the donkey and the lion s skin n.
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The Donkey and the Lion’s Skin PowerPoint Presentation
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The Donkey and the Lion’s Skin

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The Donkey and the Lion’s Skin

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The Donkey and the Lion’s Skin

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  1. The Donkey and the Lion’s Skin

  2. Synopsis • Apple is sad about being a boring apple and so goes out on an adventure to become a pineapple. He goes to a fancy dress shop to buy a pineapple costume so he can fit in with the other pineapples at the market but a man already realises that he’s an apple before he buys him. The man decides to buy the apple and take it home where the apple falls in love with a pink lady in the fruit bowl. They live happily ever after. Or do they?

  3. Treatment

  4. Style: Comical long-lengthed shots. Ironic scene setting shots at the beginning. Fruit makes squeaky noises but doesn’t talk. Sound from street, passers by and market in addition to some dramatic/sad music at various scenes. Variety of panning shots in market, close ups of apple, long and medium shots. • Tone: Comical tone but with the audience relating to the apple on some level. Romantic undertone. • Themes: exploration of identity- possibly relating to (young) teenagers. • Voice: filmed from the apple’s point if view.

  5. Angle: in favour of being who you are. You find you’re real friends if you act yourself. • Audience: young teenager- adults. Mainly aimed at younger teenagers who are discovering their identity and who often have social issues ‘fitting in’. Internet based- youtube/facebook/vimeo • Contributors: No specific heroes and villains. Point of view of one character incorporating other characters. • Purpose of sound is to add comic value. ‘Talking’ of fruit communicated by squeaking sounds. Contrast of normal sounds of street with squeaking of fruit voices merging the real with the pretend.

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