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Reading Aloud in FP. Up close and personal What, Why, How, by Irene Reid 21 February 2013. Ready to Read – Jack Hartman. I feel it in my hands. Shake, shake, shake I feel it in my hips Swing and sway I feel it in my heart Bee bop beat I feel it in me, I’m ready to read!.

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reading aloud in fp

Reading Aloud in FP

Up close and personal

What, Why, How,

by Irene Reid

21 February 2013

ready to read jack hartman
Ready to Read – Jack Hartman
  • I feel it in my hands.Shake, shake, shakeI feel it in my hipsSwing and sway
  • I feel it in my heart Bee bop beatI feel it in me, I’m ready to read!
  • Chorus:I’m ready to read, in my mindI’m ready to read, reach up highI’m ready to read with my eyesI’m ready to read, left to right

Chorus:I’m ready to read, in my mindI’m ready to read, reach up highI’m ready to read with my eyesI’m ready to read, left to right

Ready to read...

Ready to read...

Ready to read...Yeh!

  • I feel it in my knees Tap, tap, tapI feel it in my shoulders Pat, pat, pat
  • I feel it in my heart Bee bop beatI feel it in me I’m ready to read

Reading Aloud can be defined as:

The ‘conscious choice’, with intent, to read with meaning, to an audience, in a safe, intimate and secure space, from a book, in an audible, clear, expressive voice...


“there is power & magic in the practise of reading aloud...” S. LayneIn 1985 in the USA, the Report of the Commission on Reading identified reading aloud as: “the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading...”“a practice that should continue throughout the grades...” Anderson et al 1985


“never under estimate the power of a great book in the hands of a teacher who knows how to use it..” Sharon M. Draper


the ‘read aloud experience’

must always be



Benefits of Reading Aloudincreased reading comprehensionimproved listening skillsbroadening of vocabularybroaden interestsbroaden tastesseductive method to bring them to books (feel & think)experience a good book read wellFUN


So...why doesn’t reading aloud continue ...?- not valuable use of instruction time- lack of time/curriculum pressure- unaware of the value- lack of self belief/skill


Role Modelling Reading Behaviour and Strategies

- page turning, eye movements, Book handling

- reading expression, fluency , intonation, rythmn,

pronunciation, pace, how books work, writing styles

the difference between written language & everyday talking.

- knowledge of printed letters & words, & the relationship between sounds and print.

Vocabulary Acquisition and word meanings

- Appropriate books

- Variety of styles,

genres, authors,

themes, topics etc.

- Target certain words

- Repetitive Reading

The Benefits


Reading Aloud

Pleasure & enjoyment

of reading

Feel & think about reading

Broader Content Exposure to

- the world around them

- themselves – feeling & thoughts

- subject matter and reading levels

Reading Comprehension

- pre reading questions

- active discussion


The more that you read,

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

I can read with my eyes shut


Fourteen Fantastic Hints on Reading Aloudby Mem Fox, Queen of Read Aloud

•    Ensure your audience sits

close to you and close to each other.

•    Welcome everyone with

roving eye-contact on the first

couple of lines.

•    Entice, with the first line.


•    Remember to make the phrases into beautiful, lilting, up & down music.

•    Paint pictures by visualising the scenes and the emotions. 

•    Change vocally: high/low; loud/soft; fast/slow.

•    Speak the verbs (action words) with animation for lively reading .


•    Fall in love with the pause.

•    Don’t over-express: it’s

embarrassing—just hang

loose and have fun.

•    Don’t be ruled by rhyme


•    Make the last line v-e-r-y slow



•    Say goodbye to everyone with roving eye-contact on the last lines.

•    Never read anything aloud that you don’t like yourself.

•    Enjoy yourself and throw yourself into it to stop yourself from being boring!


A Repertoire books, poems, prose etc.Oh Can you Say what’s the weather today? – Dr. SeussOuma Ruby’sSecret – Chris Van WykHerbert & Harry – Pamela AllenArthur – Amanda GrahamEllie & Elvis – V. Frenchthe Tail of the Whale – E. PattersonAngelica Sprocket’s Pockets – Q. BlakeMichael Recycle – E. Bethel


The Tale of Sting Ray Charles – A. Howard

Giraffes can’t Dance – G. AndreaeRoom on a Broom -Julia Donaldson

Heron and the Crane – J. Yeoman

The Giving Tree – Shel Silverstein

Why not take up the Reading Promise Challenge today?Plan your own class/home reading streak...What have you got to gain?

What Does Research Say About the Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children?

Kathleen Childress Question # 1 RE 5710

February 24, 2011