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Warm Up

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Warm Up

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  1. Warm Up

  2. Table of Contents S.Q.s 4 - 1 and 2 Colonies Chart Jamestown Notes Roanoke Writing Project Quiz 4 Pilgrim Notes

  3. Pilgrims and the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts

  4. In the space provided on your notes page, answer the following true/false questions. 1. The Pilgrims were the first group to come to America looking for religious freedom. 2. The Pilgrims came from Spain, and wanted to be Protestant. 3. The Pilgrims had many conflicts with the Native Americans. 4. The Pilgrims did not obtain a charter from the government. 5. The Pilgrims were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving.



  7. The Pilgrims’ early history... • The Pilgrims were a part of a larger religious movement that began in England, called the Separatists. • The Separatists wanted to separate from the Church of England and form their own church.

  8. The government (rulers) of England were not happy about this. • Separatists were persecuted for their beliefs.

  9. The First Venture... • A group of Separatists decided that they had to get away • They first went to Holland, where the Dutch let them practice their own faith.

  10. They were not happy in Holland, either • The children were growing up as Dutch, not English • They felt there had to be another way

  11. To America! • The Pilgrims returned to England and requested a charter from the government. • They were given a charter to settle in the present-day state of Virginia

  12. The voyage... • In September 1620, 100 men and women boarded the Mayflower, bound for a new life in the New World

  13. The seas were rough, and the ship was impossible to pilot • The captain was not able to land the ship in Virginia, as planned

  14. Instead, the Mayflower landed near Massachusetts, far NORTH of Virginia! Massachusetts Virginia

  15. Arrival in the New World • The Pilgrims were hundreds of miles from where the charter from the government said they were supposed to be OOOPS!

  16. The Pilgrims were not concerned because they believed that God had guided them to the exact place where he wanted them

  17. VI. Governing The Plymouth Colony (The Mayflower Compact) • The Pilgrims knew that a written form of government was very important for their colony.

  18. Hundreds of years (1200s) before the Pilgrims, the King of England had total and complete power over England’s citizens. The King abused his power and made the lives of the citizens miserable.

  19. A group of Englishmen got together and forced the King to sign a letter promising that the King would have limited power and created a group of men (called Parliament) that would help the King govern the people of England fairly. • This letter was called the Big Letter or, in Latin, the Magna Carta. (June 15, 1215)

  20. Before the colonists left the Mayflower, they wrote a document which all of the men of the colony signed to prevent one person from having too much power in Plymouth. • The document was called The Mayflower Compact.

  21. The Mayflower Compact was an agreement among all the men of the colony to make decisions for the colony together – by having a town meeting and taking a vote. • The Mayflower Compact set an example for how colonies in North America would be governed, with men voting for what decision is best.

  22. The First Thanksgiving! • The Pilgrims had a very difficult first winter….. • But they did not give up hope because they believed that God had led them to that place, and believed that He would take care of them

  23. The following fall, the Pilgrims had a good harvest

  24. They were so thankful to God for His provision, that they decided to invite their new Indian friends to a feast

  25. The Pilgrims did not want to forget how God had provided for them, so every year at harvest time they had a big feast, invited their neighbors, and called it THANKSGIVING!