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Goth in TKM PowerPoint Presentation
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Goth in TKM

Goth in TKM

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Goth in TKM

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  1. Goth in TKM

  2. This is clearly not a picture of Scout Finch, however, considering modern goth is related to rebellion, then it could be!!

  3. Goth Slide Show Elements: • This slideshow will cover the following subtopics as they relate to “Goth”: • History of Goth • Goth as “Boundary Breaking” • Goth in Literature and Lore • Goth in Art and Architecture • Goth in Modern times • Goth FYI • Goth in TKM

  4. Goth History, Part 1-The Tribes Orginal Goths – Fierce Germanic soldiers Map of Götaland Sweden, thought to be origin of Goth tribes • The original “goths” were eastern Germanic tribes, the Visagoths, who eventually help defeat the Roman Empire by 400 a.d. • The Goth warriors were known as crude and barbaric.

  5. Goth Part 2 – The Word becomes meaning • The Goth soldiers had such a feared reputation that years after the Goth armies were gone, the word becomes associated with the breaking of boundaries and fierceness. Goth becomes mysticized.

  6. Goth Part 3 – Literature and Lore • Goth then is incorporated in medieval times with connections to dragons, forces of darkness, the unknown, wizards, witches, and warlocks.

  7. Goth Part 4 - Art and Architecture • Goth next becomes incorporated into sculpture, paintings, and architecture. Gothic elements including high, vertical, vaunting spires into the sky, gargoyle statues (cathedrals, castles) and buildings that seem to lead up into the unknown.

  8. Goth Part 5 – Modern interpretations • Goth then enters the modern age with connections to modern literature/film and include an emphasis of the grotesque, mysterious, desolation, ghosts, vampires, haunted houses, sinister murders, prisons, dungeons and boundaries which characters try to break through, witches, aliens, those unlike ourselves.

  9. Goth Part 5 continued – Modern Goth Goth in Literature - Americana • American Gothic literature example would be Washington Irving’s, “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

  10. Goth Part 5 still – Goth Fashion • More recently, the popular culture/fashion industry has adopted the “Goth look” including dark eye shadow, black clothing, black velvet, lace, fishnets, leather tinged with purple, gloves, stilettos, and sharp silver and black jewelry depicting religions and occult.

  11. Goth 6 – Additional Gothic connections Punk music in the late 70’s and 80’s has gothic roots Today, the “Goth Culture” refers to those who reject what is considered to be “normal society”. • Additional characteristics of Goth include a cold, wet, uninviting climate (such as in New England, Northern Europe),

  12. Goth 6 continued – Goth in film • Current or recent films with Goth elements include, Terminator 2, Bladerunner, Batman, Star Wars, Blade series, The Matrix, and Twelve Monkeys-in which a dark vision of a futuristic world is prevalent. Visions of dominating machines taking over the world, dark buildings, scary figures are a big draw at the theatres.

  13. Goth Part 7 - TKM Boundary Breaking in Maycomb: Sound - Ultimate Barrier Breaking • Boundary breaking (revolting, trying to break through an established boundary) includes 3 main types: • Spatial boundaries -the boundary keeping the Radley house and Boo secretive (the kids repeatedly try to break through these boundaries to retrieve gifts and communicate with Boo) • Racial boundaries - Miss Lulu at the black church and her resentment of white kids “breaking the boundary”, Dolphus Raymond • Gender boundary-Scout constantly bucking the confining “proper southern lady stereotype”-she’d rather run around in jeans and get dirty.

  14. Goth Part 7 - TKM Additional Gothic elements: Gothic Dwelling • Miss Maudie’s house fire and the freakish snowstorm (Gothic climate) • The mad dog (Tim Robinson)-crazed and violent, way out of the ordinary in sleepy Maycomb, • Boo Radley-who is he? What does he look like? Considered a “freak”-all that is know about him is based in myth-he kills and eats pets, peeks into peoples’ windows at night (Gothic character) • Radley House-dilapidated, creepy, dark, ramshackled, “haunted house”(Gothic setting)

  15. Goth Modern Goth • Today’s Goth profess to be tolerant of all peoples and totally accepting of differences.