2 00 understand computer fundamentals n.
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2.00 Understand Computer Fundamentals PowerPoint Presentation
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2.00 Understand Computer Fundamentals

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2.00 Understand Computer Fundamentals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2.00 Understand Computer Fundamentals. Unit Objective: 2.01C IPOS Cycle and Computer Care. The Information Cycle. I nput Enters data into the computer P rocessing Changes data into usable form. O utput Sends data out of the computer S torage

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2 00 understand computer fundamentals

2.00 Understand Computer Fundamentals

Unit Objective: 2.01C

IPOS Cycle and

Computer Care

what does ipos stand for

Enters data into the



Changes data into

usable form


Sends data out of the



Saves for use later

what happens during the ipos cycle
What Happens During The IPOS Cycle?
  • INPUT –

when information is entered into the computer; the computer receives information


when the computer processes the information that has been entered

  • OUTPUT –

when information leaves the computer


when information is stored to be used later.

how the ipos cycle works
How The IPOS Cycle Works






maintain your computer system
Maintain Your Computer System
  • Read your manual before operating your computer
  • Make sure all plug-ins are secure at all times
  • Keep the surrounding area dirt and dust free
  • Keep eraser gum, food, and liquids away from the keyboard
  • Do not stick pens or pencils into the drives on the CPU
  • Keep your fingers and hands free of oily products, like lotion,

and some hair products

  • Clean the monitor with electronic wipes and do not touch it with your fingers
proper computer care
Proper Computer Care
  • Keep food and drinks away from the computer and keyboard.
  • Avoid dusty locations.
  • Use a surge protector.
  • Keep away from magnets.
  • Do not block vents on the CPU.
  • Avoid bright sunny locations.
  • Do not move the computer while it is in use.
  • Always exit programs properly.
  • Use a virus check program on a regular basis.
proper diskette care
Proper Diskette Care
  • Do not remove from drives while drive is running or light is on.
  • Avoid contact with magnets and electromagnetic fields.
  • Keep disks stored in a clean, cool and dry place with a protective cover.
  • Keep protective metal slider in place.
  • Use a virus check program on a regular basis.
  • Avoid storing in extreme hot and cold locations.
proper care of printers
Proper Care of Printers
  • Avoid cold, hot, and dusty locations
  • Always use the correct ink or toner replacement
  • Always have the proper printer cable connected to the computer
  • Never pull paper out of a printer in motion
  • Do not turn off the printer while printing
  • Read the instructor’s manual before operating a printer
  • Always use the proper type of paper in the printer
proper care of a digital camera
Proper Care of a Digital Camera
  • Clean regularly
  • Do not subject to knocks, vibrations, and magnetic fields, smoke, water, steam, sand, or chemicals
  • Handle all moving parts with care
  • Turn camera off before removing or disconnecting power source or cable or removing battery or memory card
  • Don’t store or use in humid, dusty or dirty places
  • Keep away from extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Avoid direct sunlight for long periods
  • Avoid scratches with sharp or hard objects
  • Keep dry and free of condensation
  • Store correctly when in in use
  • Don’t drop in water
proper cd rom dvd care
Proper CD-ROM/DVD Care
  • Keep CDs stored in a clean, cool and dry place with a protective cover
  • Avoid touching the back side of the CD to avoid scratches
  • Avoid hot and cold locations
  • Make a back-up copy of your programs and files
  • Insert into CD-ROM drive properly; label facing up
  • Only write on CD’s with a CD marking pen on a label or the correct side of the CD