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How Law Firms are Using AWS PowerPoint Presentation
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How Law Firms are Using AWS

How Law Firms are Using AWS

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How Law Firms are Using AWS

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  1. How Law Firms are Using AWS Why Blue Sentry?

  2. To Download this slide deck visit us at:

  3. Expert Cloud Architects and Support Specialists • Cloud Desktops • High Performance Business Applications • Web Applications • Secure and Billable Infrastructure for Law Firms • HIPAA Compliant Cloud Architecture

  4. Blue Sentry is the IT solution that makes your firm more secure and efficient so you have the freedom to do what you do best. FREEDOM SECURED

  5. Trusted by Enterprises Around the World

  6. Used by Government Agencies & Educational Institutions Worldwide

  7. Undisputed Market Leader Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service MORE THAN 5X the compute capacity in use than the aggregate total of the other fourteen providers

  8. AGENDA • Security on AWS • Cloud Performance • ROI

  9. Improve Your Security Security

  10. SHARED RESPONSIBILITY MODEL Managed Circuit Direct Connection means no internet routing Facilities Physical security Compute infrastructure Storage infrastructure Network infrastructure Virtualization layer (EC2) Hardened service endpoints Rich IAM capabilities Network configuration Security groups OS firewalls Operating systems Application security Service configuration AuthN & acct management Authorization policies


  12. Auditors • Expert auditors give an unbiased view of compliance • Constantly engaged; the overall process never stops • Continuous monitoring like you’ve never seen before

  13. Doug Wolfe, CIO, Central Intelligence Agency “. . .a very secure product to handle all kinds of different workloads at the classified level in the intelligence community.“ “We could not have been this secure without AWS”

  14. Performance

  15. AWS GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE 10 Regions 25 Availability Zones 51 Edge Locations

  16. Unlimited Scale for Any Workload • 100s of applications supporting 33M+ global members • 10,000s of EC2 instances in multiple regions & zones • At peak, consumes 1/3 of US Internet bandwidth

  17. Maximum Availability • Elastic Load Balancer is itself a distributed failover cluster • ELB performing health checks on available nodes and routing traffic accordingly • RDS offers built-in cross-zone redundancy with patching and updates • S3 offers eleven 9’s (99.999999999%) of durability

  18. FREEDOM FROM CONSTRAINTS • Truly seamless, high performance desktop work experience • Connect directly from any geography • Platform agnostic – any OS, and local hardware • Spin up and test new platforms without hardware purchase • Infinite ability to grow without capex

  19. Never Worry About Technology Refresh • Eliminate OS and VMware licensing • No need for PC hardware and desktop OS • Extract Windows 2003/2008 application from native environments and move to the cloud without re-installation

  20. Improve Your Security ROI

  21. FREEDOM FROM CAPITAL CONSTRAINTS • No capital expenditure – EVER • Reduce operating costs by 40% to 60% • Know with precision the costs of running on AWS before you move • Turn IT into a profit center

  22. Front-end Consulting • Complete Environment Build Out • Migration Services • Fully Managed Service for Everything Running on AWS • First Level User Support for Cloud Desktops and Software • Integrate client detailed billing for cloud with your firm management software to turn IT into a profit center FREEDOM SECURED

  23. How Law Firms are Using AWS THANK YOU! To Download this slide deck visit us at: Greensboro Office 301 N. Elm Street, Suite 302A Greensboro, NC 27401 P: 336.823.6839 Myrtle Beach Office 600 Garden City Connector Garden City Beach, SC 29576 P: 843.357.4000

  24. How Law Firms are Using AWS What Are The Applications?

  25. DISASTER RECOVERY Automated seamless backup and failover for any environment Extremely low RTO and RPO are possible Simplified process for regular failover testing

  26. HOSTED BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Cross geography load balancing and redundancy Much lower cost Much higher security

  27. S3 • Designed for eleven 9’s of durability (99.999999999%) • $.03 per gigabyte per month Glacier for Archiving • Designed for eleven 9’s of durability (99.999999999%) • $.01 per gigabyte per month Automated versioning and retention policies DATA BACKUP AND ARCHIVING

  28. Better user experience than desktop hardware • Seamless uninterrupted work experience on any device from any location • No need for desktop PCs • Seamless scanning and printing • Automated backups of every desktop • Better data security • Control of peripherals • Loss of equipment no longer a data security issue CLOUD DESKTOPS