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The Global Fund and Southern Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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The Global Fund and Southern Africa

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The Global Fund and Southern Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Global Fund and Southern Africa. A review of the structures and grants in southern Africa. What is the Global Fund?. The Global Fund is an independent public-private partnership mandated to: Raise and to disburse substantial new resources Operate transparently and accountably

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The Global Fund and Southern Africa

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the global fund and southern africa

The Global Fund and Southern Africa

A review of the structures and grants in southern Africa

what is the global fund
What is the Global Fund?
  • The Global Fund is an independent public-private partnership mandated to:
    • Raise and to disburse substantial new resources
    • Operate transparently and accountably
    • Achieve sustained impact on HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria
  • $14.9 billion dollars committed in 140 countries
guiding principles
Guiding Principles…
  • Operate as a financial instrument, not an implementing entity
  • Make available and leverage additional financial resources
  • Support programs that reflect national ownership
  • Operate in a balanced manner in terms of different regions, diseases and interventions
  • Pursue an integrated and balanced approach to prevention and treatment
  • Evaluate proposals through independent review processes
  • Establish a simplified, rapid and innovative grant-making process and operate transparently, with accountability
key structures
Key Structures
  • The Board
  • Country Coordinating Mechanisms
  • Technical Review Panel
  • Secretariat
the board
The Board
  • Donors (8)
  • Recipients (7)
  • NGOs North
  • NGOs South
  • Communities living with the diseases




  • Private sector
  • Private Foundations
  • WHO
  • World Bank






country coordinating mechanisms
Country Coordinating Mechanisms

Private Sector



Affected communities



Multi & bilateral partners



ccm responsibilities
CCM Responsibilities
  • Coordinate the submission of a coordinated country proposal
  • Ensure that its members have a supportive environment to perform their tasks
  • Select one or more appropriate organization(s) to act as Principal Recipient(s) (PR) for the Global Fund grant(s)
  • Oversee implementation of approved grants and performance of the PR(s)
ccm requirements
CCM Requirements
  • Membership of people living with and/or affected by the diseases
  • Documented and transparent selection process for CCM membership of non-governmental representatives
  • Transparent and documented process to solicit and review proposal submissions
  • Documented and transparent process to nominate the PR and oversee grant implementation
  • Ensure the input of a broad range of stakeholders into proposal development and grant-oversight
  • Written conflict of interest plan when the Chair and/or Vice chair of CCM are from same entity as PR
technical review panel
Technical Review Panel
  • 35 Experts
  • Reviews eligible grant proposals for technical merit:
    • Soundness of approach
    • Feasibility; and
    • Potential for sustainability
global fund secretariat
Global Fund Secretariat

Office of the Executive





















the global fund process rounds based proposals
The Global Fund Process: Rounds-based Proposals
  • Global Fund calls for proposals
  • CCM collaborates to prepare proposals
  • CCM submits proposals to the Global Fund and recommends principal recipients
  • Secretariat screens the proposals for eligibility
  • Technical review panel reviews proposals and submits to the Global Fund Board for approval
  • Board approves proposals based on availability of funding
the global fund process rounds based proposals1
The Global Fund Process: Rounds-based Proposals
  • Secretariat appoints a Local Fund Agent (LFA)
  • LFA assesses capacity of principal recipients (PR)
  • Secretariat negotiates a grant agreement with PR
  • Secretariat signs a two-year grant agreement
  • Disbursements are made to PR on the basis of performance in a form of progress updates
  • PR may disburse to sub-recipients as implementers
regional proposals
Regional proposals
  • Submitted by a regional CCM or Regional organization
  • Must be endorsed by CCMs in all countries with proposed programmatic activities
  • Must show clear value added by a regional approach
non ccm proposals
Non-CCM Proposals
  • Only possible under very limited circumstances
    • A country without a legitimate government;
    • A country in conflict/at war, facing a wide-scale natural disaster, or in a complex emergency situation (as identified by the Global Fund through the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs); or
    • Countries that suppress or have not established partnerships with civil society and non-governmental organizations. 
other funding windows
Other funding windows
  • Rolling Continuation Channel
    • Good-performing grants only
    • CCM must be invited to apply
  • National Strategy Applications
    • Currently being piloted in six countries
in southern africa
In Southern Africa…
  • 25 HIV Grants in 10 Countries worth more than $2.6 billion
  • All countries have had at least one grant, nine have active HIV grants
  • But how many address the HIV-related needs of LGBT individuals and communities?
msm in southern africa hiv proposals
MSM in Southern Africa HIV Proposals
  • Angola - R4
    • Produce and Distribute IEC materials for MSM
  • Lesotho - R8
    • Targeted interventions for MSM, including participatory assessments to identify HIV-related needs; community outreach efforts; peer education, training and support; and SRH education
    • Recognizes that NGOs are best-placed to meet needs of the community
    • Include MSM in sentinel surveillance
  • Zimbabwe - R8
    • Developing an approach to provide for improved access of MSM to PITC, OI/ART. Will specific programs be implemented?