safe abortion advocacy an ongoing challenge n.
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Safe Abortion Advocacy: an ongoing challenge

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Safe Abortion Advocacy: an ongoing challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safe Abortion Advocacy: an ongoing challenge . Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion CLACAI MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice. CLACAI. CLACAI articulates four sectors: Advocacy, Services, Research and Legal Defense .

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safe abortion advocacy an ongoing challenge

Safe Abortion Advocacy: an ongoing challenge

Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion CLACAI

MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice


CLACAI articulates four sectors: Advocacy, Services, Research and Legal Defense.

CLACAI’s aim is to reduce the rate of unsafe abortion and increase access to modern and safe technologies, ensuring the full respect of sexual and reproductive rights of women.

advocacy on what
  • Indications?
  • Abortion as part of Women’s Human Rights
  • Access toSafeAbortion
  • Womenhavingthepower
  • Womenaccesingtechnologies
  • Tobuildcitizenshipforwomen: theStateisresponsible
medical abortion a need in latin america
Medical Abortion a Need in Latin America
  • The lack of access to safe services, even when the law allows it
  • The possibility of all women to have a safe abortion by themselves.
  • Lack of access to modern contraceptives
  • The stigma related to abortion and the use of misoprostol by the women themselves inside the medical federations, some sectors of the women and feminist movements, the lawyers, etc.
  • Lack of control on private practices is both a risk and a benefit. On one hand is possible to get a safe abortion and in the other hand is possible several violations of human rights of women and unsafe procedures
our threats
  • Pharmaceutical industry, they only seek profits, without enhancing the obstetric use, following conservative approaches.
  • Governments are not taking care of women’s rights and health, they don’t provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive services, including abortion care. If the State is not buying misoprostol for public use then the industry is not interested on talking about the obstetric use.
  • Opposition has plenty of attention to misoprostol and it has become a battle field.
  • Until now many of the countries in the LAC region have been irregular with the registration mechanisms on medications, but there is a shift on that due to the free trade treaty, threatening the access to the medication.
  • There is a diminishing interest on the international cooperation to invest on the region, and on abortion. Therefore a de-politization of the sexual and reproductive agenda is happening.
hands on lac
HandsOn: LAC
  • To Broaden the legal access: The struggle to have more indications for legal abortion and real access to them. Many women’s organizations has had an impact with the health and violence indications.
  • To Raise Awareness on abortion: One of the major difficulties in our region is the strong presence and power of the catholic church. Women’s organizations have strategies to speak about abortion and women’s right to choose. It is also about giving information directly to women.
  • To Generate Knowledge on Medical Abortion: There are many limitations, but evidence is being produced, CLACAI has studies, from the epidemiology, cost, and women’s approach and an Online tool to search cientific evidence on medical abortion that is a support to women’s movement to de-stigmitize medical abortion.

our challenges
  • To have real access we need to include other sectors:
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Legal community
    • Medical Registration Activists (Essential Medications)
  • WeneedtohaveAdvocacyonabortion as women’s Human Rightto:
    • Reduce abortionrelatedstigma
    • Broadenaccesstosafeabortionservices
    • Makegovernmentsaccountablefortheiractions as well as lack of actions
  • Weneedadvocacyon medical abortionbecause:
    • Thepowerisonwomen’shands
    • Tobroadenwomen’soptions
    • Tobrake vertical structure
more challenges
More Challenges
  • Abortion on the Second trimester are still kept invisible, leaving in the dark the must vulnerabilized women.
  • We still need to work to eradicate the total prohibition from countries in LAC
  • We need a strong support mass from medical sector.
maria fund

The MARIA Fund is an advocacy tool that makes visible the need of all women to have access to safe abortion

We work from Mexico City broadening the city’s law to all women in the country

Since 2011 with the support from the Ecuador hotline we are able to give a better direct support to women by giving misoprostol information and phone support

We work in alliance with other women orgs and groups to decriminalize abortion in all the country, and work against abortion related stigma and stigma on self use of misoprostol

medical abortion in mexico
Medical Abortion in Mexico
  • It is accessible, with the city’s law plenty of options came for women to by misoprostol at lower costs. It is possible to redirect funds to other aspects of SRR.
  • Mexico City has now the mifepristone registered for hospital use
  • It is an option for women everywhere, without medical support
  • It is safe
  • It is simple