director Enterprise Solutions - Built a new business unit and grew it from $0 to $20 Million in a 3 year period. Over 30% of the revenue was generated from custom developed training for companies.

Case Western Board Member - Joins the Weatherhead Advisory Board, which advises department chairs on curriculum, corporate engagement and other issues


National City Corporation – Vice President, Corporate Admin. Recruited to turn around a division responsible for delivering large projects for the Corporate Administration functions (Finance, HR, Purchasing, etc)



LTV Steel/Anderson Consulting – Business Process Consultant and Manager of Technical Training Center, I developed curriculum, taught classes, scheduled and managed the facility.


Madison Vine – Managing Partner

Performed Management Consulting in Customer Relationship Mgmt and Supply Chain for many of the regions largest companies. Clients included Moen, Energizer, International Steel Group, Morganthaler Investments.


Graduate of Case WesternMBA program


Lincoln Electric – Director of E-commerce, started new division for F500 manufacturer


  • Scott Wolf – Profile
  • Market Perspective
  • Short and Long Term Discussion
  • MCUC Contribution to USO and UA Goals
general trends
General Trends
  • Like the rest of the country, a significant portion of the population is nearing retirement. This alone will drive significant demand for new workers.
statewide projections
Statewide Projections
  • Ohio projects a significant demand for workers with high education and training levels
medina characteristics
Medina Characteristics
  • The dominant employment sectors for this region in 2005 were trade, transportation and utilities; professional and business services; manufacturing; and education and health services.
  • Management of companies and enterprises is more concentrated here than elsewhere in the state and experienced the most job growth from 2000 to 2005, followed by health care and social assistance.

**** The sectors in boxes denote those sectors which appear in both the top 10 gross employment #’s and the top 10 in new jobs.

medina characteristics1
Medina Characteristics

Educational Attainment

  • “Fairly” similar pattern of educational attainment when compared to the surrounding counties and the rest of the state.
  • Perhaps two salient points
    • Smaller % of Masters degrees
    • Larger % of High School degrees or better
  • Commuter patterns cause longer workdays and create strong need for local educational opportunities for evening and weekend
medina health care developments
Medina Health Care Developments

February 1, 2009

  • Summa Health System broke ground Monday on the new Health Center at Lake Medina. The 100,000-square-foot facility will offer comprehensive outpatient services, a physician medical office building and an ambulatory surgery center. Construction will begin in February 2009 with a scheduled opening in spring 2010.

April 2, 2009

  • Cleveland Clinic and Medina General Hospital reach agreement bringing capital investments expected to total $40 million to support a multi-year strategic plan to strengthen the hospital. The Cleveland Clinic will also make a $10 million investment…..

April 22, 2009

  • University Hospitals will transform the Waterford Office Park, into the UH Medina Health Center by the end of the year. The UH Medina Health Center will cover internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, urgent care, advanced laboratory and radiology services, and feature Rainbow Children’s Hospital and Heart & Vascular Institute and have an urgent care center with corporate health services.
  • UH also reached agreement with Sharon Family Physicians, and plans an additional 11,000 sq. ft. expansion of this practice to include diagnostic, specialty services, sports medicine and surgery.
statewide health care skills demand
Statewide Health Care Skills Demand

A study released by NEONI at the end of 2004, Measuring Student Capacity and Faculty Resources in Northeast Ohio Schools of Nursing, found that the region’s schools of nursing are full.

In the 2002-2003 academic year, more than 550 qualified students were turned away from area nursing schools because the programs were at capacity.

However, the country is about to face the largest ever retirement of nurses in the next 15 to 20 years.

manufacturing opportunities
Manufacturing Opportunities

There is momentum building for the current administration to fully fund programs of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) at levels Congress has already approved for FY2010, and use of other authorized funds, to invest $1.2 billion in fuel cells, hydrogen and infrastructure.

  • Some of the pertinent components for MCUC could be:
    • EXPAND Learning Demonstrations $375 Million
      • Learning demonstrations put early commercial and advanced experimental systems in the hands of government and private sector users who help evaluate the systems even while enjoying their real-world benefits.
    • BUILD American Manufacturing Capacity $100 Million
      • Fuel cell companies and suppliers need to invest in manufacturing capacity but money from banks and investors is difficult to find. Federal grants and tax credits for investment in manufacturing infrastructure will keep jobs and industrial capability in the US, stimulate the US supply chain and reduce unit costs. US manufacturers can begin upgrading and expanding their capacity immediately.
    • ACCELERATE Research in Partnership with Industry $350 Million
      • Federal research employs thousands in high-tech professions and trades. Fuel cell and hydrogen research can retain and expand jobs at universities and national laboratories and in the private sector, and can accelerate commercialization. Basic research is needed in advanced materials.
curriculum perspectives
Curriculum Perspectives
  • General
  • Manufacturing
    • Engineering
    • Material Execution Systems (MES)
    • Six Sigma - Quality Management
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain
    • Materials Management
    • Logistics Planning
    • Warehouse Management
  • General Administration
    • Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology


  • Public School Teachers and Administrators
    • State Proficiency Requirements
    • Masters Degree Attainment
    • Advancement Opportunities
  • Health Care Professionals
    • Nursing (LPN, RN)
    • Administrators, HCIS, General (HR, Finance, Ops)
  • Public Service
    • Administration Degrees
  • Entrepreneurialism
    • Job Creation
  • Scott Wolf – Profile
  • Market Perspective
  • Short and Long Term Discussion
  • MCUC Contribution to USO and UA Goals
initial focus first 60 days
Initial Focus – First 60 Days
  • Ensure Excellent Student Experience
  • Identify Skills Demand
  • Build Supply
  • Fulfill Community Mission
initial focus first 60 days1
Initial Focus – First 60 Days
  • Ensure Excellent Student Experience
    • Map Out all Processes
    • Institute Culture of Measurement
      • Maintain Operational Excellence of Facility
    • Student Success Coordination
    • Support Current Educators and Programs
    • Identify any “Concentric Quick Wins”
  • Identify Skills Demand
    • Meet with local business leaders
      • Steering committee companies/organizations and beyond
      • Local chamber, etc
    • Identify local development trends
      • Example, new Healthcare facilities
    • Awareness of Government Programs
      • Example, Clean Energy
initial focus first 60 days2
Initial Focus – First 60 Days
  • Create Supply
    • Partner to develop capabilities to deliver quickly and cost effectively
      • Continue to Develop Relationships with Universities
        • UA
        • LCCC
        • other
      • Further Cultivate Partnerships
        • Training organizations
        • other professional organizations
    • Institute grassroots and profit generating, marketing and awareness programs
      • General
        • PR of Facility, New Director, New Programs and other events (Crain’s, Gazette, Post, Plain Dealer, Mimi’s, etc)
        • Implement more robust and targeted content to become more pervasive in online searches

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initial focus first 60 days3
Initial Focus – First 60 Days
  • Create Supply (continued)
      • Students in K-12
        • Walk Run, promote scholarship opportunities, early college high school initiative, and co-develop events with PTO’s, etc
      • Continuing Education students
        • Work with all civic orgs (Kiwanis, Lions, networking, etc) to co-promote/develop events, ex. Golf tournament, Red Cross, etc
      • Professional Educators
        • Host local chapter meetings
          • Society for Technical Communicators (STC),
          • American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)
        • Schedule partnership meetings for curriculum development exchange, facility tours,
initial focus first 60 days4
Initial Focus – First 60 Days
  • Fulfill Community Mission
    • Develop strong relationships with all civic, county and city organizations and individuals
      • Medina Economic Development Corporation
      • Medina Port Authority
      • Local Chambers
      • City Schools of Medina County
      • County Commissioners
      • City Governments of Medina County
      • Medina Workforce Development
      • Job and Family Services
      • Leadership Medina
      • Other Civic Organizations (Team Neo, Jumpstart, Bioenterprise, etc)
    • Identify and continue to move forward with ongoing activities
      • Ex. Economic Development Corporation
        • Participate fully in MCEDC Goal 4 – Cultivate Top Talent Through Workforce Development
longer term
Longer Term
  • Continue to Build on University Model Successes
    • More 2+2’s
    • Additional Degree Programs
    • New Certificate Programs
    • Facility Expansion
  • Become a Critical Sales Component for Attracting Companies to the Region
  • Establish MCUC as Catalyst for New Business
    • Satellite for Fitzgerald Institute
    • Startup the Medina Venture Fund and Medina Angel Network
    • Regional Hub for Jumpstart and BioEnterprise
medina county university center
Medina County University Center
  • Will be the ideal 21st century model for higher learning with a flexible, comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the constantly changing “just in time” needs of workforce development in a cost-effective approach to instructional delivery;
  • Will develop its coursework offerings based on regular discussions with regional business and industry advisory groups;
  • Will focus on enhancing the competitiveness of regional businesses by serving as a front door for technological innovation and the transfer of applied knowledge to regional businesses;
  • Will utilize knowledge resources of other institutions of higher learning through the establishment of collaborative partnerships;
  • Will serve as a magnet for attracting new businesses, while increasing the competitiveness of existing businesses; and
  • Will provide timely access to higher education for residents in one of the fastest growing counties in Northeast Ohio.
  • Scott Wolf – Profile
  • Market Perspective
  • Short and Long Term Discussion
  • MCUC Contribution to USO and UA Goals
university system of ohio
University System of Ohio


MCUC Impact

Meet USO goal

Meet 50%-75%

Meet 50%-75%

thank you
Thank You

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