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New college English. Book Two. Unit Eight. Money. I Preparation. II Reading Activities. IV Translation & Writing. III Further Development. Unit Eight. Part I Preparation. 1. A Debate. 2. Video. Activity 1 A Debate. Money Is the Root of All Evil

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I Preparation

II Reading Activities

IV Translation & Writing

III Further Development

Unit Eight


Part I Preparation

1. A Debate

2. Video


Activity 1 A Debate

Money Is the Root of All Evil

In the modern society, people hold different opinions on money. Let’s have a debate on Money Is the Root of All Evil. Before you start the debate, you should firstly outline your arguments. The next slide is for your reference.


Activity 1 A Debate

Source of living materials: food, house, etc.

Money Is the Root of All Evil

Endless needs for money lead to various crimes.

Make the happiness possible by recreation, travel, etc.

Sacrifice love and friendship for money.

Payment for education, medical care, etc.

Overwork for more money at the cost of health and family.


Part II Reading Activities

1. Pre-reading Questions

2. Text Organization

3. Sentence Study

4. Words & Phrases


Pre-reading Questions

1. What did the study in The Wall Street Journal


The study found that 70 per cent of the public had just enough money to live on till the next payday. Mortgage debt has increased 300 per cent since 1975, and consumer bankruptcies are at an all-time high. Most marriages that fail list financial problems as a contributing factor.


Pre-reading Questions

2.What does Kahlil Gibran mean by saying “The

fear of need, when the pantry is full, is the thirst

that can not be satisfied”?

In this sentence, Kahlil Gibran meant to express that even when you have plenty, your desire for getting more for the future can never be satisfied.


Text Organization


Introduction.(Para. 1—5)

We are a people consumed by financial stress.


Worrying about money won’t do us any good.(Para. 6—11)

Some unusual people live free from financial stress.


Money might be the root of all evil if we value ittoo much.(Para. 12—15)


Conclusion.(Para. 16—17)

It’s no use panicking and there are two alternative attitudes towardfinancial



Sentence Study

1. In my heart, I aspire to be like those lilies. But in my head, I feel a need to hoard. (Line 27)



Sentence Study

1. In my heart, I aspire to be like those lilies. But in my head, I feel a need to hoard. (Line 27)

本句中平行的两个部分分别是in my heart和in my head;I aspire to do sth.和I feel a need to do sth.。更妙的是此处表示对比关系,对比的是“理智”与“情感”,head与heart;“浪漫”与“现实”,lilies与hoard。读来琅琅上口,回味无穷。


Sentence Study


1.Mr. Morgan can be very sad in private, though in public he is

extremely cheerful.

2.He may be a man of character, but cannot

be a man of ability.


Sentence Study

1. In my heart, I aspire to be like those lilies. But in my head, I feel a need to hoard. (Line 27)




Sentence Study

2. It is an unusual person who can live free from financial

stress, or who can spend money on others as easily as

he spends it on himself. (Line 28)

英语常用的强调结构是“It is+被强调部分(主语、宾语或状语) +who (that)... ”。一般说来,被强调部分指人时用who;指事物时用that,that也可以指人。在美国英语中指事物时常用which来代替that。要注意在强调时间、地点时,也用that。


Sentence Study

2. It is an unusual person who can live free from financial

stress, or who can spend money on others as easily as

he spends it on himself. (Line 28)


1. It is the ability to do the job that matters not where you come from or what you are.

2. Was it in 1969 that the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon?


Sentence Study

2. It is an unusual person who can live free from financial

stress, or who can spend money on others as easily as

he spends it on himself. (Line 28)





Sentence Study

3. Several times he was all but bankrupt. (Line 36)

all but

all but与almost,nearly同义,作“几乎”、“快要”解。


Sentence Study


1.The performance was all but over when we arrived.

2.The job is all but finished.

3.She all but fainted when she heard the news.


Sentence Study


anything but不见得,决不


1.He is anything but a good headmaster.

2.His theory is anything but correct.


Sentence Study


nothing but只不过,仅仅(不以为然,厌烦之语气)

  • 【例句】
  • There is nothing but water in the bottle.
  • 2. His theory is nothing but correct.

Sentence Study


Nothing/None… but 除······没有人/事······


  • 【例句】
  • 1. No one but he (him) showed much interest in the proposal.
  • Nothing but disaster could come from such a plan.
  • Nothing would do but that he should be here.

Sentence Study

3. Several times he was all but bankrupt. (Line 36)




Sentence Study

4. We lay awake at night worrying, lest the ewes should lie

on their lambs and we got up again and again to see that

all was well.(Line 51)

lest 以免;唯恐;以防备

表否定目的的从属连词,其后的句子要使用虚拟语气。形式为“… lest +主语+ should +动词原形” ,其中should可省略。


Sentence Study

4. We lay awake at night worrying, lest the ewes should lie

on their lambs and we got up again and again to see that

all was well.(Line 51)


1.We booked rooms at the hotel lest we

(should) find no vacancies on our arrival.

2.I put away my pistol lest he (should)

touch it.


Sentence Study

for fear (that),in case (that)同lest用法。

in case (that)中的should通常不省去,但in case 句中可使用陈述语气。


1.Better chain up the dog in case (that) he bites.

2.He will hide it for fear that she (should) see it.


Sentence Study

4. We lay awake at night worrying, lest the ewes should lie

on their lambs and we got up again and again to see that

all was well.(Line 51)






Words & Phrases

  • 1. subtly adv.(Line 3, Para. 1)
  • subtle adj.
  • 1) difficult to perceive or describe because fine or
  • delicate 因精美或微妙而难以想象或描写的


  • The distinction between these two objects is quite subtle. Can you find it?
  • 2) His words contain a kind of subtle humor.

Words & Phrases

  • adj. 2) ingenious; complex 灵巧的;精细的;错综的


  • Her subtle design of the diamond attracted
  • all the guests’ attention.
  • 2) There are subtle relationships among the major roles in Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai’s (Wang Jiawei) blockbusters like In the Mood for Love (Huayang Nianhua) and 2046.

Words & Phrases

2. financial (Line 4, Para. 1)

adj. relating to or involving money 财政的;经济的


1)Many financial experts discussed how to enable the country to shake off the financial crisis at that seminar.

2)That famous football club had to put several excellent players on sale due to financial stress .


Words & Phrases


n. (science of) the management of (esp. public)

money 财政;财政学;金融


1) Do you know who is the US Minister of Finance ?


2) As we know, the former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji is a prominent politician as well as an expert of finance.(财政专家)


Words & Phrases

3. afford (Line 7, Para. 2)

v. 1) (usu. with can, could, or be able to) spare or find

enough time or money for 省出或找到足够的时间或



1) If you want to pass the CET-6 examination this semester,

you can’t afford time for the online computer games.

2) Can you afford about 50,000 yuan for a

Chery QQ now?


Words & Phrases

  • 2) (of things) supply; give (指事物)供给;给与


  • The trees afford a pleasant shade to the
  • villagers.
  • 2) Comedian Huang Hong’s appearance afforded great pleasure to all those who were present.

Words & Phrases

4. cut back on (Line 9, Para. 2)

reduce something greatly 减少;缩小;削减


1) In order to become more competitive, many multinationals are cutting back on their overseas employees at the moment.

2) Cutting back on the unnecessary expenditures is quite

important for the survival of a medium-sized private



Words & Phrases

5. contributing (Line 17, Para. 4)



It is talent and passion rather than his father’s reputation that become the contributing factors for Jaycee Chan’s (Fang

Zuming) success in the show business.


Words & Phrases


1) join with others in giving (help, money, etc., to a

common cause); give (ideas, suggestions, etc.)



That Hong Kong businessman regularly contributes to the Red Cross in the mainland.

2) have a share in; help to bring about 有助于;促成


Huge potential market contributed to fast

food giant McDonald’s Corp’s decision

to build new outlets in China.


Words & Phrases

6. confirm (Line 20, Para 5)

vt. make (power, ownership, opinions, rights, feelings,

etc.) firmer or stronger 使······更巩固或坚强;证实


1)Please confirm your telephone message by writing to me.

2)It has been confirmed that Intel planned to develop new

computer chips.



Words & Phrases

  • 7. consume (Line 21, Para. 5)
  • v. 1) use time, energy, goods, etc. 消耗;消费


  • That luxury car consumes much gasoline.
  • 2) I am sure that you can get good marks in the Graduate
  • Record Examination (GRE) because you have alreadyconsumed great amount of time on the preparation.

Words & Phrases

2) fill the thoughts or feelings continuously, especially in

a damaging way 心中总想着

【例句】Recently she was consumed with the desire that she could finally become the Miss World.


派生词 : consumer 消费者;用户

【例句】Many consumers have their views toward the price wars among automakers.


Words & Phrases

8. do… good (Line 24, Para. 6)

benefit 对······有利


1) Eating more vegetables must do you good.

2) China’s promise to open its advertising market will definitely do good to thoseforeign advertisers.

3)Inviting Olympic champion as the image ambassador of our company will do good to the promotion of our products.


Words & Phrases

9. aspire (Line 27, Para. 7)

v. have a strong ambition to achieve something


aspire after truth 追求真理

aspire after knowledge 渴求知识

aspire after a political career 追求政治生涯

aspire to success 渴望成功

aspire the highest position 追求最高职位


Words & Phrases

  • 名词形式:aspiration
  • n. desire (for or after something, to be or do
  • something) 愿望;希望;渴望;热望


  • His aspiration for fame is very strong.
  • 2) She had an aspiration to become a writer.

Words & Phrases

10. breed (Line 30, Para. 9)

n. a type of 类型;种类


1)War breeds misery and ruin.

2)Rabbits breed rapidly.

3)He was bred up as a painter.

4)Only the Chinese have successfully bred

pandas and raised their babies in captivity.


Words & Phrases

11. plow back ( Line 36, Para. 10)

put money that you have earned back into a

business in order to make the business bigger and

more successful 把(利润)再投资


It is necessary that we plow back the money we have earned to

further enlarge our business.


Words & Phrases

  • v. 1) break up (land) with a plow 犁(地);耕(田)


  • Time has plowed wrinkles in his face.
  • 2) It seems that he plows the sand day by day.

Words & Phrases

v. 2) force a way through; advance laboriously



1) She is plowing through a boring novel.

2) That ship plowed through the heavy



Words & Phrases

12. in (the) light of (Line 46, Para. 14)

in view of, considering something

依据······; 看来;鉴于;由于


1) In light of the strong demand across the Taiwan Straits,

the first ever Spring Festival charter flight for the

Taiwanese business people was realized in the year of 2005.

2) Such South Korean dramas as Double Take (Kanle

Youkan) could become quite popular in the mainland of

China partly in the light of their special display of East

Asia’s traditional culture.


Part III Further Development

  • Ten Wishes

2. The Root of All Evil


Ten Wishes

Directions: If a genie appeared before you and said he would grant you ten wishes, what would your wishes be? Tell your wishes to the others in your class, and find out what the ten most common wishes are.


Ten Wishes

Sample Answers:

--to buy a house

--to go traveling

--to have a lot of money

--to be famous

--to have a car

--to bring the whole world love and peace

--to be always young

--to be beautiful forever…


The Root of All Evil

Directions: Read the information and discuss in groups whether money is the root if all evil.


Part IV Translation & Writing

1. Translation Skills

2. Writing Practice


Translation Skills



Translation Skills



Translation Skills


1.What he told mewas only half-truth.


2.Whatever he saw and heard on his tripgave him a very deep impression.



Translation Skills


1.It seemed inconceivablethat the pilot could have survived the crash.飞机坠毁后,飞行员居然还活着,这看来真是不可思议。

2.It is strangethat she should have failed to see her own shortcomings.真奇怪,她竟然没有看出自己的缺点。(不提前)

that what how it

Translation Skills




Translation Skills


1.I told himthat because of the last condition, I’d have to turn it down.我告诉他,由于最后那个条件,我不得已只能谢绝。

2.He would remind people againthat it was decided not only by himself but by lots of others.他再三提醒大家,决定此事的不只他一人,还有其他许多人。


Translation Skills


3. I take it for granted that you will come and talk the matter over with him.


4.Anyhow, old friend, I owe it to you that I’m here.




Writing Practice

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: If I were a millionaire, I would… Imagine you are a millionaire, what are the THREE things you’d like to do most? You should write at least 120 words.


Writing Practice

Sample Writing

If I were a millionaire, I would…

As everyone knows, money is not everything, but

without money we could do nothing. I have dreamed of

being a millionaire. If I were a millionaire one day, I

would do three great things.


Writing Practice

If I were a millionaire, first of all, I would purchase a big and beautiful house for my parents and make them live comfortably and happily, because no one can deny that parents’ love for their children is the greatest love in the world. It’s my parents who give me the most precious gift—my life. It’s my parents who have sacrificed (牺牲) most in bringing me up and educating me, never expecting for any return. So it is not surprising that I would think of their needs first if I became a millionaire.


Writing Practice

One day if I were a millionaire, I would travel around the world. Experiencing is believing. I have been dreaming of seeing other parts of the world since my childhood. Foreign cultures and customs are always appealing (有吸引力的) to me. My traveling experiences will certainly help me broaden (扩大) my horizons (视野) and sharpen my language skills.


Writing Practice

Last but not least, if I were a millionaire, I would establish a scholarship (奖学金) in my name. Nowadays some of my peers (同龄人) are worried about their tuition (学费) and living expenses on campus. If I were rich enough, I would help those who work very hard but have little money for higher education and further studies. As a result, my money could help them upgrade their lives.

In a word, if I were a millionaire one day, I would not only fulfill my dreams but also would do my best to help others realize their dreams. I wish that day would come soon.