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Why do People Prefer Using Open Source Software?

Open source refers to a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge.

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Why do People Prefer Using Open Source Software?

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  1. Why do People Prefer Using Open Source Software?

  2. Open Source Software Open Source - Developer allow to user to read, modified and shared the software. The Number of big business and government organization use Open source software. Open Source software proves that price has not defined the quality of software. The biggest benefit of open source is that everybody can access the source code.

  3. Benefits of Open Source Software Freedom Quality Flexibility Security Support Options

  4. Freedom With Free open source software (FOSS), users can control the software and they changes the software according to own requirements. Open source makes a worldwide community of developers and users where you can discuss all queries. The users not only access open source software, but may also control and modify it.

  5. Quality In an open source community, there are countless developers and users working to improve the security, suggest many innovative features. User also involve to the development of open source software so developer do what they want. The open source platform gives unbeatable and innovative software.

  6. Flexibility When the user uses the platform software like Microsoft Windows and Office, these are required to keep upgrading both software. Open source software requires less resources, meaning that you can run it on older hardware. Bugs in open source software also tend to get fixed immediately.

  7. Security Open source software is more secured than other closed source. Open source is a big community like Red Hat Security response team and many other larger projects (for example, Apache, Mozilla) have their own security response teams that's improves software security. The benefit of using an open source Linux distribution is that security features are very impressive with Linux Firewall option.

  8. Support Options In present time 80% of the internet platform is based on open source software. Open source softwares carry a large community, these communities are free to share their suggestions and tricks. Most of Linux distributions have an online community and forums like Ubuntu, openSUSE, ClearOS etc.

  9. Conclusion Open source software offers a lot of advantages, So these softwares are very necessary for business. Here developers and user interconnect with each other, so developers are working with ease. More Read Here about Open Source Software https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_software

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