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Korean Government Clean Energy Forum

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Korean Government Clean Energy Forum. Thursday, December 5, 2013. CCIA State Legislative Track Record. In 2009, passed Senate Bill 31, Clean Technology Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (never appropriated).

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korean government clean energy forum

Korean Government Clean Energy Forum

Thursday, December 5, 2013

ccia state legislative track record
CCIA State Legislative Track Record
  • In 2009, passed Senate Bill 31, Clean Technology Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (never appropriated).
  • In 2010, no legislation pushed but Executive Order signed to create an Venture Capital Advisory Board with role for CCIA.
  • In 2011, passed Senate Bill 47, the Colorado Science and Technology Innovation Reinvestment Act (details to follow).
  • In 2012, passed House Bill 1258, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Charging Stations – cut red tape for establishing EV/LNG/CNG/Propane fueling infrastructure.
  • In 2012, testified in support of a variety of energy/economic development bills including:
    • HB 1312, Local Control for Applications for Certificates of Public Convenience for Transmission Lines
    • HB 1315, Reorganization & Funding of the Governor’s Energy Office
    • SB 172, Benefit (B) Corporations
2013 colorado general assembly ccia summary
2013 Colorado General Assembly CCIA Summary
  • Innovation:
    • HB 1001 – Advanced Industries Acceleration Act, $14.5 million in FY 2013/14
      • Approx. $2 Million in FY 2013/14 (March 2014) dedicated to cleantech.
      • $5 million was a one time General Fund Appropriation.
      • Two other sources of funding – 1) Bioscience Limited Gaming $ & SB 11-47 (state income tax TIF mechanism), and; 2) SB 11-47, cleantech portion.
      • Cleantech has the ability to compete for additional funds. Three grants: 1) PoC, 2) Early Stage, and; 3) Infrastructure.
      • Matching requirements & max. amounts unless there is a “preference”. Defined as a technology that cuts across more than one AI and/or involves more than one research institution & more.
2013 colorado general assembly ccia summary1
2013 Colorado General AssemblyCCIA Summary
  • Innovation:
    • SB 13 – 186 - This bill makes it easier to install solar shingles (flexible PV panels incorporated in actual roofing materials) by allowing a certified roofing contractors and electricians to oversee new installations. Dow Solar was the primary driver of this bill.
    • SB 13 – 212 - This bill creates a Commercial PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program to help commercial property owners finance renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades on their property tax bills. This is an optional program for property owners and banks who choose to enter into this creative financing tool.
2013 colorado general assembly ccia summary2
2013 Colorado General AssemblyCCIA Summary
  • Transportation:
    • HB 13 – 1110 - The Special Fuel Tax Electric Vehicle Highway Use Tax Fund -revamps the natural gas and propane decal system, establishes a $50 electric vehicle decal to pay into the HUTF and will finally start to invest in the EV Grant Fund to help cities and counties to install charging stations for the public ($30 HUTF/$20 EV Grant Fund). EV Grant Fund will collect over $400K over the next five years for charging station build-out.
    • HB 13 – 1247 - Innovative Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credit - expands the tax credit for electric, natural gas and propane vehicles for 6 years (till 2022) while closing a loophole currently prohibiting Chevy Volt owners from getting a credit. Provides Colorado consumers with almost $55 million in tax credits for purchasing alternative fuel vehicles.
colorado general assembly ccia summary
Colorado General AssemblyCCIA Summary
  • Transportation:
    • SB 13 – 126 – HOA/Condo/Multi-Family EV Charging – knocks down barriers for EV owners who want to plug in or install charging stations in a variety of multi-family, apartment and HOA regulated facilities. Additionally, these facilities can apply for EV Grant Fund money to install charging stations due to CCIA’s amendment to fund this program for the first time (priority given to facilities promoting energy efficiency).
    • SB 13 – 254 – Energy Performance Contracting State Fleets - Allows for government agencies to contract with an energy services company (ESCO) to finance the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles through reduced fuel or maintenance costs.
colorado general assembly ccia summary 2013
Colorado General Assembly CCIA Summary 2013
  • SB 252 – Renewable Energy Standard Increase - increase the RES from 10% to 20% by 2020 for cooperative electric utilities providing wholesale electricity and large cooperative electric associations with at least 100,000 meters.
    • Consumer costs are capped at a maximum 2% annual increase (up from the current 1%) for compliance with the standard.
    • Compliance off ramps were put in place to decrease the standard for cooperatives who can’t meet the goals under the consumer cost cap.
    • Requires 1% of cooperatives’ retail sales to come from distributed generation and .75% for a cooperative with less than 10,000 meters.
    • Expands the definition of eligible energy resources to include coal mine and landfill methane if the PUC qualifies the projects to be greenhouse gas neutral.
    • Removes the additional RES credit for new generation built in Colorado after Jan. 1, 2015.
misc 2013 policy
Misc. 2013 Policy
  • Colorado Cleantech PAC – Fundraising
    • At 80 plus % of fundraising total in 2014 cycle (compared with 2012) cycle. Endorsed four candidates & counting.
  • PUC – outreach/events
    • Energy Connections on Nov. 7th with PUC Commisioner Jim Tarpey
    • Xcel Net metering change proposal (CRES, VoteSolar, COSEIA strongly against)
    • Cleantech Company presentations
    • Hiring a PUC Attorney in 2014 for cleantech advocacy
  • Rulemaking & guidelines Advanced Industries Acceleration Grant Program. CCIA co-lead for Energy & Natural Resources Subcommittee
federal policy 2013 14
Federal Policy 2013/14?...
    • DOE/EERE/NREL Funding – always a battle. No budget passed, gov shutdown & more debt ceiling drama? Good news – ESIF is up & running
    • Farm Bill – Renewable Energy (biofuel, renewable chemicals) provisions – limbo due to overall cost & food stamps in Conf. Comm.
    • Shaheen/Portman Energy Effieiciency Bill – over 80 amendments (Affordable Care Act, Keystone Pipeline, EPA, Coal plant regs…). Paired down bill incorporating friendly amendments (Sen. Wyden)
    • March DC fly-in with national chapters & CEOs
  • Master Limited Partnerships (Udall & Bennet Support)
  • Tax Reform – Market/Results based paradigm
    • Still have to fight for tax carve outs (ITC, PTC…)
    • Lower Overall Rates (Sen. Baucus) – remove loopholes?
2014 state legislative priorities what is coming down the pike
2014 State Legislative PrioritiesWhat is Coming Down the Pike?

Advanced Industries Angel Investor Tax credit – teaming with CBSA (2010, 1 year pilot program w $20k or 15% total cap - $750K total amount)

Obtain Additional $ - General Fund for Advanced Industries Grants

Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory - obtain funding

Natural Gas/Alt. Fuel heavy duty tax credit. Hydraulic Hybrid Braking component – stakeholder

EV – Increase the 2,000 cap for HOT/HOV

EV – give CEO more guidance & expand EV charging opportunities (workplace etc)

Biomass (bill passed in 2013 – expand?)

Denver Water – efficient equipment program

Playing Defense…

Many Legislators are running for higher office

colorado cleantech industry association
Colorado Cleantech Industry Association

Christine Shapard, Executive Director

Christopher Votoupal, Deputy Director

Shelly Curtiss, Communications

Kaleb Fergin, Programs


Tel: 720.274.9798