old notes of india still astonish numismatists n.
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Old notes of India still astonish numismatists PowerPoint Presentation
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Old notes of India still astonish numismatists

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Old notes of India still astonish numismatists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There is something fascinating about old notes of India that brings numismatists to events and exhibitions. Herein, let’s learn about how numismatists can’t get enough of Indian notes.\nhttps://www.mintageworld.com/note/20-india/

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indian notes have always had a special place

Indian notes have always had a special place in history, thanks to its evolvement over centuries.

History of Indian notes is very deep and to study it thoroughly, you need ample of time in your hands.

currency notes of india have undergone major

Currency notes of India have undergone major transformations, from the Portuguese era to the British one.

Although old notes of India didn’t carry any break-through features, it certainly helped historians gain lot of information about them.

the currency notes in india came into existence

The currency notes in India came into existence only in the 18th century when the Bank of Hindostan General Bank in India and the Bengal Bank began issuing paper currency.

Gradually, notes of India found a structure and a system which the British laid.

after the british came to india they changed

After the British came to India, they changed the face of Indian notes and brought significant changes to it.

But after the British left India, the Indian government took control of the issuing of Indian notes.

numismatists get a lot of joy in studying about

Numismatists get a lot of joy in studying about rare notes of India and visit events where Indian notes are displayed.

Therefore, numismatists never get tired of learning and exploring Indian notes.