4 on 4 sand volleyball captains meeting spring 2013 n.
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4 on 4 Sand Volleyball Captains Meeting Spring 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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4 on 4 Sand Volleyball Captains Meeting Spring 2013

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4 on 4 Sand Volleyball Captains Meeting Spring 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4 on 4 Sand Volleyball Captains Meeting Spring 2013

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  1. 4 on 4 Sand Volleyball Captains MeetingSpring 2013

  2. Contact Info Graduate Assistant: Ellie Schmerler Office number: 405-744-7407 Email: matt.lee10@okstate.edu Office Hours: Monday – Noon-4pm Tuesday – 8am-Noon Wednesday – 11am-3pm Thursday – 11am-3pm Friday – 8am-Noon

  3. Important Information • Appropriate Team Names • Scheduling • Waitlisted Teams • Co-Rec B • Mens A&B

  4. ELIGIBILITY • OSU or NOC undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the current semester • Faculty/Staff with a valid Colvin Recreation Center Activity Card • Captains are responsible for the eligibility of their players • In order to participate for a fraternity or sorority an participant must be associated with that organization as a pledge, member, or alumni

  5. Sport Clubs & Practice Teams • Only two (2) sport club or practice squad members are eligible to play on team in corresponding sports • Must compete in A league

  6. FORFEITS & CONCEDES • FORFEIT TIME IS GAME TIME!! • NO EXCEPTIONS! • FORFEIT FEE is $25 charge to captain’s bursar account. • 2 forfeits = dropped from further competition • A team CAPTAIN may concede by notifying IM office • Concede by noon on day of game or 5 pm on Friday for Sunday games • No fee for conceded game • 2 conceded games = dropped from further competition

  7. PROTESTS • A team captain must file the protest with the IM supervisor at the instant the question occurs • Protests may only be filed concerning rule interpretations, policies or procedures and player eligibility • Player eligibility protests can be made before, during, or after the contest • Protests that challenge the accuracy of a judgment call by supervisors will not be accepted

  8. Schedules • Schedules are subject to change • Please check schedules regularly online for updates • Call the Rec Check Line for any schedule changes due to inclement weather • Look at schedule for any mistakes

  9. PLAYOFFS • Brackets will be made after the last games on April 14th . • Teams may add players to their roster at their first scheduled playoff game • Teams must win one game in order to be eligible for playoffs • Win by forfeit DOES count as a win • Teams must maintain a 3.0 sportsmanship rating to be eligible for playoffs as well as have a 3.0 throughout playoffs.

  10. All-University Points System • Sand Volleyball = “Mini Season” • A League • 75 Participation Points + Final Standing Points • IM Champion = 75 Points • 2nd = 50 Points • 3rd & 4th = 35 Points • 5th - 8th = 20 Points • B League = 25 Participation Points ONLY

  11. TEAM CAPTAINS • Must be familiar with all rules and policies about their sport and relay that information to team members • Checking team schedule daily and notifying team members of schedule changes • Team captains assume full responsibility for their players and fans behavior • Represent team in case of protests • Responsible for forfeit fees

  12. MISCELLANEOUS • Team captains must present the names and CWID numbers of all players on the score sheet prior to the start of each contest • Beverages will be allowed as long as no trash is left behind • No alcohol/alcoholic beverages will be allowed • No tobacco, smokeless included, is allowed near the Sand Volleyball Courts

  13. Free Agents • Pick up free agents for your team • Go to imLeagues account and see who is available in each league as a free agent.

  14. EQUIPMENT • Intramurals will provide the “game” ball for each scheduled contest • Sand Volleyballs must be provided by the team or checked out through Campus Recreation Equipment Room for practice • Athletic attire is required (no jeans, jean shorts, cargo pants, etc) • NO JEWELRY!! • Hats, visors and sunglasses will be allowed

  15. PLAYERS • A player may participate on 1 men’s or women’s and 1 co-rec team • Team consists of 4 players; start with a minimum of 2 • Players may substitute unlimited times per game but must do so during a serve

  16. THE GAME Time limit: 40 minutes Best 2 out of 3 • First two games will be played to 21 (cap 23) and must be won by 2 • The last game will be to 15 (cap 17) win by 2 • You DO NOT have to serve to win • All games will be rally score **Allowed one (1) timeout per game (30 seconds)**

  17. GAME PLAY GAMES ARE SELF OFFICIATED THE FOLLOWING RULES ARE TO BE USED: • The serving team will keep the running score by announcing the score (serving team-receiving team) prior to each serve • The winning team of each game must report the score to the Intramural Supervisor

  18. GAME PLAY • The opposing team should call all illegal hits and net and line violations • The team on the side of the net nearest a ball in or out should make all of these calls • All players are asked to use the honesty system when playing without officials • If there is an illegal hit, net or line violation, or line call, the player committing the violation should make the call • If teams cannot agree on an illegal hit, net or line violation, or line call, it will result in a replay The Intramural Supervisor will NOT make any game-type calls.

  19. RULES • A ball may not be played if it goes onto another court that has play in progress • Playing the ball that was hit onto another court is legal if the other game is stopped • A ball that hits the boundary lines is in bounds Please do not interfere with another game Replay the point if it was possible to make a play

  20. RULES • A team cannot hit the ball more than three (3) times before sending it over the net • If the first contact is a block, then the next play on the ball is considered the first hit • A player cannot hit the ball twice in succession • A player may not touch the net at any time (unless it is incidental contact) • Stepping under the net is legal as long as there is no contact or interference with an opponent

  21. RULES • All players may attack the net • No back row players need to be designated • Reaching over the net is only permitted during the follow through of a hit made on a player’s own side, and during a block or block attempt • No open hand tips/dinks are allowed during sand volleyball • Alternatives include; cobra, palms, heel of hand, knurled fingers, or the back of the hand

  22. RULES • It is legal to set the serve, no matter if the setter is perpendicular to the net or not; as long as it is not lifted • It is legal to double hit a hard driven ball momentarily, but only on the first team contact or hard driven ball

  23. SERVE • Teams must establish a service order and maintain it throughout each game • A serve can take place anywhere behind the back line • The server has five (5) seconds to serve the ball after announcing the score. • The server must release the ball out of his/her hands before contacting it on the serve • The server cannot step on the service line to serve, or step over the service line until the ball has been contacted

  24. CO-REC MODIFICATIONS • A team consists of four (4) players, two (2) men and two (2) women • A team may start with a minimum of two (2) players • When only playing with three (3) players, the male/female ratio will be 2:1 or 1:2 • On all other occasions the male/female ratio must remain equal, 2:2 or 1:1

  25. Any Questions? GOOD LUCK!