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Grants and Contracts

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Grants and Contracts . Changes, Changes, and more Changes... What would this University be without Changes? Heather L. Paulsen. Updates. Emphasis on Customer Service Restructured Grants and Contracts Staff Bi-weekly meetings to train Staff Monthly Training

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grants and contracts

Grants and Contracts

Changes, Changes, and more Changes...

What would this University be without Changes?

Heather L. Paulsen

  • Emphasis on Customer Service
    • Restructured Grants and Contracts Staff
    • Bi-weekly meetings to train Staff
  • Monthly Training
    • Subaward vs. Professional Consultant last month
    • Managing your Grant (Nov. 20th)
  • Reviewing Processes and Procedures
    • Streamlining Processes
    • Less Restrictive Procedures
  • Benefit to the Grant
foundation processing
Foundation Processing

Old Process

New Process

Complete Foundation CGA form

Award Letter must be available (funds do not have to be available-Assumption process)

Linda Hall will send approval

OSP will ONLY require proposal if there are assurance questions (see handouts)

CGA will setup

  • Complete Foundation CGA form
  • Award Letter and Funds must be available
  • Linda Hall will send approval
  • OSP required a proposal
    • Scope of Work
    • Budget and Justification
  • All approved, CGA would setup
benefits of new foundation process
Benefits of New Foundation Process
  • Allows Departments/Centers/Schools/Colleges to setup Foundation funds on Assumption
  • Allows for quicker processing and use of funds
  • Less work for the Requestor
revising a foundation grant
Revising a Foundation Grant
  • Process is Same
    • Submit a Foundation GCA Form to Foundation
    • Foundation will send approval to Grants and Contracts
    • Grant Coordinator adjusts Banner
  • If you no longer need the Foundation Grant
    • Submit a request to GCA to closeout
    • Please request end dates no more than five years out
fund 1 contracts
Fund 1 Contracts
  • Proposal is reviewed by OSP
  • Sandi is POC for signing and reviewing
effort reporting
What is Effort Reporting?
  • How does the University Measure Effort?
  • How Frequent is it Required?
  • What is the Process for Effort Reporting?
  • What happens when the effort does not add to 100%?
  • What if effort is certified incorrectly?
  • What if salary needs to be moved after effort has been certified and reported?
  • What happens if I do NOT certify?
Effort Reporting

OMB A-21 requires annually for exempt faculty

OMB A-21 requires bi-annually for all other exempt positions

what is effort and why do i need to report
What is Effort and Why do I need to Report?
  • Effort is the time spend on a sponsored project
  • Because times spent is hard to calculate, the best calculation is salary and payroll
  • Effort is reported as an average over the reporting period
  • Effort must equal 100% cumulative total and cannot exceed 100% if working on multiple projects
  • Does NOT include any activities outside of University related work
  • It is NOT measured on a standard 40 hour work week, but on actual time worked
  • Audit threshold of +/-10% based on the original award agreement
effort reporting process
Effort Reporting Process

Current Process

New Process for Jan 2014 Effort

GCA will print and send the Departments the required Effort reports

Depts will need to have employee sign. If employee not available, PI or Chair, Dean, Director can sign

Original comes to GCA

GCA scans originals

Originals returned

Effort not returned, emails will be sent out to employee, fiscal mgr, and employee’s supervisor

  • Departments run the effort report from Banner
  • Departments are responsible for collecting employee signatures and turn them in no later than 30 days after the period closes
  • Originals come to GCA
  • GCA scans originals into OnBase
  • Originals returned to Dept for record keeping
problems with the effort process and how to address them
Problems with the Effort Process and How to Address Them
  • Effort does not add up to 100% or adds above 100%?
    • If effort is within a reasonable margin of error (ie +/-1% make adjustment to the form without submitting an LR)
    • If effort is not within margin of error, notify GCA so we can resolve
  • Effort is certified incorrectly?
    • If effort was noted on certification form as incorrect, LR needs to be processed so that effort matches certification. Effort will be held until LR submitted
    • If effort was NOT noted on certification as incorrect, re-certification process needs to be completed
recertification process
Recertification Process
  • Used when Effort has been Certified Incorrectly or Salary needs to be moved AFTER Effort Report has been certified and reported
    • Fill out the Recertified Grant Effort Certification Justification
    • LR will need to be attached (if applicable) Note: Salary will NOT be approved until all of the appropriate forms are turned in.
    • New Effort Certification

Reason: Employee is signing an auditable legal document that is used to determine costs that are allowable by Funding Agency and Internal/External Auditors.

what if i choose not to participate
What if I choose NOT to Participate?
  • Effort Certification requirements are 100%
  • Opt out is NOT an option
  • Grant Coordinator will remind Financial Managers
  • If later than 15 days past the deadline, then I will send an email and continue up the employee’s chain until we have the Certification
  • Effort expenses will be discussed with your funding agency and in most cases the agency will disallow your expenses resulting in them being moved to Fund 1
  • Some Effort reporting will also require agency approval:
    • Absences (generally 3 months or more)
    • Reductions in Effort
cost share and match
Cost Share and Match

What is Cost Share and Match?

When should it be used?

When should it be setup?

Problems with Cost Share and Match?

what is cost share and match
What is Cost Share and Match?

Cost Sharing: Funds that come from an outside source in the form of cash contributions, volunteer services, or donated property; from the University’s own funds or from shared resources or facilities.

Matching Funds: Required by the funding agency to increase the level of support provided by the funding agency.

In-Kind Contributions: Represent the value of non-cash contributions provided by the University or non-federal third parties to a sponsored project when such contributions directly benefit the project

types of cost share
Types of Cost Share

Direct Cost Share: Faculty and Staff time and benefits, dedicated equipment, tuition, computer support, and other resources as direct support for the project as well as indirect costs. Typically commitments made by Department, School, or unit

Indirect (F&A) Cost Share: when the University agrees to recover less than the federally negotiated indirect cost rate.

Mandatory Cost Share: Required by the Sponsor as a Condition of the award.

Voluntary Cost Share: Not required by the Sponsor as a condition but has been offered in the proposal by Investigator.

cost share process
Cost Share Process

Current Process

New Process

OSP and GCA sing off on Cost Share

GCA will NOT setup grant until Match account has also been setup

Dept needs to spend match proportionately to Grant spending

Match is reported to Agency

  • OSP and GCA sign off on Cost Share
  • GCA setups the Grant
  • Dept setups and the Match account with Kelly
  • Dept has the grant life to satisfy match
  • Match is reported to Agency
problems with current process
Problems with Current Process

Current Process

New Process Addresses

Match account needs to be setup at time of grant

Proportionate spending stops funding agency being able to disallow costs

This will be identified at setup time so we can re-negotiation with Agency

Match crossing fiscal years should not be issue since spending has occurred with the Match

  • Dept forgot about the match because account was never setup
  • Direct Costs on Grant have been disallowed because match has not been met or spent
  • Match was pledged when Dept cannot meet
  • Match crossing fiscal years
resources to assist
Resources to Assist

Office of Grants and Contracts

Heather Paulsen ([email protected]) 907-786-1663

Annette DeBruyn ([email protected]) 907-786-1557

Grant Coordinators