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Taiwan Dairy Farmers Association (TDFA) Taiwan Wax Apple Development Association (TWADA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Taiwan Dairy Farmers Association (TDFA) Taiwan Wax Apple Development Association (TWADA)

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Taiwan Dairy Farmers Association (TDFA) Taiwan Wax Apple Development Association (TWADA)

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  1. Member Sharing: New Farmer Program in Tainan City Taiwan Dairy Farmers Association (TDFA) Taiwan Wax Apple Development Association (TWADA) Presented by: Victoria Yang 6th GA, AFA, Bali, Indonesia, May 2014 1

  2. Contents 1. Introduction 2.Vision and Approach 3. Counseling System 4. Overview of New Farmers 5.Future Planning and implementation 6. Conclusion 2

  3. Introduction • New farmers program belongs to Tainan City Government, it is a flagship program in one of the top ten “new agriculture, new countryside, new farmers’ projects. • Up to date, the program involves 268 people under 45 of age who are currently farmers or aspire to be farmers. • In each FO’s extension unit, counseling information is provided for new farmers with sufficient information and case counseling. 3

  4. 2.Vision and Approach Reinvigorate agriculture and enhance the value of agriculture industry Vision • Inspire New farmers, Activate Fallow Land • Sustainability of New Farming, Enhance Competitiveness • Innovation or Integration of cross-border operations, enhance industry value Goals • Targeting the object with recruitment plan and build a new target farmers counseling roster • Construction of the new system to accompany the new farmers counseling and advising farmers • Establishing counseling operation teams • Establishing new farmers’ counseling station Approach 4

  5. 2.Vision and Approach • Inviting experts from • research extension station and other institutions to help solve related problems. • Build up agricultural assistance to • strengthen counseling Intelligence • Design agriculture curriculum for new farmers • Help stabilize agricultural products sales channels • Help new farmers products promotion and propaganda o • Counseling new farmers with contract farming to enterprises Approach

  6. 3. Counseling System (1/2) Council of AgricultureAgriculture and Food AgencyAgriculture Finance AuthorityNational Agriculture BankAgriculture Research Extension Station Agriculture Bureau of Tainan City Government Agriculture Experts and Masters District Farmers Association New Farmers 1. The relation figure 6

  7. 3. Counseling System(2/2) 其他措施 1.Facilities and Equipment Grants 2.Offering low interest loans 3.Help obtain agriculture land 2. Structure of Counseling System FFA NAB RE Counseling Group M & E COA AB of Tainan Support D FO AG B Consultant Management, Processing, Development, Marketing, Finance, Mechanics City FO 7

  8. 4. Overview of New Farmers(1/5) Gender Age Full time vs Part time Education 1. Total New Farmers in Tainan City: 268 8

  9. 4. Overview of New Farmers(2/5) 作物種類 耕作面積 務農年收入 務農年資 銷售管道 土地來源 2. Full time New Farmers • 60% of full-time new farmers with < 5 years of farming • 60% of farmers with farming land > 1ha,53%process the land ownership • Crop types: Mostly vegetables and fruits secondly • 40 % with earnings > NTD500,000 • Within them, 37 farmers have earnings > NTD1million • 44% with earnings 260,000~ 500,000 9

  10. Mr. Don, 42 years old • Planting rice, cherry tomatoes, jujubes, • Through Tainan City Government, last year, his 2.5 ha organic ice was contracted with a construction corporative for the provision to the company’s employees’ consumption and gifts. • Mr. Wang, the young brother, 35 years old and his older brother on the right with 41 years of age. • Planting cherry tomatoes • Former engineers before their farming business. • The young brother has won the reward of “National Healthy and Quality Facilities for cherry tomatoes competition” in the past two years. 10

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  12. 4. Overview of New Farmers(3/5) 作物種類 耕作面積 務農年收入 務農年資 銷售管道 土地來源 3. Part-time New Farmers • 79 % of part-time new farmers with less than 5 years of farming experience. Their farming management is in the stage of exploring and growing. • Most land scale is more than 1ha, 58% are possessing land ownership • Crop type mostly vegetables, secondly fruits • 43 of part time farmers with earning more than NTD250,000。 12

  13. Mr. Wu, part-time farmer, 43 years of age • Growing cherry tomatoes and vegetables • Working in Uni-President Corporative. • Aspiring to learn planting skills and agriculture production practices • Aiming to grow organic, toxin-free agriculture produce. 13

  14. 4. Overview of New Farmers(4/5) 作物種類 耕作面積 務農年資 銷售管道 土地來源 4. Farming Millionaires • 65% of farmers with more than 5 years of farming. Their farming management is in the stage of maturity. • 81% owns the land more than 1ha • 56% possess land ownership. • Crop types mostly fruits and secondly vegetables and paddy rice. 14

  15. Mr. Wang, 31 years old. • Growing Dragon Fruiton 6ha land • Full-time farmer after completing his education. • Working hard to learn agriculture practices and become a new and innovative farmer. • Mr. Chen, 39 years old, second generation of farmer. • Planting grains(Maize, Black Pea),60ha • Leader of grain production and marketing group • Pioneer of small landlord and big tenant policy. • Maize land scale grows from 23 ha in 2011 to 56 ha in 2013 15

  16. Mr. Chen, 26 year old, second generation farmer • Planting melons on 1 ha land • Become farmer after military service. • Planting balsam pear(bitter melon) • Providing fruit picking camp, also work with biotech R & D corporative for bitter melon capsule and lozenge sales. • Mr. Lie, 37 years old, second generation of farming • Planting mangoes of varieties, 2 ha of land area. • Former sales manager of restaurant industry. • Inherited mango farm from his father and start to love farming. • Exporting mangoes overseas. 16

  17. 5.Future Planning and implementation • Conduct ongoing training workshop - farmers School • Operating counseling group - to accompany the system • Promote trainee farm system • Promote enterprise adoption deed for • Build new farmers information website • Seasonal product launch press conference • Encourage new farmers to participate in the activation of fallow land • The new record of outstanding experience and achievements farmers 17

  18. 6. Conclusion (1/3) • The face of an aging agricultural labor structure, promote agricultural restructuring operations, encourage new farmers to participate in agriculture, focusing on agricultural construction work for the city government. • After three years of promoting pragmatic, has been caused by the initial results. 18

  19. 6. Conclusion (2/3) • In the future, we hope to continue to recruit the youth to join and make use of the information for farming system adjustment and agriculture banking to activate fallow land.

  20. 6. Conclusion (3/3) • Help new farmers to expand production scale agriculture, population aging and inadequate to solve the problems of agriculture, improve the city's agricultural competitiveness and create sustainable agriculture situation.