ece 3054 electrical theory
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ECE 3054 Electrical Theory

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ECE 3054 Electrical Theory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECE 3054 Electrical Theory. Course Introduction. Contact Information. Course Instructor: Dr . Kathleen Meehan Room 460 Whittemore Hall [email protected] kathleen\_meehan (Skype) 540-231-4442 Graduate Teaching Assistant: Mr . Yi Zheng [email protected] Textbooks. Required Text:

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ece 3054 electrical theory

ECE 3054Electrical Theory

Course Introduction

contact information
Contact Information

Required Text:

  • Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, A.R. Hambley, Pearson.

Other References:

  • Websites posted on Forums on the Course Scholar site.
  • Fundamentals of Electric Circuits,C. Alexander and M. Sadiku, McGraw-Hill.
  • Microsoft Office or equivalent
    • Including ability to convert files to a .pdf format
  • Skype
organization on scholar
Organization on Scholar
  • The schedule of lectures, assignments, and tests is posted in the Scholar Syllabus folder.
    • Syllabus button is on the left-hand toolbar.
  • I will group lectures, homework assignments, and videos of worked problems, by week and then topic in the Scholar Modules folder.
    • Module button is also on the left-hand toolbar.
  • Powerpoint slides with audio
    • My expectation is that you will listen to the weekly series of lectures by the end of the day on Fridays of the week noted in the schedule.
      • There may be more than 3 files containing lectures posted each week.
        • We have to cover 15 weeks of material in 12 weeks.
        • I will try to break the lectures down into small segments to make it easier to listen to them for short periods of time during the week.
lecture responses
Lecture Responses
  • A question will be included in lectures at random with the expectation that students will respond to the question via an e-mail to me.
    • A grade of “1” will be given if you respond by 11pm EDT on the Friday of the week for that series of lectures.
      • I will replace the grade of one lecture response for students who provide information on a volunteer activity that they have done at some point during the Summer I and II semesters using the Scholar Assignment link.
        • I will use your response to collect information about the quality of the lectures.
        • Suggestions on how to improve the course are accepted at any time during the semester.
          • The lowest grade will be dropped when calculating the contribution of these responses in the final grade for the course.
  • There will be 25-30homework assignments
  • Due date is 9:00 pm EDT on Sundayof the week assigned.
    • The assignments may be posted on the Assignments or on Tests and Quizzes sections of Scholar.
    • You must submit your work electronically through the Scholar website.
      • Scanned handwritten or Tablet PC-written answers are acceptable. You do not have to type your answers in a .doc file.
        • File format should be .docx, or .pdf.
        • Assignments submitted with poor workmanship or image quality may be returned ungraded and a zero will be entered for that assignment.
      • Failure to upload a file before the link closes is not a valid excuse.
        • Make sure that you have obtained a receipt for the submission.
      • Do not e-mail the assignment to me or the GTA
        • If you have a problem with your internet connection, please notify me directly so that a temporary means for submission can be worked out. If this is a continual issue, you need to fix the problem.
homework con t
Homework (con’t)
  • You are allowed to submit three (3) assignments late – up to one week after the deadline.
    • Additional late assignments will not be graded.
    • One replacement grade for your lowest homework grade will be given if you complete two surveys about the course. An announcement about the availability of the surveys will be posted on Scholar.
      • Students who do all 30 assignments, even if more than three are late, will have their lowest two (2) homework grade dropped.
  • There will be three 60-minute tests and one 120-minute final, which must be taken in a proctored environment.
    • The three tests must be taken some time between 8am EDT on the Friday and 8pm EDT on the Monday that the exam is open.
      • Test 1 must be taken between June 21 – June 24.
      • Test 2 must be taken between July 5– July 8.
      • Test 3 must be taken between July 27 – July 30.
    • Final must be taken between August 14 – August 17.
        • No postponements or makeup tests will be allowed except in documented cases of hospitalization or situations of similar severity.
    • Students who need special accommodations for the tests are encouraged to contact Dr. Meehan early in the semester to make the necessary arrangements.
exams con t
Exams (con’t)
  • The tests will be closed book and closed notes.
    • No formula sheets will be permitted other than the one included in the exam, if provided.
    • Students will not be allowed to use computers during a test other to download the exam, use inking option to write answers, and to upload files containing their calculations.
      • To receive credit for the exam, an electronic file containing your work must be posted within ten minutes of completion of the exam using a link on Assignments.
exams con t1
Exams (con’t)
  • Proctored environment means that you are at a location where someone can verify that you have followed the directions for the exam.
    • Suggestions: A public library, a Virginia Tech distance-learning site, a conference room at work.
      • If you are uncertain if the place that you intend to take an exam is acceptable, contact me to get approval.
    • Tests will be conducted under a strict interpretation of the Honor Code. Papers of students suspected of cheating will be turned over to the Honor System without warning.
exams con t2
Exams (con’t)
  • Each test and the final will on the material covered in the lectures before it.
    • I.e., the final is not cumulative.
    • Each test and the final will have equal weight when calculating the final grade for the course.
      • The lowest grade of the four exams will be dropped.
      • If you do not take one of the tests or the final during the scheduled time, a zero will be entered for your grade and the zero will be included when calculating your final grade for the course.
interim grades
Interim Grades
  • Students will receive a grade of X at the end of Summer I.
  • This grade will be converted to a letter grade at the end of Summer II.
  • I will use the Announcements and Messages on Scholar to distribute information about the course.
    • Please monitor your Virginia Tech email account regularly.
office hours
Office Hours
  • I plan to use Skype to hold office hours.
    • May also use Adobe Connect Pro and WebEx when appropriate.
      • Please set up a Skype account if you do not have one. Test to see how to share screens so that I can see files that you have on your computer screen.
      • It would be very helpful if you have a headset with microphone or use the integrated microphone and speaker on your computer, which will allow a real-time conversation.
        • Otherwise, you can communicate by typing in the Message box.
office hours con t
Office Hours (con’t)
  • A survey will be open shortly and will close on Wednesday, May 29, at 11pm EDT.
    • The purpose is to find common times when office hours can be held.
      • Your participation on this survey will count as your first grade as an Electronic Response.
forums and chat room
Forums and Chat Room
  • I will use the forums to post explanations on how to approach certain problems.
    • Please check these regularly.
  • I may use the Chat Room on Scholar to supplement office hours, if it appears to be useful.
  • Suggestions of other avenues that we can use for office hours, live or recorded demonstrations on how to solve problems, … are welcome.
deadlines for add drop resignation withdrawal
Deadlines for Add/Drop/Resignation/Withdrawal
  • Even though this course extends over two summer sessions, the deadlines for add/drop and course withdrawal are the same as those used for Summer I.
add drop resignation withdrawal
  • Thursday, May 30, is the last day to add the class.
  • Monday, June 10, is the last day to drop ECE 2004 without grade penalty.
        • If you are enrolled in only one course in Summer I, you must officially resign from the university. Your refund will be calculated according to the university refund policy.
  • Monday, June 17, is the last day to resign without grade penalty.
        • First and required contact for resignation is academic dean of the College of Engineering. Submit completed resignation form to the University Registrar's Office by 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday, June 28, is the last day to apply for Course Withdrawal.
welcome to ece 3054
Welcome to ECE 3054
  • Please review the material presented in this lecture and the syllabus and the schedule of lectures, homework assignments, and tests that are posted on Scholar so that you know what is expected of you during this online course.
    • If I was unclear about some aspect of the course, please feel free to contact me for clarification.
  • Now, on to the technical lectures…