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Weekly Newsletter: February 10 th – February 14 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Weekly Newsletter: February 10 th – February 14 th

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Weekly Newsletter: February 10 th – February 14 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weekly Newsletter: February 10 th – February 14 th

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  1. Name: _______________________ Weekly Newsletter: February 10th – February 14th Week at a Glance Spelling Pattern Words Individual Sight Words Pattern: Ways to Make Long O (ctd.) home joke froze stone soap road toad float tow blow crow throw Weekly Vocabulary Words Read Aloud: Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books yearn roam Homework Comprehension Focus: Ask questions about the stories you read.

  2. Parent Information Greetings Parents! We will have a small Valentines Day celebration this Thursday, February 13th. If your child would like to make cards, please make sure that he/she makes one for everyone in the class. We have 30 students in our class, and a class list is attached. Living the Dolphin Way Living the Dolphin way is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Thank you for helping your child live the Dolphin Way at home and at school! Thank You! Thank you to my weekly volunteers. You are instrumental in the daily success of my students! Wish List: We are in need of the following items – *Copy paper *Ticonderoga Pencils Important Dates and Reminders: 2/14, 2/17: No School – Presidents Day 2/21: Friday Flag, Word Club 3/7: Razzle Bam Boom Assembly 3/14, 3/21: Friday Flag 3/21: Movie Night 3/27: Open House 3/31-4/4: Spring Break Learning Goals: Word Work: Students will continue to learn to read and spell words with the long o sound. Please see the front of the newsletter for examples of vowel teams that make the long o sound. Reading: Students will continue ask and answer questions about the stories they read. Math: Students will review concepts we have learned so far in math. Writing: Students will review the structure of a sentence, and practice writing informational and opinion paragraphs. Social Studies: Students will learn about significant figures in America’s history.

  3. Name Valentine’s Day Story Problem It’s time to make Valentines! You have made 12 cards for your classmates. You need to make one for all 18 classmates! How many more do you need to make? Challenge Numbers: You have made 16 cards and you need 30! Double Challenge: You have made 26 cards and you need 50! Use a number line, pictures, and numbers to solve. Think of how you can solve this problem using addition or subtraction.

  4. Students in Room 21! Please remember: If you choose to bring Valentines Day cards, please bring one for everyone in the class. Thank you!