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A Great Trip to South Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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A Great Trip to South Africa

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A Great Trip to South Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Great Trip to South Africa. Kruger National Park. Cape Town. e xperience the great wildlife You can see the wild animals closely. e njoy nature, enjoy the wonderful views. Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. Kruger National Park. South Africa. Wild Kloofing.

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A Great Trip to South Africa

Kruger National Park

Cape Town

experience the great wildlife

You can see the wild animals closely

enjoy nature, enjoy the wonderful views

Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope

Kruger National Park

South Africa

Wild Kloofing

Zulu Dance Festival

experience the African culture

The Zulu dance is a war dance which uses traditional drums and clothing.

You jump down waterfalls, go rock climbing, and swim along the river

This sport is getting popular all over the world.

At the festival, you can see and learn the Zulu dance


It is similar to volleyball,

but players cannot use their hands.

Players pass the ball to the back or the side to other players. Sometimes they kick the ball.



A world of Sports



Players use sticks with nets. They try to throw a ball into the other team’s goal.

ice hockey

Players use a bat and ball just like baseball. But cricket players use different bats.

Players use a puck which is black and round.

They hit the puck with a hockey stick.

lesson 6 pet lover or not
Lesson 6 Pet Lover or Not?

Pets are family.

Pets are just animals.

Let’s spend money on poor people instead of pets.

There are many people in need.

Some people can’t go to the hospital because of the cost.

People are more important than any pet.

  • Dogs are sometimes better than people.
  • Pets are our friends and family.
  • There are some smart dogs which save their owners from danger.