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甲型 H1N1 流感大流行预防控制预案 PowerPoint Presentation
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甲型 H1N1 流感大流行预防控制预案

甲型 H1N1 流感大流行预防控制预案

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甲型 H1N1 流感大流行预防控制预案

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  1. Pandemic Influenza H1N1 Prevention and Control Procedure 甲型H1N1流感大流行预防控制预案 JohnsonDiversey China 庄臣泰华施中国 Nov 2009

  2. Swine Flu H1N1- A highly contagious new viral infection of Swine 甲型H1N1流感是一种畜类的高度传染性新的病毒感染症 • Causative agent: a new swine influenza viruses, Orthomyxoviruses, Influenza Branch 病原体:是一种新型猪流感病毒,属正粘病毒科,流感病毒属 • Transmission:Primarily by respiratory droplets 传播方式: 飞沫传播(0.3-1.0m) • Incubation: 1-4 days 潜伏期:1-4天 • Property: Sensitive to oxidants, ethanol, iodophor, iodine, and heat 理化特性:对氧化剂(过氧化氢、含氯消毒剂)、乙醇、碘伏、碘酊敏感;对热敏感, 56℃ 30分钟可灭活

  3. 症状 Symptoms 发烧Fever 咳嗽 Cough 喉咙痛 Sore throat 肌肉痛、頭痛 Body pain and headache 发抖与无力Chills and fatigue 部份出現腹泻、呕吐等 Diarrhea, vomiting, etc in some cases 与一般流感非常相似Similar to seasonalflu

  4. 甲型H1N1流感可以治疗吗?Can influenza A (H1N1) be treated? 容易治愈,患者应充足休息,多喝水 Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of fluids 特敏福(Tamiflu)及乐感清(Relenza)可用作治疗及预防甲型H1N1流感的感染 Tamiflu and Relenza may be used for treatment and prevention of influenza A (H1N1)

  5. 疫苗 Vaccine 疫苗是預防流感的最佳方法 Vaccine is the most effective prevention 中国已开始制造针对该病毒的疫苗,但产量尚不能满足全国需要 Chinahas already started producing vaccines against the current influenza A (H1N1), but there are not enough for all of the people. 预防措施 Preventive Measures

  6. 引起感染传播的三个环节: 传染源 传播途径 易感人群 甲型H1N1流感病人 飞沫、接触 普遍易感 医疗 标 准 预 防 飞 沫 传 播 预 防 接 触 传 播 预 防 加 强 营 养 增 强 体 质 中 药 预 防 庄臣全方位预防控制方案

  7. Prevention and Control Procedures 做好H1N1大流行预防和控制措施,包括: Following preventive measures should be observed: • 注重个人卫生 Enhanced personal hygiene with frequent hand-washing • 环境卫生控制 Enhanced environmental hygiene • 合理使用个人防护用品 Rational use of personal protective equipments • 监测体温 Body Temperature monitoring 庄臣H1N1预防控制预案

  8. Personal Hygiene is Best Tool! 健康生活:均衡饮食、注意休息、规律运动、戒烟… Healthy life style: balanced diet, adequate rest, regular exercise & smoking cessation 打喷嚏或咳嗽時应用紙巾掩口鼻 Cover your nose & mouth with a tissue when you cough/sneeze 用过的纸巾须妥善弃置 Properly discard the tissue in the trash after using 不要与他人共用毛巾 Do not share towels with others 避免接触眼、鼻、口,病毒通常由此途径传播。 Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus can spread this way. 尽量避免和病人接触。 Try to avoid close contact with sick people 注意个人卫生

  9. 保持双手清洁是重要的预防方法 Keeping your hands clean is the most essential prevention 用正确的方法洗手 Wash your hands in the right way 使用温和的消毒洗手液并彻底过水 Use a mild disinfectant soap,rinse thoroughly 在某些没有水的场所,使用免过水洗手液,如丝洁免过水除菌洗手液 In the event that water is not available, you can use Soft Care Med (alcohol based) for disinfection 手部卫生控制 经常洗手是个人卫生控制中最关键的!

  10. 庄臣手部卫生控制建议 • 当进入公共场所或设施时,请主动用免过水洗手液洗手 When Entry public Area, Wash hands with no rinse hand soap. • 推荐产品: 丝洁手除菌凝露(免过水) Soft Care antibacterial gel 丝洁免过水除菌洗手液Soft Care Med Hand Soap • 在接触了潜在污染的表面或口鼻眼的分泌物后,需经常洗手, 最好选用有抗菌功能的洗手液。 Always wash hands after touching potential contaminated surfaces or after contact with secretions from nose, mouth and eyes. • 推荐产品: 丝洁除菌洗手液Soft Care Bac Hand Soap 强诺牌抗菌洗手 JonClean Handsoap

  11. When wash hands? 何时洗手? • 进厨房时 Enter the Kitchen Room • 上厕所后 After using the washroom • 吃东西后 After eating • 打喷嚏后 After sneezing • 接触垃圾后 After touching junk • 抽烟后 After smoking • 清洁后 After cleaning • 触摸嘴巴后 After touching mouth • 接触钱后 After touching money • 在生的和熟的食品之间 Between Fresh & cooked foods

  12. Recommended Proper Hand Wash Procedure- with Jonclean Handsoap 正确的洗手流程-强诺抗菌洗手液

  13. Recommended Hand Sanitizing Procedures- With Soft Care Med (alcohol based) 正确的手部消毒流程-丝洁免过水除菌洗手液

  14. 规范的清洁消毒可以有效减少交叉感染 Standard sanitation procedures can reduce the risk of cross contamination effectively. 尽可能的经常打开窗户,保持空气流通 Try to keep windows open,Ensure good ventilation 经常清洁和维护通风系统,必要时可以采用循环空气消毒机进行空气消毒。 Ensure proper functioning of the ventilation system by frequent maintenance ,cleaning, and disinfectant when necessary 甲型H1N1病毒比一般的病毒更容易摧毁. 正确的清洁和消毒可以有效杀灭该病毒。 The swine flu H1N1 virus is more simple to destroy than many viruses。 Proper cleaning and disinfect can kill the it effectively 环境卫生 Environmental Hygiene Control

  15. 保持环境清洁Keep the environment clean 经常被人触摸的物件和地方应每日最少清洁消毒一次 Clean and disinfect at least once a day facilities or articles frequently touched by people 被分泌物/排泄物弄污的地方/物件,应立即清洁消毒 Immediately clean and disinfect facilities or articles contaminated with human secretion or excretion 一次性使用的物品开启后绝不可再供他人使用,应适当地包裹和扔掉 Do not recycle disposable articles after use. Instead, wrap and discard them properly. 多次使用的物品在供客人使用前必须严格清洁和消毒 Always strictly clean and disinfect reusable articles before providing to the guests.

  16. 保持洗手间清洁,通风良好Keep toilets clean and well-ventilated 根据卫生状况,安排清洁消毒数次,但不可少于每日一次 Cleaning and disinfection should be done according to sanitary conditions, but no less than once a day. 确保卫生间内备有肥皂、洗手液,一次性的纸巾或者干手设备等 Provide every toilet with liquid soap & disposable tissues or hand dryers. 切忌提供公用毛巾 Never provide towels for public use. ×

  17. 垃圾处理 Waste Disposal Proper disposal of all waste is critical. 正确地处理垃圾至关重要. • All waste products should be disposed of immediately. 所有垃圾必须及时处理. • Wipe all surfaces with disinfectant (and rinse if a food contact surface). 用消毒液擦拭所有表面 (如果是直接接触食物的表面,请以饮用水过洗). • Plastic bags should line the trash can. 垃圾桶内必须放置塑料垃圾袋 • Tie plastic bag closed before emptying the trash. 清理垃圾桶前务必扎紧垃圾袋. • When transferring to outdoor receptacle, be sure container is tightly closed. 在运送垃圾至户外途中,必须盖紧垃圾桶. • Disinfection of the trash cans is advised. 建议对垃圾桶进行喷雾消毒.

  18. 庄臣环境卫生控制建议 • 高接触表面清洁消毒:每天至少1次 High touch surface disinfectant: at least one time per day 1. 奥维表面消毒液:直接使用,含0.5%过氧化氢,时间1min 2. Taski R2 特洁牌清洁消毒剂,1:10,使用浓度1000ppm 3. 快活消毒清洁液:1:17稀释,使用浓度850ppm, 时间>=1min 4. Divosan有机氯消毒粉,1:600, 使用浓度250ppm • 地面清洁消毒:每天1-2次 Floor disinfectant: 1 or 2 times per day 1.快活消毒清洁液:1:17稀释,使用浓度850ppm, 时间1min 2.Divosan有机氯消毒粉,1:600, 使用浓度250ppm • 垃圾消毒:每天1-2次 Waste disposal disinfectant: 1 or 2 times/ day Divosan有机氯消毒粉,1:150,使用浓度1000ppm,时间30min

  19. 庄臣公共区域清洁卫生建议JD Public Area Recommendations • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces regularly 定期清洁并消毒硬表面 • Viruses can survive on hard surfaces for 2 hours or longer, so make sure your premises are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. Cleaning schedules should exist. 病毒可以在手部表面存活2小时以上,确保在日常基础上已彻底清洗。清洗时间表必需设定。 • Washrooms and toilets should be clean and disinfected at least once a day paying attention to common touch areas 洗手间和厕所至少每天清洗消毒一次,经常接触的区域则需要更多关注。 • Clothes, mops and linen should be washed daily. Kitchen and Food service laundry should be machine washed. 抹布,拖把和布草每天都需清洗,厨房和食品用布料需用机器洗涤。 • Surfaces that are frequently touched by hands (door knobs, knobs for adjustment or opening, countertops, desks, elevator buttons and panels, etc), may be cleaned more frequently 经常用手触碰的表面(门把手,调节/开关把手,工作台面,桌子,电梯按钮和操作面板,等)需要更频繁地清洁。 • Household utility gloves should be worn during cleaning/disinfection procedures. 在清洁/消毒步骤中,必须配戴保洁用手套。

  20. 合理使用个人防护用品 • 1. 必要时(前往人多公共区域或是疫区时), 可以佩戴口罩。建议佩戴N95级别口罩 Rational use of personal protective equipments when necessary. N95口罩可以在正常的呼吸过程中将大于0.3微米的颗粒过滤掉,有效率达95% • 2. 接触高风险物表,或是处理垃圾,建议佩戴一次 性无菌手套. Wear Disposal sterile gloves when necessary N95口罩 Use of masks may decrease the spread of virus between people

  21. 必要时候可戴口罩 21

  22. 必要时可以为员工或客人检测体温: <37.5℃ Personal body temperature check for employee or customers when necessary 监测体温 全自动红外测温仪 手持式测温仪

  23. Wallchart Tools墙贴工具

  24. Related Antiviral Efficacy vs. H1N1 of JohnsonDiversey Products 庄臣泰华施相关对甲型H1N1病毒有效的抗病原体产品

  25. 相关联系方式Relevant information about Influenza A (H1N1) • H1N1流感预防和控制咨询 庄臣泰华施公司: 021-50509900 • 发现流感疫情第一时间(2小时内)报告 当地疾病预防控制机构 26