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Grade Level Curriculum Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade Level Curriculum Information

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Grade Level Curriculum Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grade Level Curriculum Information

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  1. Grade Level Curriculum Information Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher if you have any questions about the information presented in this powerpoint. We want you to know all that is happening in third grade!

  2. Meet our Team • Barb Everett • Monica Kane • Erika Parker • Kim Tijerina • Shelly Weatherly

  3. The Walker Way

  4. Walker Live • Walker Live will be held several times throughout the year to honor our Stars of the Month. Parents will be notified by their child’s homeroom teacher and are encouraged to attend! • Walker Live will be at 8:00 a.m. on the following dates: • September 26th • October 31st • November 28th • December 12th • January 30th • February 27th • March 19th • April 23rd

  5. Report Cards Dates *Please note that report cards will not be printed the 2nd or 3rd 9 weeks, but will be accessible in HAC

  6. MISD Grading Rubric 4 Highly developedConsistently demonstrates exemplary understanding and application of skills in a variety of complex situations; is working independently after initial instruction. 3 Developed Demonstrates proficient understanding and applies skills independently by the conclusion of the grading period. 2 Beginning to develop Demonstrates initial stages of understanding; applies skills but requires teacher intervention and reinforcement due to lack of proficiency or sufficient development. 1 Not apparent Demonstrates a lack of understanding; inability to accomplish grade level tasks; re-teaching consistently required.

  7. Agenda • Students will write their homework in their agenda daily. • Please be sure to initial your child’s agenda nightly and remind them to return it to school each day. • We will use the agenda as a communication tool between school and home.

  8. Communication • Weekly Emails • Information for the upcoming week. • Wikispaces and Webpages • Check it out! We have great things on them! All of our links are on the following slide.

  9. Important Grade Level Links • Visit your teacher’s webpage or wikispace to view educational links your child can practice at home. • Mrs. Tijerina – • Mrs. Parker – • Mrs. Everett – • Mrs. Kane – • Ms. Weatherly -

  10. Dismissal If your child is to go home a different way than normal, please write a note. Without a note, we must send them home as noted on their information sheet

  11. Illnesses • Nurse Martha Anderson is requesting for parents to email her or your child’s teacher when your child is absent due to an illness.

  12. Homework • Students will receive their homework sheet on Monday and will have Monday through Wednesday to complete the assignments. • Homework is to be turned in on Thursdays. • Please help your child remember to bring homework to school each Thursday. • We really want homework to be no more than 20 minutes a night. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

  13. MISD Math Fluency • McKinney ISD has set standards for the elementary school to follow. In third grade we are working towards reaching these goals for fact fluency: • Addition & Subtraction Facts – 100% accuracy within 5 minutes • Multiplication & Division Facts – 50% accuracy within 5 minutes

  14. 3rd – 5th Assessments • STAAR Dates: • 3/26 5th Math • 3/27 5th Reading 4th Writing Day I • 3/28 4th Writing Day II • 3/29 4th & 5th Make-ups • 4/24 3rd & 4th Math • 4/25 3rd & 4th Reading • 4/26 5th Science • 4/27 3rd – 5th Make-ups • MAP • Computer based assessment • Benchmark assessments • District-wide practice STAAR tests • STAAR tests • Statewide testing system that replaces TAKS

  15. Daily Schedule • 8:00 - 9:45 Math •  9:45 – 11:30 Language Arts (Spalding, Reading, Writing) • 11:30 – 12:00 Recess* (Hilltop Park) • 12:00 – 12:30 Lunch • 12:30 -1:05 Centers/Science/Small Group • 1:05 -1:55 Specials • 1:55 – 3:00 Science/Social Studies • * Recess is at 12:30 on Fridays

  16. Reading Curriculum • Inferencing • Main Idea • Character Analysis • Fact and Opinion • Summaries • Genres • Word Meaning • Comprehension • Graphic Organizers Guided Reading: Small group instruction based on targeted skills, as well as, fluency building.

  17. Writing Workshop The Writing Process • Pre-writing/Brainstorm • Rough Draft • Revision • Peer Conference • Edit/Revise • Teacher Conference • Revise Again • Publish Not every piece of writing is taken all the way through the process. We publish one or two pieces per nine-week period.

  18. Spelling • Monday - Pretest on weekly words and challenge words Spelling list will go home in Monday folder • Thursday- Tested on dictation sentences and challenge words • During the first semester we give them the dictation sentences to study in their homework. • In the second semester we do NOT give the dictation sentences in advance. By this time, we feel that our students have a strong foundation using their capitalization and punctuation appropriately.

  19. Mathematics • Place Value to 999,999 • Fractions • Addition and Subtraction • Rounding and Estimation • Patterns - Basis for Algebra • Geometry • Measurement - Both Metric & Customary • Graphing/Probability • Problem Solving • Reasonableness

  20. Science • Nature of Science • Life Science • Physical Science • Earth Science We will be doing LOTS of science experiments this year!

  21. Social Studies • History of McKinney • Time/Chronology • Local Government • Economics • Geography

  22. Parent – Teacher Conferences • Your first third grade report card will be given in person during a pre-scheduled conference. We want to go over the first one together! You will receive notice through email and in Monday folders around October 4 - 11th as to when we will start our conferences. • We always welcome parent conferences throughout the year. Please don’t hesitate to call or email your teacher to set up a conference. We feel that our partnership is key to building your child’s success!

  23. Attendance • School attendance is a priority at Walker Elementary. Texas state law mandates school attendance in what is known as the “compulsory attendance law”. As stated in the Student Handbook, students are considered in violation of the compulsory attendance law when they have: • 3 unexcused absences in a four week period or • 10 unexcused absences in a six month period (please note that tardies counts in this provision) • Excused absences: • Illnesses • Deaths in the family • Religious holy days • Other extenuating circumstances (must be approved by the Principal) • Unexcused absences: • Vacations & trips • Tardies: • Students must be in their classrooms by 8:00 a.m. or they will be tardy. • Tardy warning letters will be sent home periodically throughout the school year. • Excessive tardies will prompt a meeting with the student, a parent and the Assistant Principal

  24. Attendance Notification • Notification Procedures: • If we do not hear from you about an absence it is automatically unexcused. • For illnesses, a doctor note is preferred, but not required UNLESS the absence was for 5 or more consecutive days. • To document an absence please do one of the following: • Email Laurie Kiley, registrar, at • Call the absence line at 469-742-4667 • Send a parent or doctor note to the office • The district sends out truancy warning letters at 3 and 7 unexcused absences. Warning: these letters are not very friendly! • If your child reaches 10 unexcused absences in a 6 month period, the district may file truancy charges in a court of law. • Please see pgs. 11-12 in the Student Handbook and pg. 36 in the Student Code of Conduct for more information about attendance.

  25. Rachel’s Challenge • Purpose: Teach every student in America that they have the power to start a chain reaction of kindness in their school and community that will create a permanent positive cultural change. • The 5 Parts: 1. Look for the best in others, eliminate prejudice and be accepting. The power of diversity and inclusion. 2. Dream big- set goals- keep a journal. The power of written goals. 3. Choose positive influences. Thepower of connection and community. 4. Small acts of kindness reap huge results. The power of kind words and actions. 5. Start a chain reaction of kindness. The power of one. • “Chain of Kindness”: This is a visual representation of the acts of kindness and compassion demonstrated by students and staff. How does it work? -- “Links” are given to a student who was the recipient of an act of kindness. -- The student acknowledges the act of kindness. -- The link is added to the classroom chain. -- Throughout the year classroom chains will be collected and added to the campus chain. • Why does it work? : --Real person, Real story. -- It demonstrates hope conquering fear. --It resonates with everyone. --Youth driven program. – Involves EVERYONE!!

  26. Snack and Water Bottles • Each student is encouraged to bring a healthy snack and water bottle to school each day.

  27. Lost or Damaged Books • The cost to replace a lost or damaged book will be the actual cost of the library bound book plus processing (costs per book usually runs $10.00 - $25.00) • Library hours are from 7:30 to 3:30 • If you have any questions please contact: Cindi Bolton Library Media Specialist Walker Elementary, McKinney ISD 469-742-4650

  28. Physical Education • Our job is to teach the students how to live a healthy lifestyle. • Please wear athletic shoes that won’t slip off and cover the whole foot. • If a student needs to sit out for a week or more due to injury, please send a doctor’s note. • Contacts: • •

  29. Art & Music Music • Above all, in Music class at Walker Elementary we: • aim to love every minute, every song, every dance and every experience. • plan to play, sing, dance, read, write and create musical learning every day, in every possible way. • We will approach musical art both from a fun standpoint and, most important, as a genuine academic learning experience! • aim for all Walker Stars to gain a love and excitement about singing, playing instruments, reading and writing songs, and love all musical experiences! • Art • Students will be studying Art Around the World this year! • We started our journey in Latin America and will progress with projects inspired by each continent. • Students will learn about artists, people, culture, animals and environments while creating beautiful works of art with a wide variety of materials and techniques. • Children will enjoy stories and music from a wide variety of cultures to deepen their understanding of our world and add meaning to their artwork. • Students will utilize self expression, creativity, and problem solving skills while cultivating a love for art! •

  30. Criminal Background Check • All McKinney ISD volunteers must complete a yearly Volunteer Criminal Background Check prior to volunteering on any MISD campus. • EVERYONE must fill out a new application to be a volunteer for the 2011-2012 school year. Go to the McKinney ISD website at to access the volunteer background check application. • Click on the Parent Resources tab and then click on the MISD Volunteers. This will allow you to fill out your Volunteer Criminal Background application at home. • Every person who enters the Walker building will need to show a photo ID. This includes all volunteers, lunch visitors, and classroom helpers. • Thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to keep your child safe.