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How to write UK CVs and Job Applications 11 June 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to write UK CVs and Job Applications 11 June 2014

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How to write UK CVs and Job Applications 11 June 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to write UK CVs and Job Applications 11 June 2014. Career Consultant Karen Deadfield. House keeping. Aims of today’s webinar – we will cover. The building blocks of a CV CV exercise - in the recruiter’s shoes What to include in cover letters

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How to write UK CVs and Job Applications

11 June 2014

Career Consultant

Karen Deadfield

aims of today s webinar we will cover
Aims of today’s webinar – we will cover
  • The building blocks of a CV
  • CV exercise - in the recruiter’s shoes
  • What to include in cover letters
  • A structure to answer competency questions in application forms
aims of a cv
Aims of a CV
  • Get an interview
  • Evidence to back up your claims
  • Operates on 2 levels - content and focus:
    • BUT remember…..CV’s are subjective: no right or wrong way
cv s basics
CV’s - basics

Generally 2 sides of A4 to cover (order in terms of relevance):

  • personal details
  • career/ personal profile (optional)
  • education
  • employment history
  • skills profile (optional)
  • extra-curricular activities / interests
  • references
recruiting for an internship role
Recruiting for an Internship role

We are looking for a proactive and resourceful individual who is enthusiastic and thorough in their research work and committed to the cause of promoting accountability of global organisations to people. As part of our team you will act as a research assistant, conducting literature reviews, helping to draft reports, and other support work as necessary. All interns are also expected to help with administrative and communications duties.

Candidates would ideally have

  • a good first or preferably master’s degree in a subject relevant for the understanding of civil society and accountability;
  • experience in preparing, conducting and analysing research interviews;
  • good communications skills, be a team player
  • developed administrative skills and competence in the integrated use of a variety of general office computer software.



who would you choose
Who would you choose?

Person with CV 1, CV 2 or CV 3?




cv s checklist
CV’s – checklist
  • target for impact
  • presentation
  • logical structure
a typical competency question
A typical competency question

Describe how you have achieved a goal through influencing the actions or opinions of others. What were the circumstances? What did you do to make a difference. How do you know the result was satisfactory? (110 words)


At BAe in 2010, I was asked if I could assist in the development of the new website. I was asked for my opinion as a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and then joined the team developing the site. I had a number of ideas including incorporating a pop-up menu of up-and-coming events. Some of the team were sceptical of this idea due to a growing user backlash against ‘pop-ups’. I showed them some design ideas and eventually they agreed to give it a try in the ‘events’ sections. I then designed the ‘pop-up’ to promote various events and some of them have been used.

competency answer structure
Competency answer structure


  • Context: what’s the setting/ background to the story?
  • Action: what did you do? – emphasis here
  • Result – what was the outcome?

At a BAE summer placement in 2010, I assisted in the development of the new website. I took it upon myself to conduct an audit of similar sites and presented my findings to the development team recommending the use of ‘pop-ups’ to advertise forthcoming events. Mindful of industry scepticism regarding their use, I researched available data on the area, prepared visual design ideas and presented my case. Despite the team’s initial concerns, I persuaded them to allocate funds for an initial trial period. The resulting click-through rates were encouraging and the pop-ups are now a permanent addition to the website and have proved a successful way of promoting attendance at our events.

preparation tips
gathering information

recruitment literature inc. job description/ person specification


current practitioners,

recruitment events, employer presentations, university alumni d/base

company reports/ trade press

analysing information

self-audit: examples from education/ work experience and leisure

vary examples as far as possible – shows ‘well-rounded’

for each Q, list relevant examples and pick best fit

Preparation Tips

One remaining talk this weekThursday 12th June, 12-1pm: Marketing your degree overseasRegister here:

For more about us see