Religious fundamentalism
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Religious Fundamentalism. LO : Was America a country of religious and racial intolerance during this period? Key Words : Monkey Trial, Darwinism, Creationism. What do you think is meant by religious fundamentalism?. Watch the DVD clip to show an example of Christian fundamentalism!. KEY WORD.

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Religious fundamentalism

Religious Fundamentalism

LO: Was America a country of religious and racial intolerance during this period?

Key Words: Monkey Trial, Darwinism, Creationism

Key word
KEY WORD fundamentalism!

  • Religious fundamentalist:

  • Someone who takes the Bible literally and holds extreme views on religion.

Sister aimee mcpherson
Sister Aimee McPherson fundamentalism!

  • Popular preacher of the 1920s

  • One of the first people to use radio to spread her message

  • Thousands flocked to hear her speak

America in the 1920s
America in the 1920s fundamentalism!

  • The Southern States of America in the 1920s were known as the Bible Belt.

  • They were traditionally religious and many people here did not like the changes brought about by the ‘Jazz Age’

  • They thought flappers (fashionable women who often drank and smoked) were immoral and didn’t agree with the emphasis on sex, material goods and ‘loose morals.’

  • They passed laws banning wearing of ‘indecent’ bathing costumes, gambling on Sunday etc

The bible belt
The Bible Belt fundamentalism!

Religious fundamentalism
1925 fundamentalism!

  • 1925 –6 states, including Tennessee passed law banning the teaching of Creationism

They thought it contradicted the Bible

The bible
The Bible fundamentalism!

The Bible teaches that God created the world in 7 days.

Fundamentalists take the Bible literally. They believe that man came from Adam and Eve.

Charles darwin
Charles Darwin fundamentalism!

  • Charles Darwin was a scientist.

  • He came up with the Theory of Evolution

  • Life on earth evolved slowly over millions of years

  • Modern science has shown that human beings are descended from apes and monkeys

Test yourself
Test yourself fundamentalism!

  • What was the ‘Bible Belt’? (4 marks)

  • What did many southern states ban in 1925? (1 mark)

  • What are Fundamentalists? (1 mark)

  • Explain Darwinism (2 marks)

Johnny scopes
Johnny Scopes fundamentalism!

  • Johnny Scopes was a science teacher in Tennessee.

  • He decided to put the law to the test.

  • He taught Darwinism knowing he would be prosecuted.

Religious fundamentalism

His trial took place in July 1925 in a packed courtroom, with over a hundred newsmen.

It was the first trial in American history to be broadcast on the radio

Clarence darrow v william j bryan
Clarence Darrow v William J. Bryan with over a hundred newsmen.

  • Clarence Darrow offered to defend Stopes without a fee.

  • William Jennings Bryan was the leader of the prosecution

Religious fundamentalism

  • There was no doubt that Scopes was guilty. with over a hundred newsmen.

  • However, the trial concentrated on the arguments for and against the Theory of Evolution

  • For this reason it was nicknamed The Monkey Trial

During the trial
During the Trial with over a hundred newsmen.

How did Darrow try to make a fool out of Bryan?

“Darrow: “Do you believe in Jonah and the Whale”?

Bryan: “It is easy to believe in the miracle of Jonah”

Darrow: “Did Eve really come from Adam’s rib”?

Bryan: Yes”

The verdict
The Verdict with over a hundred newsmen.

  • Scopes was found guilty and fined $100.

  • However, the outcome is generally seen as a victory for Darrow, who managed to humiliate Bryan