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Hair Transplant PowerPoint Presentation
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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

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  1. Are the Results Permanent? • Yes, hair transplant gives permanent hair. You can shampoo them, brush them, and even pull them and they will not fall out. Even if they do they will grow again from the transplanted hair grafts. • Any subsequent hair fall after hair transplant is most likely from the untreated areas. • Provided By: •

  2. What about Hair Follicle Quality? • Quality of hair follicle is of primary importance in a hair transplant. These are the follicles which produce hair so, a carefully transplanted hair follicle produce a good quality hair. • Only a skillful and experienced surgeon can take out and plant hair follicles with due care so, they will not be damaged.

  3. How Much Does it Cost? • Hair transplant cost is dependent upon multiple factors like the size of the area you want to grow hair in, density of hair you want to achieve etc. • Usually, it costs somewhere from Rs. 80,000 to 400,000. • Some hair transplant surgeons offer discounts so, your hair transplant will cost you less.

  4. What about Propecia or Rogaine? • Propecia and Rogaine are hair loss medicines. Both of them stimulate hair growth from existing hair follicles. • It is proven that ceasing Propesia or Rogaine, or both, will cause you lose your hair within a few months and you will return to your previous condition.

  5. Will People Know I had Hair Transplantation? • No, hair transplant results are quite natural and there is no possibility that anyone could ever guess that you have had your hair grown through a surgery. • A good hair transplant grows hair in the direction of the rest of the hair. it ensures another step towards natural appearance of transplanted hair.