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On- Airport Proposals. Process and Information Needed To Evaluate An Impact to Navigable Airspace By: Sharon Perry OE/AAA Specialist, Eastern Region (718-553-3341). NRA?. This has absolutely nothing to do with the organization that deals with fire arms !!

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On airport proposals

On- Airport Proposals

Process and Information Needed To Evaluate An Impact to Navigable Airspace

By: Sharon Perry

OE/AAA Specialist, Eastern Region



This has absolutely nothing to do with the organization that deals with fire arms !!

  • It’s the FAA’s identification of an aeronautical airspace study for Proposed Construction or Alteration ON an airport.

  • It stands for Non-Rule Making Airports, which means that there is no publication in the federal register

  • Coordinated by the Airports Division. For federally obligated airports the ADOs will coordinate cases. For other airports, the Regional Office will coordinate cases

Forms that could be used
Forms that could be used

  • 7480-1: Used to notify the FAA of the establishment, activation/deactivation, change of status, or alteration of a landing area. Example: ALP Update

  • 7460-1: Notice of proposed construction or alteration. Used to notify the FAA of construction activities without changing the geometry of the landing area. Examples; Hanger, safety and phasing plans

  • Check with your ADO for requirement on using these forms. Some of them only require a transmittal letter. Most ADOs require 7460-1 form

Submitted on faa form 7480 1
Submitted on FAA Form 7480-1

  • The establishment activation or deactivation of a private/public facility; change of status of an airport, heliport, seaplane base and, yes, even an ultra light is submitted on a 7480-1.

  • For new airports, send sketch to verify location, orientation, length and width

Faa 7480 1 drawing of the facility
FAA 7480-1 drawing of the facility

  • So we have a “clue” of what this private use or public use airport, heliport, seaplane base looks like, we need a layout sketch (hand drawn is fine). After we receive it, the information is placed into the iOE/AAA data system and assigned an NRA # for its study. Internal FAA coordination must be completed before a “Letter of Determination” can go out to the proponent.

Submitted on faa form 7460 1
Submitted on FAA Form 7460-1

  • The FAA Form 7460-1 may be used for ON-Airport projects (check with your ADO). Find the FAA Airports Regional/District Office having jurisdiction over the airport on which the construction is located, and file to that address. *For Federally Obligated airports the 7460-1 Form must be submitted to the ADO by, or through, the Airport Sponsor.

  • To download forms go to: www.faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/airports/construction

Airports division action
Airports Division Action

  • Enter data into FAA internal system (iOE/AAA)

  • An NRA number is assigned

  • Airports Division verifies information

  • iOE/AAA notify appropriate FAA divisions of the case for their review

  • After all comments are received, the Airports Division sends a consolidated response to the sponsor.

More on federally obligated airports
More on Federally Obligated Airports

  • On Federally Obligated airports the proposed development MUST BE consistent with the approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP) for the airport. If it is not a “Pen & Ink” change to the ALP is required. Contact your ADO Project Manager or Planner for specific requirements.

  • On Federally Obligated airports a Federal environment determination is required for all development. Check with the ADO’s Environmental Specialist to determine specific requirements.

Still more
Still More……

  • The requirements for ALP consistency and environmental determination apply whether the proposed development is Federally funded or not.

Needed information
Needed Information

  • Proponent general information: name, telephone number, address etc..

  • Description of proposal

  • Location of proposal: Longitude, Latitude, elevation. Identify NAD used (27 or 83). Airport Manager MUST verify information submitted

  • Material of proposal (steel, concrete, etc..)

  • Temporary or permanent?

  • Schedule start of construction

Location information
Location Information

  • Depending the source of information used to determine the Lat/Long and elevation of the proposal, the FAA (NYFPO) will add a safety factor. This source is known as Accuracy Code

  • The accuracy code will place the location a distance closer to the runway and an higher elevation

Accuracy code
Accuracy Code

  • If you use a Quad Chart to calculate your coordinates the Accuracy Code will be 4D

  • If you use an ALP 2B

  • If you use an OC Chart 1A

  • If you used a licensed surveyor

  • 1A For 405 survey or,

  • 2 C for other surveys

  • If you used a hand held GPS 2C

8260 19c appendix 2



8260.19C Appendix 2

Scope of the project

The FAA needs to know the scope of the project: What is being proposed, the type of structure/material i.e. glare study (glass=reflections) concrete/steel, and will there be interference etc.

Line-of-sight shadow study would then be carried out then.

Temporary or permanent?

The study process
The Study Process

  • FAA Internal Coordination

  • All Divisions respond

  • Reason: Each division has its own “SPECIAL EXPERTISE” and its “specialist” to evaluate these proposals.

  • That division will compile a full evaluation

  • After one response has been compiled with all its collaborations, it is sent out.

Determination letter for the 7480 1 for new airports
Determination Letter for the 7480-1 for New Airports

A Letter of Determination (generated through the iOE/AAA System), is sent to the proponent with an FAA Form 5010-5, which he or she fills out and returns to the specialist.

Copies of the 7480-1, the completed 5010-5 from the proponent, and the Letter of Determination are sent to AAS-330 for processing LOCID and FAA Site #. *Should you want to upgrade your non-fed airport from VFR to IFR, you will need that LOCID and FAA Site #.

Consolidated response to 7460 1 or 7480 1 for existing airports
Consolidated Response to 7460-1 or 7480-1 for Existing Airports

  • It is in the form of “Objection, No Objection or Conditional No Objection” as oppose to an OE which used “Hazard” language

  • May include additional coordination requirement: Examples: local FAA offices

  • No time frame is established

Airport airspace analysis
Airport Airspace Analysis Airports

If you have any questions, please call me

Sharon Perry, OE/AAA Specialist @ 718-553-3341