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CV -lecture CareerCenter BTH Welcome !

CV -lecture CareerCenter BTH Welcome !. Personal letter and CV. CV – Curriculum Vitae . Life Description . Merits Facts about what you have done , where and when . (Ambitions, goals ) Personal Letter / Employment Letter Engaging & Captivating presentation about yourself

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CV -lecture CareerCenter BTH Welcome !

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  1. CV-lectureCareerCenter BTHWelcome!

  2. Personal letter and CV • CV – Curriculum Vitae. Life Description. • Merits • Factsaboutwhat you havedone, where and when. • (Ambitions, goals) • Personal Letter / Employment Letter • Engaging & Captivating presentation aboutyourself • Whyshould you get the job? Sales Letter. • Aim- Provide a briefdescription of yourself. CV and Personal Letter complements and supports eachother.

  3. Look up:grades, certificates, diplomas, degrees. • List Employments: When and where? • JobAnalysis. First/last job. • Layout,Appr. 2 pages, spacious, basic personal info • Checklist

  4. The followingsubtitles are common: • My goals and strength • Employments /work experience • Education • Language skills • Computer/ technicalskills • Relevant projects • Honorary Posts, Military service. • Additional information • References • Contact information • Type of CV? • Chronological, Skill, Casual…..

  5. http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/cv/cv1.htm • http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/cv/cvexamples.htm#templates

  6. General focus Personal Letter • Who are you? • Why are you applying for the job? • Whyshouldtheyhire you?

  7. Personal Letter • Personal information • Title • Introduction • Main text • Conclusion • Salary?

  8. Check, Layout

  9. Show your interest! • Briefdescription of yourself • What you want. • What you can do. • Send to many • Follow up with a visit or a call

  10. The Interview Situation • To thinkabout for the interview…….. • Test • Questions

  11. InterviewQuestions • Goals, ambitions • Experiences • Skills • Your person • Teamwork • Other • Implicit questions: Invisible, underlying • Explicit questions: Visible

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