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Английский ЯЗЫК – ПУТЬ К ЗНАНИЯМ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Английский ЯЗЫК – ПУТЬ К ЗНАНИЯМ. Игра-соревнование. English –is a beautiful, rich, sound language. It is old and young, tender and tuneful , but it can be rush and aggressive . There is a plenty of wonderful books, songs, films in English. You can enjoy it. Learn it with fun and joy!.

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English –is a beautiful, rich,soundlanguage.It is oldand young, tender andtuneful,but it can be rush and aggressive.There is a plenty of wonderful books, songs, films in English.You can enjoy it.Learn it with fun and joy!

Better late

Rome wasn’t…

Let sleeping dog…

Two heads are…

… better then one.

… lie.

… built in a day.

… then never.

Конкурс«Найди вторую половину»


  • The capital of Britain is…

  • The full name of the UK is…

  • What is a double-decker?...

  • The colors of the British flag are…

  • The first most terrible prison in Britain…

  • The symbol of the United Kingdom…

  • Where is London Zoo situated?...

  • What is the name of the Queen?...


  • Месяцы

  • Дни недели

  • Времена года

  • Цвета

  • Школьные предметы

Конкурс «Творческое задание»Greenythe fro….This si a lettli gorf.It’s eman is Greeny. He is llams and ecin. Greeny sevil on the knab of a yrev gib revir.The retaw in the revir is eulb. Greeny nac smiw andpmuj.He is revelc and ynnuf.He sevol srewolf His etiruovaf rewolf is a yllilretaw.

Назови «правильные» глаголыfind, drive, cook, write, kissknow, buy, dance, go, comesing, think, help, wear, lookbe, drink, love, forgive, walk.

Конкурс «Отгадай слово»

  • Третья буква”яблоко”.

  • Вторая буква”малина.

  • Четвёртая буква”морковь”.

  • Восьмая буква”клубника”

  • Девятая буква”арбуз”.

  • Седьмая буква”абрикос”.

Конкурс«Лишнее слово»

  • juice;water;apple;wine;milk.

  • Broth;soup;macoroni;foot.

  • Canary;rook;bear;eagle;swan.

  • Cow;pig;fish;sheep;chicken.

  • Pants;shirt;skirt;gloves;chance

  • Wide;high;long;smart;round.

Конкурс «Скажи противоположное слово»

square cheap easy

early low to buy

ugly hot to love

Sad dry to read

Fast wild to sit

sick.dirty night

What sport is played in Wimbledon?

Which is bigger a lake or an ocean?

Who helps schoolchildren to cross the street near their school?

rugby, tennis, football, golf, chess.

Policeman, a lollipop man, a fireman

Конкурс эрудитов

What is the name of the Queen of the UK?

Where is the statue of admiral Nelson?

What is Humpty Dumpty?

For Christmas dinner the English have…

What river does London stand on?

Maria, Victoria, Elizabeth.

London, Washington, Paris.

A toy, an egg, a bird,

an animal.

Chickens, roast beef, fish, turkey.

The Thames, the Avon, the Severn.

Конкурс эрудитов

How many parts is London divided into?

What letter is drink?

What is white outside and yellow


In what month do people talk the least?

Two, three, four, five.

J, L, T, M

Snow, egg, lemon

March, May, February, June, July

Конкурс эрудитов

The vase is_ the table (on, in, at)

The chair is_ the desk(in, by, on, at)

The notebook is_ the bag(on, in, at)

Come… and take a seat. (out, in, at)

Where do you come ….(to, from, by)

Поставь правильный предлог

Конкурс «Скороговорки»

  • A big black bug bit a big black bear,made the big black bear bleed blood..

  • Twelve twins twirled twelve twigs

  • Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

  • Five fat friars frying flat fish.


  • What teaches without talking?

  • Which fruit is spelt like a colour? –

  • Which letter sounds like an insect? –

  • In what month do children talk the least?

  • What runs but never walks?

  • What always follows a dog?