nevada agricultural summit 2006 l.
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Nevada Agricultural Summit 2006

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Nevada Agricultural Summit 2006. December 1 st and 2 nd Fallon, Nevada. Thank you. On behalf of the staff of ProAnd Ltd, we wish to take this opportunity to thank the Churchill Economic Development Authority for allowing us the opportunity to present our credentials. Presentation agenda.

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nevada agricultural summit 2006

Nevada Agricultural Summit 2006

December 1st and 2ndFallon, Nevada

thank you
Thank you
  • On behalf of the staff of ProAnd Ltd, we wish to take this opportunity to thank the Churchill Economic Development Authority for allowing us the opportunity to present our credentials.
presentation agenda
Presentation agenda
  • New Zealand (NZ) Inc.
  • Farming in New Zealand
  • The New Zealand meat industry
  • Who are ProAnd?
  • What does ProAnd do?
  • Examples of our work
new zealand
New Zealand


nz is known for
NZ is known for..

Tourism & Adventure Playground



All Blacks

land use
Land Use



Indigenous Forest

Planted Forest

Mountains, Lakes & Cities

nz producer overview
NZ producer overview
  • New Zealand farmers primarily do one thing very well - they grow grass.
nz producer overview10
NZ producer overview
  • The only decision they have to make is what they feed the pasture to……
    • Dairy cows
    • Sheep
    • Beef
nz producer overview11
NZ producer overview
  • In New Zealand there are:
    • 5.4 m dairy cows
    • 4.3 m beef
    • 39.3 m sheep
  • 35% of NZ’s export earnings come from pastoral farming (dairy, meat, wool & by products).
  • Although many of these items are commodities, they have provided some of the most consistent returns in recent years.
nz meat industry overview
NZ meat industry overview
  • While New Zealand is blessed with plenty of good rainfall and sunshine to grow grass, its geographical location meant getting product to the markets on the other side of the world was a challenge.
  • Refrigeration provided the first big break-through to allow New Zealand access to markets which had the population base to consume all this meat.
  • The SS Dunedin shipped the first load of frozen lamb to the UK in 1882.
meat quality
Meat Quality
  • NZ’s geographical location and distance from markets has meant our meat processors must deliver a very clean hygienic product to gain the long shelf life to enable product to be transported by sea freight worldwide.
meat quality14
Meat Quality
  • An outcome of this focus on hygiene is that NZ processors can guarantee chilled (32°F) vacuum packed beef for 100 days and vacuum packed lamb for 70 days.
  • To date no NZ meat plant has had a meat recall or occurrence for e-coli H 0157.
  • This is an enviable record as NZ exports 75% of all the beef it processes and 85% of all lamb processed.
nz meat industry overview15
NZ meat industry overview
  • New Zealand (NZ) is the 5th largest exporter of beef with around 7% (402,300 MT) of world volume.
nz meat industry overview16
NZ meat industry overview
  • NZ is the largest exporter of sheepmeats with around 55% (358,000MT) of world volume.
nz meat industry overview17
NZ meat industry overview
  • Of the beef, 7% (28,000MT) was exported vacuum packed and chilled (32°F).
  • Of sheepmeats, the quantity exported vacuum packed and chilled was 16% (57,280MT).
  • All beef and lamb is electrically stimulated to ensure uniformity of aging, meat conditioning and consistency of eating quality.
nz meat industry overview18
NZ meat industry overview
  • The North American market is very important to NZ with 14% of all lamb and 59% of all beef exported, destined for this market sector.
  • To gain access to the best paying export markets in the world (those markets requiring EU & USDA licensing), NZ has had to become a world leader in hygienic meat processing.
  • NZ’s relatively high cost of labour has meant our productivity must be very good for us to be competitive in world markets.
  • Independent studies have proven that NZ has some of the best productivity statistics in the world.
    • Beef slaughter 2.5 head/man/hr
    • Lamb slaughter 10 head/man/hr

(Sticker to weigh grade – all workers in)

competitive advantage
Competitive Advantage
  • New Zealand’s isolation has been turned around from being a weakness to a strength.
  • The NZ meat industry has met and exceeded all of the EU and USDA demands placed on it to gain and retain access to all the best meat markets in the world.
  • Some of the major differences between NZ meat processing and other countries meat processors include:
    • All livestock are washed prior to slaughter
    • There is no carcass pasteurisation or de-contamination sprays after slaughter
    • Smaller, slower speed process lines
    • Pay rates that reflect skill and performance
    • Highly productive
    • Clean, environmentally friendly plants
    • No social impact in the community
    • Self regulating industry
where does proand fit in
Where does ProAnd fit in?
  • Since 1984, ProAnd Ltd has been a major influence in the design of innovative meat processing systems in New Zealand.
  • Over 80% of all new plants built in NZ in the last 10 years have been designed by ProAnd.
  • The technology that makes NZ a world leader in meat processing is what ProAnd offers all our customers – hygienic, highly efficient, cost effective process design.
  • ProAnd Ltd was started by Nook Yule and Mike Nidd.
  • Twenty years later, ProAnd is a successful meat process and engineering design consultancy employing 12 staff and operating through out the world.
  • We focus on red meat only - ovine, bovine, cervidae, caprine, ratites. We have no experience with poultry or fish.
  • Our office is in Feilding, New Zealand.
  • We have a sister company in Sydney, Australia.
the owners of proand
The owners of ProAnd

Robert Sinclair, Mike Nidd, Graeme Baker, Nook Yule

Photo courtesy of the Listener Magazine

our staff
Our Staff

Stuart Osborne

Senior Design Engineer

Stewart Dunlop

Design Engineer

Bruce Fenwick

Design Engineer

Bryan Davidson

CAD design

Gill Kakrada

Administration & Data Management

Jo McPherson

CAD Design

Robert Sewell

Design Engineer (Part Time)

what do we do
What do we do?
  • Process and engineering design
  • Project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Skilled people recruitment
  • Research & Development
  • Existing plant audits
  • Benchmarking
proand philosophy
ProAnd Philosophy
  • ProAnd meat processing plants
    • Small to medium and purpose built
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Low cost construction
    • Low operational cost
proand philosophy29
ProAnd Philosophy
  • Workforce
    • Well trained and skilled
    • Motivated work teams
    • Remunerated on outcomes
    • Minimal social impact
proand philosophy30
ProAnd Philosophy
  • Meat processing
    • Livestock presented clean for slaughter
    • Proven process design and technology
    • Aseptic dressing and processing methods
    • Positive food and non food separation
    • Scientifically accredited meat conditioning and tenderisation
proand philosophy32
ProAnd Philosophy
  • Outcomes
    • EU, USDA & Halal accreditation
    • Multi market access
    • Long shelf life chilled and frozen products
    • Safe food products
    • Discrete plant presence
crusader meats
Crusader Meats
  • 1991
  • New lamb plant (5 per minute)
  • Concepts, design, project management
  • Value 9.3 million
riverlands bulls
Riverlands Bulls
  • 1991
  • New beef slaughter and hot boning plant (20 per hr)
  • Design and project manage
  • Value NZD 9.1 million
feilding lamb packers
Feilding Lamb Packers
  • 1995
  • New lamb slaughter plant (3 per minute)
  • Concepts, design and project management
  • Value NZD 6.1 million
progressive gisborne
Progressive Gisborne
  • 1997
  • New lamb slaughter plant (3 per minute)
  • Concepts, design, project manage
  • Value NZD 8.5 million
  • 1993
  • New beef slaughter and hot boning plant
  • 25 per hour
  • Conepts, design and project manage
  • Value NZD 9.3 million
superior denver
Superior Denver
  • 2003
  • New lamb slaughter line (2.5 per minute)
  • Development study, process design, project management.
  • Value USD 3.5 million
commercial maclean
Commercial MacLean
  • 2002
  • New lamb slaughter line (2 per minute)
  • Development study & process design
  • Value USD 1 million
  • The supply annually of 30 to 40 skilled meat workers to Iceland for up to 10 weeks.
  • Contact value – NZD 70,000
rocky mountain custom cuts
Rocky Mountain Custom Cuts
  • The concept design for a micro beef plant in Wyoming, USA.
  • Value – USD 5 million
cmp rangitikei
CMP Rangitikei
  • 2004/5
  • New lamb slaughter plant (3 per minute)
  • Concepts, detailed design, commission
  • Value NZD 30 million
  • The detailed design, equipment tender, overview of the installation and commissioning of a new 1,000 per day lamb plant in Chile.
  • Value USD 10 million
mina slaughter project
Mina Slaughter Project
  • While ProAnd specialise is small plants – we were involved in the largest meat plant in the world.
  • Located in Saudi Arabia, this plant is purpose built for the Hajj – the 3 day religious pilgrimage for Moslems.
  • The plant will process over 400,000 lambs in 3 days.
mina slaughter project47
Mina Slaughter Project
  • Built in 2000
  • New Moslem sacrificial lamb slaughter and product recovery plant
  • Prepare concept and process design
  • Value USD 300 million
mina slaughter project51
Mina Slaughter Project
  • The largest meat plant in the world is located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
  • The site is 850,000 sq m. (about 20 times the size of a sports stadium), and the buildings cover 560,000 sq m. or 65% of the site.
  • The four process buildings sacrifice over 400,000 sheep over 3 days during the Hajj festival.
  • Employs over 20,000 people.
  • A single plant of this size would process the total NZ lamb kill (25 million head) in 6 months.
  • ProAnd are recognised world wide as leading designers of smart small to medium beef and sheep slaughter and boning plants.
  • Our experience comes from a strong operational and engineering background gained from working in the highly competitive NZ meat scene.
  • Our knowledge and expertise is availble to those existing and new entrants to the meat processing game.
  • There is a better way!

Please feel free to contact us at


Robert Sinclair

Managing Director

ProAnd Ltd,

P.O. Box 107,

Feilding 5600,

New Zealand.