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The Journey Of Diamond Engagement Rings PowerPoint Presentation
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The Journey Of Diamond Engagement Rings

The Journey Of Diamond Engagement Rings

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The Journey Of Diamond Engagement Rings

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  1. From times in memorial, couples have been exchanging diamond engagement rings to mark their love for each other. While the idea of presenting rings is quite an old one, there are many who are still in the dark with regards to the choice of diamonds as the stone set in them. This sign of betrothal has come into being after traversing a long way.

  2. The History of Engagement Rings In the Roman period, couples getting engaged swapped modest iron betrothal rings; however, they switched to gold in the later periods. The popularity of rings then went through a long period of lull; say about hundreds of years before surfacing again.

  3. The Journey Continued, with Thimbles too! If you are thinking that diamond engagement rings had made their presence in those days, then do take a pause. They weren’t quite as staple as wedding rings in those times, unlike what they are now. There were other traditional customs that kept on competing with what was supposed to go onto the bride-to-be’s finger.

  4. Diamond Engagement Rings Make Their Entry Now, diamond engagement rings are the most sought after of all rings and are complementing diamond wedding rings in design and style, and in more ways than one. But back then, it took a long time for them to enter the scene.

  5. Glittering Diamonds In Engagement Rings The journey of diamonds may continue, but rings made with this rock have certainly come of age. Now, marriage and engagement vows are incomplete without diamonds being exchanged on the couple’s fingers.

  6. In case you are planning to get engaged or married, or if you are helping a loved one buy engagement rings in diamond, then do know that these sparkling stones are the right way to go. Invest in diamond rings today – you won’t be disappointed!

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