kick off meeting may 10 11 2010 n.
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KICK-OFF MEETING May 10-11, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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KICK-OFF MEETING May 10-11, 2010

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KICK-OFF MEETING May 10-11, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KICK-OFF MEETING May 10-11, 2010. Management of the Project Decision making system Internal Structures Communication between partners. Introduction. Management Structure (1/2). Project Coordinator: Represents the project in relation with the EC and acts as quality manager

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Management of the Project

Decision making system

Internal Structures

Communication between partners



Management Structure (1/2)

  • Project Coordinator:
    • Represents the project in relation with the EC and acts as quality manager
    • Promotes the project visibility and dissemination
    • Administers project resources and monitors project spending
  • Work Package (WP) Leaders:
    • To ensure the technical coordination, planning, monitoring and reporting of their WP
    • To attend to the three-monthly progress meetings/teleconferences, in support to the coordinator for operational management of the project
  • General Assembly:
    • It encloses all partners and the Scientific Advisory Group.
    • To make the decision of any deviation from the proposed plans.

Management Structure (2/2)

  • Scientific Advisory Group:
    • progress supervision and advising of the scientific project development and validation
    • promote, in association with the Project Coordinator, project’s visibility in the international forum
    • Represented by a SAG contact point in operational monitoring of the project (progress meetings)
  • Data contact point:
    • As requested by REA (Research Executive Agency), this person will ensure visibility and communication with REA and ESA on data (in situ, satellite, Core service products) used by the project.

Project Coordinator

  • Project Coordinator will be supported by two people:
    • An adjoint project coordinator who will follow the technical evolution of the project and may act as backup if needed.
    • A project assistant who will follow the contractual milestones and deliveries.
  • Operational management:
    • Operational coordination, planning, monitoring, internal and EC reporting/visibility of the project
    • Supported by the management board attending all progress meetings/ teleconferences, which is:
      • WP leaders
      • SAG contact point (Philippe Peylin-LSCE)
      • Data contact point (Pascal Prunet-NOVELTIS)
      • Portal representative (CERC)
  • Decision-making:
    • To take the appriopriate decisions and handle all matters related to the project during the Progress Meetings
    • To chair the general assembly who makes the decision of any deviation from the proposed plans

Data contact point

SAG contact point

Management Organisation



Internal Structures

  • The Climate User Advisory Group (CUAG):
    • Will be identified at the beginning of the project within the Work Package 100 managed by METO.
    • Purpose: To provide the needs and requirements on which the system will be designed.
    • There will be three workshops: Septembre 2010, Septembre 2011 and Decembre 2012.
  • The Scientific Advisory Group (SAG):
    • Three experts have been elected at the general assembly meeting which took place May 10th, 2010:
      • Richard Engelen, specialist in atmospheric carbon estimation using remote sensing data at ECMWF.
      • Christoph Heinz, specialist of the ocean cycle, at the University of Bergen.
      • Annette Freibauer, specialist of the terrestrial carbon cycle, at the Johann Heinrich von thünen-Institut.

Communication between Partners

  • Meetings:
    • 3-monthly Progress Meetings/teleconferences
    • Two users workshop: September 2011 and December 2012.
  • FTP Site:
    • Deliveries:
      • Deliveries to REA
      • Internal documents
      • Internal datasets
    • Meetings:
      • Agenda
      • Presentations
      • Minutes of meetings
      • List of actions

To be registered, send an email to


CARBONES Management Plan

  • It will contain all information related to the management
  • Available at the end of May 2010