decision support system in agriculture n.
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Decision support system in agriculture

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Decision support system in agriculture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Decision support system in agriculture. Muhamad Radzali Mispan MARDI Introduction.

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Decision support system in agriculture

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    1. Decision support system in agriculture MuhamadRadzaliMispan MARDI

    2. Introduction • Decision makers are faced with increasingly stressful environments – highly competitive, fast-paced, near real-time, overloaded with information, data distributed throughout the enterprise, and multinational in scope. • The combination of the Internet enabling speed and access, and the maturation of artificial intelligence techniques, has led to sophisticated aids to support decision making under these risky and uncertain conditions. • These aids have the potential to improve decision making by suggesting solutions that are better than those made by the human alone. • They are increasingly available in diverse fields from medical diagnosis to traffic control to engineering applications.

    3. Decision Support System • A Decision Support System (DSS) is an interactive computer-based system or subsystem intended to help decision makers use communications technologies, data, documents, knowledge and/or models to identify and solve problems, complete decision process tasks, and make decisions. • Decision Support System is a general term for any computer application that enhances a person or group’s ability to make decisions. • These tools improve the performance of decision makers while reducing the time and human resources required for analyzing complex decisions

    4. Spatial decision support system (SDDS) • Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) deals with spatial dimension through digitized geo-referenced spatial databases. • Agriculture is essentially a spatial phenomenon which is not independent of location. GIS is the tool and technology that handles various spatial databases, • This spatial information technology allows to examine and analyze a wider range of agricultural related resources such as soil, weather, hydrology, various socio-economic variables simultaneously and accurately. • Simultaneous examination of these variables in a GIS environment leads to a better understanding of how agricultural systems function and interact over space and time. • This understanding leads to developing stable and sustainable dynamic agricultural technologies.

    5. Agro-ecological zoning and land use optimization Limited observation Hardcopy and qualitative Incompatible data format and structures Difficult to maintain/update, exchange and integrate with other data source Only covers Peninsular Malaysia with limited observation points and durations Only dealt with land areas below 300 m ASL

    6. A new approach in AEZ

    7. Examples of SDDS Treatment map Nutrient map