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what is a text expander

A “text expander” autocorrects short combination of characters you type to longer phrases. 

  • A “text expander” is a software that automatically “expands” short combinations of characters you write to longer combinations of characters.
  • Works a bit like autocorrect. 
What is a text expander?
usefulness of text expander

 This is especially useful on a smartphone or tablet where you’re working with a slower touch keyboard.

  • It could also be useful if you’re dealing with a physical keyboard. If you send a lot of similar emails.
  • It could also be used for many other purposes. 
Usefulness of text expander
iphone and ipad

This feature is built into iOS as “Shortcuts.” To access it, open the Settings app and navigate to General > Keyboards > Shortcuts.

  • A shortcut is a set of characters that expands to a longer phrase when you like. You can do a lot with this. If you press Space or Enter, it will be automatically expanded.
iPhone and iPad

To enable this, open Android’s Settings screen and then navigate to Language & input > Personal dictionary. Tap the + button and then enter a longer phrase as well as a shortcut. Whenever you type the shortcut characters anywhere in Android, it will expand to your longer phrase.



  • You’ll need a third-party text-expansion application to do this on a Windows PC. PhraseExpress( free)
  • With PhraseExpress, you’ll need to create a new phrase, name it, and enter your longer phrase in the “Phrase content” box. Enter a shortcut into the “Autotext” box and then save your phrase.
mac os x

Any shortcuts will even automatically synchronize if you’re signed in with the same iCloudaccount on both devices.

  • To set this up, click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Navigate to Keyboard > Text. Add any shortcuts you like here and they’ll automatically expand to the full phrase you choose whenever you type them in an application on your Mac.
Mac OS X

This isn’t built-in on typical Linux desktop environments. recommend the freeAutoKey application.

  • The key to using AutoKey for this is to create “phrases” (New > Phrase) and give them “abbreviations.”
chrome os

Chromebooks can use a text expander implemented as a Chrome browser extension. It will automatically expand text you type on web page form fields to the longer phrases you choose. Auto Text Expander is available in the Chrome Web Store, and works in exactly this way.

  • Install the expension and use its options to configure your desired shortcuts. Remember, these shortcuts will only be used on web pages you view in Chrome, not in other areas of the interface like the location bar.
Chrome OS


  • http://www.howtogeek.com/204149/type-faster-on-a-smartphone-tablet-or-laptop-with-text-expansion-shortcuts/

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